Is it possible that Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner didn’t realize how bad of a quarterback Brandon Weeden is? turner should have seen it long before the first regular season game. He should have known after the Browns faced the Colts in their 3rd preseason game.

He should have been able to see the fear in Weeden’s eyes when faced with pressure, he should have known that this guy is not the guy to lead the Cleveland Browns to a winning season. Turner has been around quality NFL quarterbacks for a long time and he should have been able to see that Brandon Weeden is not and will never be a quality NFL quarterback.

Turner and Chudzinski are trying to mask the weakness the Cleveland Browns have behind center. They say they will have a more balanced attack when they go to Baltimore this weekend to take on the Ravens.

They say they won’t be asking Brandon Weeden to throw 53 passes in the Ravens game. They know if they did, he would probably get injured. The offensive line sucks this season. They had a tough time trying to protect Weeden against the Dolphins and it isn’t going to get any easier in Baltimore.

When Turner watches the way Weeden throws the ball hi and behind his receivers and how he has no touch while trying to throw a screen pass it is a wonder he is letting him line up behind center at all this week.

How many games is it going to take before this Browns coaching staff makes the decision to pull Weeden and try someone else. The people in Cleveland deserve a winning football team. This debacle that call the Cleveland Browns has gone on long enough.

Make the change Norv. You should be able to see that Weeden is not NFL material. His football skills suck and he sucks…..



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  1. marty

    LG: I read your articles, fans bash you for negavity and not being a true fan. I see you as being frustrated with a team that has trouble doing anything right. What positive things are there to write about. Buster Skrine seems to make more bad decision than good. Why can’t Weedon find the open receiver. He throws are in tight coverage, which is a low percentage of completion. I can’t stand it when the opposing team finds a receiver wide open. It happens more to this team than any other. He panics and stares down the receiver.How could our offensive line be so good last year and look desperate this year. I hope every year things will be different. I’m 62 yrs old. I really hate to say it doesn’t look too good for a competitive team. The kardiac kids, may of been boring to watch for the first half, come the second half they were the most exciting team to watch. Weedon is not the answer, he gives me a nervous stomach any time he throws. Commercials seem more interesting than the Browns.It may be one game,but it was a game that should be an expected win. LG, write your articles, you see it like alot of us do. The thing is some fans just don’t see the plain facts of this team.

    • LG

      You’re right Marty

    • jackrabbit21

      DVR the games Marty. If they win, watch. If they lose, you did not waste your time and your stomach will remain fine. Hate to say that, but 14 years of defeats and Weeden makes for a lot of stomach problems on Sundays for Browns fans.

  2. stiv marley

    Marty & LG; let’s say your right, now what? What QB would you like to start? The other two QB’s on hand are career back-ups. If they were starters, they would be on other teams and not back-ups for the Browns. Let’s say Our wonderful and talented GM and Pres. pick-up Tom Brady and Russell Wilson as a Back-up. You still don’t have a O-line on the right side and your new found QB’s will pay the piper. IR for both. Wheeden may not be the answer, the answer once again lies in the front office. They’ve already made several bad decisions and I don’t see why you’re not slamming them. Stop the whining, you make us all look bad. LG, go sell cars for a living !

    • LG

      With the line problems both backups would do better than Weeden because they can run

      • Luke49

        Gosh, with Oline play there would be no place to run. Weeden may not be the answer, but any QB that is not throwing bullets , generally is not successful in this league, especially if he is not looking off his receivers. Weeden is not the only one that has a problem with that. Touch passes are only useful 10 percent of the time, and not all that successful. There is such speed in the NFL that anything less than bullets will find a target other than the intended one. Yes, there are some receivers that can always get wide open, and snag and hold on to anything that comes near them. Unfortunately is don’t seem as though they play for the Browns..Break it down, and there were enough passes that bounced off the receivers hsnds and were dropped by them to have made the difference in the Dolphins game. I say anyone who says they see the fear in anyones’ eyes Weeden or not is full of BS . My TV is as good as anybodys with HD and all that and big screen,and I am glued to it at gametime. Generally you can’t wee their eyes much less what they are reflecting. C’mon Man.

        • LG

          The Front page of the Cleveland Plain dealer on Monday said there was fear in Weeden’s eyes…..

