Cleveland Browns majority owner Jimmy Haslam III, released a statement about the FBI lock-down of his Pilot Flying J world headquarters. Haslam III said;

“The FBI secured our headquarters today and informed us they are investigating Pilot Flying J,”  “We will cooperate appropriately with any and all external investigations and conduct our own. I believe and trust there has been no wrongdoing. The integrity of our company always has been job No. 1.”

What else could he say? They have no choice but to cooperate with the criminal investigation. The FBI & IRS agents took full control of Haslam III company. Upon entering the building the FBI forced employees to shut down all electronic devices including cell phones. According to an employee who was on the inside, they seemed to know what they were looking for.

Jimmy Haslam III, has little choice but to cooperate with the investigation. If he wants to gain control of his world headquarters, he is going to have to give the agents what they want. We still don’t know exactly what kind of investigation this is. Giving it the name of criminal, make it sound worse than a tax issue.

If Pilot Flying J had a tax issue, you wouldn’t think the FBI and IRS would just raid the place. They are looking for something that can tie Pilot Flying J to some sort of criminal charges. As the details unfold, we will try to keep you updated.

As of now, the Cleveland Browns are remaining tight-lipped about took place in West Knoxville Tennessee.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Brian

    Word has it that it is Weeden’s fault.

    • LG

      Ya think so? LOL Weeden’s fault…..That is a good one.

    • RB

      Don’t give him any ideas. Next Headline from Cleveland Sports 360 will be: A CLEVELAND BROWN’S FAN WROTE ME A LETTER THAT SAID BRANDON WEEDON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FBI/IRS RAID ON THE PILOT FLYING J HEADQUARTERS. Followed by: We all know Colt McCoy did better in college and therefore wouldn’t have allowed this catastrophe to happen in the first place.

      • LG

        You guys are crazy. I already check the whereabouts of Weeden when the raid took place. He wasn’t anywhere near Pilot…..

        • Bob


          Weeden who?

          Man the Browns can’t catch a break. Cursed. Hate to say this, but they need a new name, colors, a dome and a whole new marketing makeover.

          Now, who is my favorite Brown to get excited about? Anyone left? Maybe Joe Thomas is the only one. Wait, watch the Browns trade him.


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