The owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam III letter to the fans is troublesome to say the least.  It appears as though, he is trying to convince the world what an attractive job, being the head coach of the Cleveland Browns is.

He fails to realize, it isn’t the fact the team is young, it isn’t the fact the team has 5 pro bowl players, it isn’t the fact the team has 3 picks in the top 35 of the upcoming NFL draft. It is the fact the team is run by the 3 stooges that presents the problem.

The biggest mistake Haslam III made after he bought the team was naming Joe Banner into his position of power. This guy is nothing but a penny pincher brought into Cleveland to squeeze every penny out of the fans pockets he can, to place them in the team’s owners pocket.

Haslam should have investigated how Banner operated before putting him in the top spot in the teams front office. To compound the error, they brought in Michael Lombardi and then had to had him from the media and the public.

This is how Haslam assembled what is known as the 3 stooges today. The Cleveland Browns front office is viewed by prospective coaching candidates as a bunch of sneaky guys who would stab one in the back in a moments notice.

For those of you who think Jimmy Haslam is a great guy, I urge you to look at how he hung his 9 or so employees of Pilot Flying J out to dry in the rebate ripoff his company was running. To this day Haslam III maintains he didn’t know anything about what was taking place in his company.

How could all that money end up on his books without him knowing about it? He talked about his hands on approach to everything he does and yet he didn’t know there was millions of extra dollars in his companies checking account.

Writing letters is nothing new to Jimmy Haslam III. It is the same approach he used to try to smooth over the trucking companies his company ripped off in the rebate scandal. Haslam isn’t a guy that admits to his mistakes, he is a guy that tries to cover them.

This is what he is doing with his letter to season ticket holders. He is trying to convince you he didn’t make a mistake with the Banner,Lombardi hiring or the firing of Chudzinski.

Browns fans are starting to see through this guy. They are starting to see Haslam knows nothing about running a NFL team and he knows nothing about bringing in people who can do the job either.

He thinks the Browns head coaching job is an attractive one, but he fails to realize it is the 3 stooges at the top of the organization who make this job so radioactive.



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  1. Coach Mike

    I am tired of the garbage these sports reporters put out. May be its time Cleveland got some ports writers that supports the Cleveland Sports teams, rather than ones that are constantly writing garbage and degrading the Cleveland Sports teams.

    Corrently, me if I’m wrong but Michael Lombardi has been in the NFL for a long time, and again correct me if I’m wrong but was even part of the Browns organization for a long-time when Modal was the owner of the team. So, don’t give the fans and browns loyalist the garbage of the three stooges.

    If I’m Haslem, Banner, & Lombardi I’d a fired Chud too. Look at the season! Without Hoyer winning those three games for us as a starter. What would the Browns record have beem? Why didn’t Chud go to upper management when Hoyer went down and get two quarterbacks right away. Put one on the practice squad and the other on the roster. It wasn’t until Campbell got the concussion and was very doubtful for that one game, whether he would be able to start or not that the Browns went & sign two other quarterbacks.

    Chud stuck with Campbell, and started Weedan at the beginning of the season, both horrendous mistakes. How many wins did Campbell when he started post in the win column for the Browns? How many times did Campbell start a game.

    If I’m the owner. I’m going Holy _ _ _ _! We’d be 1 and 15 on the season with Weedan & Cambell. Is that really the way I want the team to be going in?

    As a reporter shouldn’t you be finding out what Chud and others are saying about the Browns and quoting them, rather than making up hogwash garbage at the owner and front office. Chud is upset he got let go cause he couldn’t make it as a head coach in Cleveland. As an owner in the NFL I won’t be hiring Chud in any position if he is bad mouthing his prior employer. It is totally and completely unprofessional.

    Go into a job interview and start bad mouthing your previous employer, and see if you can get a job with that company, or any company for that matter!

    I don’t think that the sport’s writer that wrote this article is a true Cleveland native. They sound more like they’re from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or Cincinnati, not a born and bread Clevelander.

    It’s time to clean house of the Cleveland Sports writers, and get some native Clevelanders that are true die hards of the Cleveland Sports team.

    I went through the ’60, ’70, & ’80 with the Indians, and stood by them all the way. Just like I’m standing by the Browns.

    You know if these people whom are puttin the Browns front office and ownership down behind closed doors, and are afraid to be quoted in the papers. Maybe the reporters need to start bad mouthing those people instead.

    How many times did George Steinbrenner ever fire a Manager after one season? Steinbrenner wanted results. So, what’s so wrong with Haslem firing Chud? He has a lot of money invested in the Browns Think about all the other Great Owners of NFL teams, like Davis, Rooney, Jones, etc… They aren’t going to put up with a coach that can’t get the job done. One season or one game!

    Personnally, I am fed up with Cleveland Sports Writers and Broadcasters!!! It’s time to clean house, and get some writers and sportscasters in Cleveland that are going to stick behind the Cleveland sports teams come hell or high water. Cleveland fans have it tough as is, without some writer saying don’t come coach in Cleveland in so many words!

    Maybe the sports writers and broadcasters better get wise, before Cleveland loses another team. Come on fans. Lets get these good for nothing sportswriters and broadcasters out of Cleveland once and for all!!! Don’t watch their programs, don’t read there newspapers, magazines, articles, and don’t listen to them on the radio. Send them a message no more negativity!

    • LG

      Coach, trust me I am a born Clevelander.Also Coach Mike, feel free to write your own article and send it to me. Details are in the site and I would be glad to publish if for you….

    • JIM V

      Browns fan for 60yrs. Never saw in all that time, anything like the new browns. I never heard Chud’s name till he came here! Tell me this Oh wise Coach Mike. Do you know for a fact, that he had total say so in who started??? Haslam “Screwed” people out of money! That’s probably why he has so much of it! Apparently the FBI thought so! Just use your brain to figure this out all by yourself! Involved with one of the best run teams in the NFL, think he would have learned a little about owning and operating a Pro Team??? Also he is still screwing people out of money! They are called the “Cleveland Browns Fans!” I would bet a months pay the Sports Writers would rather be writing a lot more positive things about the Browns! But you have it all figured out!!!

      • LG

        You’re right Jim V. Haslam pretends he didn’t know anything about what took place in the company he owns. People fall for it hook line and sinker…Pretty darn funny if you ask me…

  2. zigDzig

    It’s a real sad time for Browns fans. Our beloved organization is owned by Jimmy Handcuffs, run by Joey Bananas with the puppet “Yes” man of Lombardi as our GM. He was a horrible judge of talent the first time around but hell, let’s just let him screw the team up AGAIN!

    A Crook, an Overlord and the village idiot walk into a bar…

    Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but in reality it’s our poor Cleveland Browns.

    • LG

      It’s been a sad time to be a browns fan since they moved the team in 1995…


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