Trent Ricardson is a waste of a first round pickIf you are a Cleveland Browns fan you had to be excited to see the team use their first pick in the 2012 draft to take the number one rated running back in the 2012 draft.   Trent Richardson was taken with the third overall pick and the Cleveland Brown got the guy the fans were excited about. Then the UN-thinkable took place, Richardson had to miss the entire preseason because of a knee problem. T-Rich had his knee scoped right after his season needed in college and now that he was in the NFL and signed a big contract he had to return to Florida to visit the doctor to have his knee surgically repaired once again. Now with the Browns season coming down to the last 4 games, you have life long Browns fans posting questions like these to their facebook pages;

Browns Number One Pick Trent Richardson Sure Talks A Good Game When Is He Going to Produce One?

That is a great question and it was brought to our attention by one of the biggest Browns backers groups in the muni-lot, The Browns Bunch, “You know How They Do”.

So once I saw this question I decided to make some comparisons to how Trent Richardson is doing compared to some of the other top rated running backs in the 2012 NFL draft. Richardson was rated number one overall and his was taken as the 3 pick in the first round. Some of the other guys that were taken in the first round include, Lamar Miller. Miller has a 5.4 average per carry, he was taken in the 4th round of the NFL draft with the 97th overall pick in 2012. Lamar Miller was rated number 2 in this years draft and has a full 1.8 longer average per carry than the Browns Trent Richardson, I’d say that is better wouldn’t you?

Then there is David Wilson out of Virginia Tech, he was rated the number 3 top running back in the 2012 draft and was drafted in the first round with the 32nd overall pick. Wison has already rushed for 4.3 average per carry and that is better than the 3.6 yard average of Trent Richardson. Wilson hasn’t been used that much in his rookie season he only has 24 touches this season.

Then we come to Doug Martin out of Boise St, Martin was rated the 4th over-all best running-back in the 2012 NFL draft, he was taken with the 31st pick of the first round in the 2012 draft. This guy is turning out to be the beast running-back the Browns thought they were going to get when they took Trent Richardson. Martin has already rushed for 1,050 yards this season and that is 223 more yards than Trent Richardson has. Martin also gains more yard per carry than Trent Richardson.

You measure to success of a running back in the NFL by how many 100 yard rushing games they  have, if you do use that as a true tool for success in the NFL, Trent Richardson has only had 3 successful games in the NFL thus far. He has only gained over 100 yards rushing in 3 of the 12 games he has played in. Now T-Rich has added some more yards catching the football. I haven’t compare his receiving yards to the 3 other guys used in this comparison. This article strictly is looking at rushing yards, after all T-Rich was suppose to be the “Beast” when it come to running-back.

There are tow possible conclusions here. Either Richardson is injured worse than anyone has been told or he is not the beast that the people were thinking he was. Montario Hardesty has almost a yard per carry longer average than Trent Richardson. When the Browns needed to use the Ground game to run some time off the clock in Oakland yesterday they did it with Montario, He had a 7.8 yard per carry average in the Oakland game and T-Rich finish the day with a 3.6 yard per carry average.

So it is a fair question to ask, When is Trent Richardson going to have a bust out game in the NFL?


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  1. AtotheV

    The real fair question is when are you going to be a real Browns fan? I don’t care how often you say it, you are NOT a Browns fan and you never will be. You are a disgrace to the city of Cleveland and an embarassment to TRUE Browns fans every where. Thats why everyone is blocking you on facebook. No one wants to hear the ramblings of a senile old man that never has anything good to say about anything.

    • LG

      Who cares if someone blocks me on facebook. The question is asked in the article that you must be totally UN-capable of answering so you come her to blast the author with your utter nonsense. Did you even bother to read the article? I’ll bet not. If you would have you would see there are other Browns fans asking the question too and you would see real comparisons to other backs taken in the first round of the draft. You would have also seen my conclusion that states Either he is injured far worse than people know or he isn’t the beast we thought he was….So take you crying poor sports attitude the hell out of here and grow up and learn how to respond to an intelligent conversation….

    • Bob

      Everyone? No one? Really? Hey troll, why are you responding?

      Is that you Weeden? Or is this Shurmer? Truth hurt? If it is Weeden & Shurmer, get back to work and stay off social media.

      If you are not Weeden or Shurmer, go to the Plain Dealer for the kind of horrible journalism you thrive on. The Plain Dealer loves to turn a win against a horrible team into a Super Bowl victory. I am sure Bud Shaw is your favorite. Or maybe Tony Grossi will help your fix over at espn.

      • ABrown

        Good point, Bob. And if we have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to what happens in the rest of the league, we can’t even watch the games and might as well give up trying to be that kind of loyal fan.

        • ABrown

          Sorry, I meant if we have ignore the NFL to be a proper Cleveland fan, what’s the point?

