When Jimmy Haslam III took control of the Cleveland Browns, he promised the team would reach out into the community. Today, the team upheld that promise. Haslam and his henchmen Joe Banner released  Tenable Protective Services from providing protective services at First Energy Stadium.

Reports say, about 1,150 jobs will be lost. Tenable Protective Services  has their office right in downtown Cleveland. They are located on Payne Avenue and have provided protective services at the former Cleveland Browns stadium for years.

The same reports say that Haslam and the Browns are considering a company called CSC as the front-runner to replace Tenable Protective Services. CSC is reported to be a Pittsburgh based company. Knowing the reputation of Joe Banner, I’ll bet there is some sort of cost saving in the new deal. Banner has a history of making money for the team owners he has worked for in the past.

If this is the community outreach Haslam was speaking of when he took control of the team, I am sure those 1,150 people who are losing their jobs wished he would have left things the way they were. For the Browns to consider bringing in a Pittsburgh based company to replace Tenable Protective Services, is like a slap to the face of all Browns fans.

The money Haslam and Banner are bringing in with selling the naming rights of the stadium should have offset any cost difference between Tenable Protective Services and CSC. The Lerner’s never sold the naming rights to the Browns stadium and they never were considering doing it.

They had money and they were loyal to the Cleveland Browns brand. I’m sure that all the Browns fans that didn’t work for Tenable Protective Services, will see this as a great business move on the part of Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner.

Of course those would be the fans not losing their jobs by the move to save a buck….. CSC’s nearest office to Cleveland is in Pittsburgh, PA. or Columbus, Ohio.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. AJ

    When a company such as Tenable loses a contract a majority of the workers will get picked up by the new company, the managers and upper management will be the ones that don’t return.

    • LG

      Don’t you think it is kind of a shame that the Browns would eliminate local jobs and may go with a company with roots in Pittsburgh of all places? In this day and age you really hate to see anyone lose their jobs….

      • LoL

        Not really LG, I’d like to see you lose your job!

        • LG


  2. TB2....Shurmur's caddy

    BIG business buddy-ball…..Nothing more…nothing less…..It happens everywhere that the cashflow zeros are more than 7……

    Tenable was on the outside after the sale…..

    It’s not like they’re going to import 1150 Canadian Hillbillies from Pittsburgh to fill the security positions…..Could you imagine hearing that accent everytime you enter our stadium?…..

    This is only a matter of changing the hands & pockets involved in the corporate buddy-ball gig….

    • Jane

      I am an employee with Tenable that worked security at Browns games for 4 years now. The new company is going to hire locals where their office is located and bus them into the game. So unless I want to move there and apply to that company or that company decides to open an office locally, all those jobs will go to people other than Clevelanders! Yes, it may be the dollar rules the day but not a smart move to winning over Clevelanders.


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