          • Luke49

            Yeah, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is the nations best source on football and what someone else is thinking…. You might want to seek a better source. His teammates sure aren’t saying that, and if it was there , they would sure say so, and you know it. Nothing erodes a players credibility with his teammates as fear, and they won’t keep quite about it.

          • LG

            Are you serious? His teammates aren’t gonna trash him and you know that…..

          • Jeff

            i bought that paper and i didnt see anything about fear in his eyes…..maybe i missed it…..but i didnt see that…..

      • Anonymous

        We need a QB like Tim tebow. He can run the ball. Or just get cribs back and let him run the O. Hate to say that about my team. But we need a QB that can run. And weed head needs sent home.

        • CWECelina

          Cribbs lost a second and a half off his 40 time from his knee surgery. Why do you think the desperate Raiders cut him loose. As for Tebow….hell no.

        • Paul in LA

          There is a reason that Tebow is not working for an NFL team right now. And the Browns already know that too. Tom Brady couldn’t help this team at this point. Just be patient!

          • LG

            Haven’t we been patient long enough?

    • marty

      stiv marley; you’re right about the management. LG is right about the other two QB’s can run. Yet they are not proven to be better. I feel though honestly that they can’t be worse. I feel the draft will be better for QBs’ than the last draft. The Browns deperately need help in the secondary also. You look at it that we whine, bitch, cry or whatever.Well we surely can’t cheer, be happy, or satisfied. What the Browns do —-Is what it is to be expected.If a doctor removed your kidney by mistake instead of an appendix. Do you tell everyone ” At least the doctor tried to do the right thing” The fans for the Browns DESERVE a winner. Losing just doesn’t make it for us. I don’t claim to be a expert, but you hired a coach we fired twice. Haslim won’t admit it. Chud was far from his first choice. I’ve said it many times before, LG knows! Management will never admit a mistake.

  3. CWECelina

    How easy it would be to pull Weeden and put in someone else if only their was someone else worth a damn to replace him with. Hoyer isn’t that guy and neither is Campbell. Not to mention the fact that what qb wouldn’t have fear in his eyes if he had that same O-line to protect him. I use the word protect very loosely. Oneil Cousins is a joke along with Skrine. Im not saying Weeden is the face of the franchise, but he is the best we have. LOL I cant believe I just said that! Im not impressed with Banner, Lombardi and the poor draft either. Heckert did much better.

    • LG

      Agreed 99% Weeden not the best we have….I can’t believe I am about to type this but I think Hoyer would out play him…..

      • Luke49

        LG_ There is a reason Hoyer is third on the depth charts. I can’t believe that Chud and co. are trying to come in last for the top draft pick. They want to win, and are going to put the best that they ‘think’ they have. Hoyer has already shown he “ain’t” it.

        • LG

          Hoyer may not have the arm the Weeden has, but he is tougher and able to move around and make plays….

          • Luke49

            You will have to show me a tougher QB before I believe that. c’mon 6 sacks and 16 hits and he is still walkin. Big Ben couldn’t handle that ,and not many others I know of could. No Manning,Brees, or Brady can operate under those conditions. If things get better then we can see if Weeden shows improvement. He did in preseason, but some very key people have gone down during that time. I’m still hoping.

          • LG

            Ben did handle that in Week one too……Are you weeds brother or something?

          • Keith

            OK Lg, let’s just assume for a minute that ‘Ben’ as you affectionately call him, did handle that pressure in week one. How did that work out for the Steelers?. They were terrible, even worse than us.
            10 of Weedens incompletions came on the final drive in the game, when he was absolutely mauled by Miami, and under intense pressure constantly. He still managed to escape it once and pull out a play that had anyone else done it, you would have been raving about. Unfortunately the resulting touchdown was chalked off thanks to Cousins, but with Cameron Wake running riot at the end of that game, against the right side of our O-line, no QB could have done better than Weeden. None.
            Luke is right. Weeden showed us something on Sunday that I think augurs well for us when we get that O-line working better. It’s just a shame that you and your pals refuse to see it.

          • LG

            Yes they sucked too but the point is he took a beating and kept going….You said no one could with stand the beating Weeden took

  4. JIM V

    Amen LG, Hoyer could not have done any worse than Weeden! Most likely he would have played better! I just have this feeling in my “GUT”, when it comes to Weeden, They don’t want to admit they are wrong!!! Their only way out, is if he get’s hurt or wait to next year and the position will be in competition (AGAIN)for the umpteen time!

