I guess if you have been around the Cleveland Browns since they returned to the NFL in 1999, you become a little worried when you see the team having some success in the preseason. Veteran Browns watchers have seen too many times the team win int he preseason only to have a terrible regular season. Vic Carucci, Senior Editor at the official Cleveland Browns site feels that way. He too has seen a team that shows promise in the preseason only to have a terrible regular season. Carucci said, "I’m still not sure how much to take from it relative to judging how the team will play in the regular season. I’m still reluctant to say that all of the good we’ve seen from the team in a 2-0 start – especially in that 35-10 win against Green Bay – is something that will continue when the games count."

Carucci also said the team seems to have more talent this season and like so many of the fans, he too his hoping to see a much improved regular season. Hey, who isn't? After watching the Browns over the past 13 years you are left wondering when they can turn things around. A true test come this Friday night when the Eagles roll into Browns stadium. Even though Vick is going to missing in action the Eagles defense  should be a good test to see how improved Brandon Weeden really is.
Weeden who went 3 for 9 in the teams first preseason game looked somewhat better in the Green Bay game. Some aren't sold about Weeden being the answer for the Browns problems. Weeden was only 3 for 8 against the Green Bay first team and got most of his completions when the Packers had their second stringers on the field. If Shurmur plays Weeden for the entire first quarter, the Cleveland fans should get a good look at just how good Brandon Weeden can be.

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