The Cleveland Browns number one pick Barkevious Mingo (6th overall) wasn’t released from the Cleveland Clinic as first reported on Friday. He remained in the hospital where he is being treated for a bruised lung suffered during the game against Detroit.

Mingo was going to be one of the guys the Browns would count on to bring pressure to the quarterback this season. With his recent injury some are wondering about his size playing in the NFL. There were concerns about Mingo being too light coming into the NFL and with the injury he suffered, those concerns are real.

It was first reported that Mingo would miss about a week. Now that he didn’t get released from the hospital, we are left wondering if he will miss more than a week. The Browns took a physical beating in the game against the Lions.

You have to wonder if the CBA contributes to the injuries we see in the preseason. Because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, players today, don’t practice like they did in previous years. There are no more 2 a days and the players don’t hit in practice the way they once did.

Some players admit that this doesn’t condition the athletes the way training camps once did. The team’s don’t even hold practices everyday. Team’s only practice for so many days before they get a mandatory day off.

I am not saying this is why Mingo got injured, but if you look around the NFL, there are a host of players suffering injury this preseason. The new CBA could be a contributing factor. Not hitting in practice could also be a contributing factor.

It’s all about the money folks. When a team is paying players the salaries they pay today, they don’t want these guys getting injured in practice. This is football, injuries happen. You just hate to see it happen to your number one pick before the season gets started.


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  1. muttklingon

    sorry about Mingo. But! it football! players get hurt all the time it’s a contact sport.! Mutt Klingon


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