    • stiv marley

      it’s totally amazing reading this stuff. Do you honestly think Hoyer is better? The team, for that matter any team could care less what any of us think. This is just a way we can think and feel more knowledgeable about a game that we can’t control. So keep guessing “what the Browns should do” and you all will feel better because of course you’re smarter than the men and women that have been in the NFL their whole adult life. If you give any, yes that means Wheeden too, time to throw, they will pick you apart. How many of you are season ticket holders? Call me stupid if you like, but I’ve been going since 1970. I hate when they loose. I hate it even more when they’re not competitive, but I support the team that we have. Let’s see what happens this week. GO BROWNS !

      • Keith

        Well said Stiv. I am heartened by the fact that this site does still have some unbiased posters like you, Luke, Dan Dyer, et al, who see things as they are and not how they want them to be.
        I asked LG recently if he would ever post a positive piece about Weeden as sightings of such pieces on here are rarer than authentic video of Bigfoot.
        He said he would when Weden gives him reason to, but I genuinely doubt that as this site, more than any other is built on a blame culture, and very much anti-Browns.
        Hopefully, LG will prove me wrong on Monday, when Weeden and his team play a much more complete game against the Ravens.

  5. Tom Wynne

    if they had an NFL caliber secondary…if they could establish something more than a predictable(one-dimensional) running game…maybe Weeden could be handing off to kill clock with the lead instead of getting teed off on in those “everybody and their mother knows he HAS TO pass” situations

  6. JIM V

    LG help some of our idiot friends out. Didn’t Campbell have a successful year with another team? so here we go, explain to some of our dear friends and fellow fans, (. I get tired of writing this. Colt McCoy is the backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers at any you idiots heard of them? there must be a reason that they have him as a backup quarterback for some reason. I’ll bet the farm. It’s not because they needed someone to hold the clipboard on the sidelines! One more time. Weedon could not cut it in minor-league baseball! What in the name of God makes you think he could possibly make it in professional football? When it comes to management. If these guys were so great outcome. They were available???

    • LG

      before Campbell broke his collar bone in 2011, from a browns hit by the way, he was off to a 4-1 start and he would probably have had a good season that year as the raiders starter….When did we see the Browns start off with a 4-1 start?

      • Jeff

        he started off 4-1….so what? kelly holcomb lit up the chiefs, bengal and of course the steelers in the playoffs….we all seen on that ended. Derek anderson whent 10-6…..we know how that ended……4-1 dont mean much LG……comon man

        • LG

          Jeff, are you being drug tested in a regular basis? If not you may want to consider getting it done. Not saying you do drugs, but someone could be slipping it in your food. If the browns started off at 4-1 this city could be partying their asses off….Are you kidding me????

          • Jeff

            Drug free is good for me buddy. Your missing my point….just because campbell had one season were he whent 4-1 doesnt mean he is just going to step in and things will get any better. You act like if he starts all of a sudden we will be winning games, thats ridiculous. Can he fix the o line? NO Can he make skrine be able to cover anyone? NO…can he make greg little stop dropping passes…NO…and before you say our wr’s drop passes cause weeden throws it to hard just remebr Little and travis…who both played with colt mckoy were still dropping passes when he was the starter………Campbell is not going to change much….if anything at all…..

          • LG

            Jeff, he can move better than Weeden the man with two left feet. He could help the o-line simply because he could run.

          • Jeff

            I posted this once already…you didnt let it go through for some reason…perhaps you dont like how it counters your argument anyways here it goes again….campbell wont fix anything. he wont make the wr’s get open. he wont make them catch the ball. he wont stop skrine from getting beat regularly. he wont fix the right side of the line. he wont make trent stop dancing when he gets the ball. he wont fix much of anything.

          • LG

            Jeff, I usually let everything go through unless there are foul words not fit for children to see……There nothing wrong with this so I wouldn’t stop from posting it….