  2. Zach

    If you do judge running backs by hundred yard games you fail to mention that Doug Martin has just as many 100 yard games as Trent Richardson this year. Although Doug Martin has had a better year than Trent and probably will have a good career you can’t judge running backs on a single season, perfect example being Peyton Hillis. Also not mentioned is that Lamar Miller has only 27 carries on the year. Just like David Wilson he’s the third running back on his team and has to small of a sample size to compare to Trent or Doug Martin. Doug Martin also happens to play with a veteran wide receiver and a quarterback who has been starting for three years. And i’ll answer your argument for you, no Trent Richardson would not be having a better year if Mccoy was the starting quarterback in his third NFL season.

  3. Bob

    “no,Trent Richardson would not be having a better year if Mccoy was the starting quarterback in his third NFL season.” Yes he would have. McCoy knows the playbook better. Browns players have said they would have won more with McCoy.

    • ABrown

      Here’s another look at running backs this year. Alfred Morris was a 6th round pick for Washington this year.

      He’s playing with a rookie QB and he’s had 4 one hundred yard rushing games this year, averages 4.7 yards per carry and averages 15 more yards per game than TR and is virtually tied for 6th place among leading rushers with 3 other players.

      You might first think that playing with a mobile QB would hurt his production, but it actually helps, the way Cris Johnson at Tennessee had better years with a mobile QB. So TR would probably be more successful this year with the more mobile Colt McCoy, as well.

      Here’s one more comparison that will help put Richardson’s season in perspective. BenJarvis Green-Ellis with the Bengals ranks 2 places above TR on the leading rushers list and has 3.9 yards per carry to TR’s 3.6.

      I was really not impressed by the Bengals back, but the comparison raises questions about how healthy TR is and how well he is being coached.

      I think TR has great potential, but it’s not showing up clearly with this year’s team and coaching staff.

      • Bob

        Good points. I do think Trent needed more time to recover and if he did maybe he would have better indiv. stats. I feel bad for Hardesty, who is very healthy this year. I think he would have had a break out year this year if he started. It’s like Shurmer pushed McCoy and Hardesty to the side because they were not his picks.

        • ABrown

          It’s like Shurmur is competing in some contest for making the worst coaching decisions of all time — and winning hands down because no one else can even compete.

          Refusing to play the best players is really frustrating to watch, in much the same way as Shurmur’s refusal to make a case for Dawson as an All Pro Kicker is as well.

          It’s almost like Shurmur is too jealous of his player’s accomplishments to enthusiastically praise them — because he certainly isn’t getting much praise himself.

          • LG

            Hey sure does have a winning record at doing that….Too bad he can’t win more football games….

      • ABrown

        After the update from this weekend and the Monday night game, the two rookies Morris and Martin are tied for third in the league with 1106 yards each. Morris has 4.8 yards per carry and Martin has 4.7 yards.

        By the way, if you get a chance listen to how RGIII talks to the media. Praises the team and deflects any attempts to get him to praise himself and talks about what “we” do as a team. Same thing with Luck.

        And after Kapernick had a bad game, he took responsibility for his mistakes. Praised the defense for their usual great job and said those points I gave up are on me, not on them. Really good QBs, even rookies, are really good with the media — it’s part of that poise under pressure and leadership thing.

        • LG

          Look at those R.B.’s a full yard per carry more than T-Rich. That is my point, when you are in a game that battles for every inch a yard per carry is a lot….

    • Bob

      What I wrote above was in response to Zach

  4. ABrown

    Another really good question, LG, and a great spring board for debate. Bravo!

    • LG

      Thanks ABrown the problem is people let their raw emotions control their thought process and lose track of the fact that these article are written to make you think….. DO WE HAVE THE BEST GUY? Another thing is a very interesting commnet was left on the Weeden article have a look….

  5. Anonymous

    Hey I’m sorry but I see your nonsense you write all the time and I’m finally going give input.i honestly believe you have no journalistic sense and even worse football sense.The only way you judge by 100 yard games is in fantasy football.which is suitable for you because you seem like a fantasy(fake) journalist.In real football you judge a runner by consistancy,toughness,relentlessness,versitility and commitment!Trent is a consistant,tough,versatile runner who is committed to get even better.This young man will be a name you’ll be hearing about for years to come.Smarten up and look past your obvious hatred for this teams current regime.You have obviously run out of hateful things to say about Weeden and Shurmer so now you move on to Trent.Seems you’d rather have Hardesty running with his even worse knees,and Colts weak arm throwing it.I for one love the fact that we have a q.b who takes shots down the field and I’m also happy we got a runner that it as versatile as t-rich.Cant throw a bone to Shurmer though.In conclusion try and look at the great young cornerstones we have on this team instead of bashing them.thank you

    • LG

      OK Robert what ever you say. For decades when they talked about successful NFL running backs one of the first things they talked about was how many 100 rushing games they had. If you looked at the article I used a direct question from a long term very long term Browns fan who asked when is T-Rich going to have a break out game. The Article also goes on to state 2 conclusions, the first Richardson may be more hurt than we are being told or second he isn’t the beast we thought he was. He wouldn’t be the first guy that came out of Alabama and ran over everyone only to find out in doesn’t work out this way in the NFL. As a matter of fact one of the very first statements T-Rich made to the press was he couldn’t believe one guy could tackle him in the NFL, he went on to say they couldn’t do that to him in College….

    • ABrown

      Some fans seem to think that to be a Browns fan you have to ignore the play of everyone else in the NFL and never criticize the coaches or starters and never make an intelligent football analysis.

      Be happy that your starting RB can’t perform above the average in the NFL and your starting QB can’t hit the broad side of a barn if it is 15 yards away and is the lowest rated starting QB in the league???

      No, totally wrong. You don’t have to LOVE LOSING to be a Brown!

    • Bob

      (You said) “a q.b who takes shots down the field…”

      (and I’ll finish it)…. and totally overthrows or under throws his receivers who risk injury to catch Weeden’s throws.

      So funny that you settle for mediocrity both with the Browns players & plain dealer-type journalism.

      Here’s Weeden’s rank for the season: (a wonderful rank of #33) – No other team in the NFL would have put up with this kind of play from a starting QB. If so, name the team. This is the NFL not a training ground.

      • LG

        Bob, this is the word I have been searching for the entire season…. I will use it (mediocrity) and construct an entire article around the word. Thanks for you contributions to the site….You are worth you weight in gold…. If you would like to become an author on the site, I would be more than happy to get you going. It is a volunteer position but it is fun… You could send me your contact info at I would call you over the phone and get you a user name and pass word and have you going in no time…..

  6. ABrown

    Did anyone watch Alfred Morris in the Redskins – Giants game? He went over a 1000 yards for the season early in the game and put in still another 100-yard game performance.

    Is there anyone besides one guy posting to this list who doesn’t pay attention to 100 yard rushing games?

  7. Leon II

    I agree to that TRich isn’t having the season I had hoped he would. I think there are three issues here one of which LG partially addressed, another that people have eluded to, and one that I have mentioned in the past. The first is his injury (which LG stated could be related) and the time it took away from his development. He missed a large chunk of training and all of the preseason due to the “clean-up” surgery. Basically , that put TRich a minimum of four plus weeks behind in his development and that is even if he is perfectly healthy which is far from certain. That doesn’t totally excuse his poor performance but it is a factor. Second, is the preferably white elephant in the room others have brought up – Shurmur and his predictable and conservative play calling (If I can get 80% of Shurmur’s plays correct just imagine the field day DC and D-players are having. And finally, the issue that keeps getting glossed over here and every other site I follow – our offensive guards. I’m sorry but they are serviceable, though I’m not sure I think Lauvao is that. They have gotten considerably better in pass protections but they still are struggling to open it up for the run game. If Shurmur is the white elephant then they are the nobody wants to admit to in our run game. I’m not saying TRich has demonstrated he is worth the price we paid yet, but two of these issues have very little to do with him, and they do impact his performance.

    • ABrown

      Good point, Leon. The guard play, though improved, is some of the left over problem McCoy was dealing with in 2011. This year when most teams would have used pulling guards to lead on running plays, we had to use a pulling center or tackle because, I believe, our guards weren’t fast and athletic enough.

      I wish we had taken David DeCastro, the exceptional guard with out 22nd pick, instead of letting the Steelers get him. he got hurt in training camp, but he and our rookie right tackle would have put us close to having a truly great O-line on both sides for years to come and given a bigger boost to the running game.

  8. David

    You have spent all your time bashing Shurmur play calls, and Weedend blatant inconsistency, and with those two arguements fresh in your mind you point the finger at TR. Seriously?? He is the one grinding the yards out for Shurmurs crappy calling, he’s the one bailing Weeden out in the flat, he is the one who is dealing with subpar interior lineman who couldnt open a hole if their life depended on it and you blame TR? Considering the coaching, I say he is doing damn good, and top of that when TR is IN the game, defenses focus on him and him alone, so for a rookie coached by the dumbed SOB in football, with Guards who are inept, I’d say Richardson is holding up pretty well, despite knee and rib issues.

    • LG

      Doesn’t Hardesty face the same issues? When he gets the ball he carries it for more yards per carry then TR.

      • Dave

        No Hardesty doesnt face the same issues, when Mont is in defenses back up and prepare for the pass since they dont feat Mont. Defenses fear richardson, they have said he is good or very hard to tackle, or a true threat. Mont benefits from lack of respect for him and defenses not run blitzing him, richardson deals with alot more.


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