  7. JIM V

    to my fellow Browns fans my story should not take very long. (have Tissues ready just in case). I desperately want the Brown’s to win and I think LG wants the same! ( LG. I hope you don’t mind me speaking for you). I felt the Brown’s made a big mistake in drafting Weeden, however, after seeing what he did at Oklahoma. I thought let’s give the guy a chance. Well, as we all know, the first year sucked! . But wait I didn’t give up, then he was a rookie, he was not used to operating out of that formation ( under center) and four 2013 season. New coaches, new players, and it was going to be geared towards the shotgun formation, which he was used to,GREAT! . The first two games of preseason I thought yea, were going to see a better quarterback, I was impressed. Then came the Colts OOPS! well I wrote it off as he had a bad day. Now comes the regular season. The very first game at home we will start out great this year. We can beat Miami and our starting quarterback will tear them up because he’s in the formation that made him great at Oklahoma. What I saw last Sunday made me think that somebody slipped in Kenny Anderson instead of Weedon.I recorded that game. I’ve been over it twice. I am in no way a professional in football. But what I saw was a quarterback that looked and played like he just came into the NFL! . I saw him try to thread the needle and then notice there were other receivers wide-open. I saw several passes that were thrown behind the receivers, or too high for the receivers. I saw passes blocked at the line or deflected. I could go on but you all saw that game. I kept wondering where is our running back Richardson? He must be hurt! No, I was wrong again! . Another thing I noticed was he spent a lot of time on his back or getting sacked. However, in defense of the offenses line, they can only hold him back so long! , which usually means they’re going to nail your quarterback if he can’t run or get rid of the ball quickly, and of course I’m not talking about getting rid of the ball out of bounds. I will speak for LG along with myself once again. I hope were wrong! I hope Weedon comes out and kills the Ravens! but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I will look forward to your comments Sunday night, or on LG’s call-in show Monday at seven. Thanks for listening to my story. I love my Cleveland Browns and always will. No matter who the quarterback is or the other players. After all, I’ve been in love with them for 60 years!

    • LG

      Yes, we have some problems Jim, but nothing a change at quarterback couldn’t fix….

      • Jeff

        like i just said in a above post…that is a ridiculous statement. A change at qb is not going to change much…….if weeden gets yanked you will see exactly what i mean….

        • LG

          Jeff I disagree, a different QB that can move around would help.

          • Jeff

            Yes Lg, maybe it would help… A LITTLE…but not enough to change much n the win loss column. Like i said it wont make skrine cover anyone or wr’s stop dropping passes. Its not gonna make much of a difference. IF WEEDEN s benched, you will see what i mean. Campbell or hoyer isnt going to change much. It will still be another 5-11 type season at BEST. Sigh….to be a cleveland browns fan is a painful thing……

          • LG

            For some reason I don’t think so Jeff…… Hoyer can move throws on the run well and has some touch to complete the screen pass too.

        • Jim V

          Jeff, Explain to me what you see in Weedon, that makes you think he has so much potential? Just like in the Corporate World, when A company is faltering and the employees are not doing well they bring in a New Leader, a new (CEO or COO). A lot of companies experience a turn a round. So just maybe (The Cleveland Browns) a Company needs a new Leader! The Military always needs a strong leader for the troops to follow, (Employees). Maybe Cambell or Hoyer aren’t the answer. But maybe, just maybe, you might see them preform better. I just know Weeden is not that guy! I was able to have a one on one talk with a former browns player, and you know as well as everyone else no matter what. They will not bad mouth another Player in Public or in the Media!

          • Jeff

            I am not saying weeden is the guy to take us to the promised land, but lets be honest, he doesnt have much help at all. Also, i do think he is a better option then ether campbell or hoyer. now i could be wrong, maybe campbell will be a little better. But as i stated before, its not going to change much in my eyes. We still have terrible pass protection, wr’s that cant get open and when they do they drop the ball, a corner that gets burnt by 37 year old brandon stokely and a running back who was taking 3rd overall who cant break a run for more then 10 yards. I dont see much getting better even with a qb change.

          • LG

            Jeff, I think we are going to see Hoyer in the next game. if he does play, I think we see if it is Weeden or the whole team….

  8. JIM V

    Amen, brother. LG! This is not rocket science! You don’t have to be a head cashier at Walmart to figure this out. I will use an old childish saying, if you look like a duck, if you quack like a duck and walk like a duck. Don’t be offended if your called duck!

  9. Jeff

    Well whoever the qb is they will have gordan back. Also they will be going against a bad defense. if they still cant produce under those circumstances then we are doomed


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