Pat Shurmur & Mike HolmgrenHe has been silent way to long, now Mike Holmgren feels the need to address the media and will do so at 1P.M. Est. today. Browns fans can only hope it is to fire the useless head coach he mistakenly hired because he was an old family friend. Yes Sir, Holmgren miss-used his power as the Browns president and got the Cleveland Browns a terrible head coach. Shurmur is Mike Holmgren’s mistake and he has cost the Browns a good deal of money and a lot of wins too.

Holmgren’s last act as Browns president should be to fire Pat Shurmur, in other words he made this mess the Cleveland Fans are stuck with it would be nice of he would clean it up on his way out-of-town. Holmgren has done nothing this season to get the team on tract to the wins he promised the fans they would have in 2012. Holmgren said the Browns would be a much improved team in 2012, that was until he saw the guy he forced Tom Heckert to draft with the Browns 22 pick in the N.F.L. draft come out and trip over his own two feet. The Cleveland Browns have lost 6 out of the 7 games he has started this season.

I am not saying all 6 losses are all Brandon Weeden’s fault. I am saying the Browns have lost all 6 of the 7 games Weeden has started in. This can be attributed to a combination of things, most of them are poor play calling by the guy Holmgren hired to be the Browns head coach.   It would be great if his last act as the Browns president would be firing Pat Shumur. The fans in Cleveland who support the team game after game would have more respect for Holmgren if he did fire Pat Shurmur. Stay tuned for Holmgren’s press conference at 1pm this afternoon. I am sure it is going to be interesting.


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  1. Jimi

    I enjoy reading your articles, but if you want to be taken seriously, you might want to spell check your work and make sure your grammar is correct. Sometimes your articles are difficult to read. If you would like someone to help, or someone to be a contributing writer, let me know. Have a good day!

    • LG

      I would love someone to help and or be a contributing Author…..

  2. Denny Dice

    Larry Larry Larry

    Holmgren just saying goodbye

    Holmgren does not have authority and Jimmy Haslam or Joe Banner would not give Holmgren the oppurtunity to fire Shurmur.

    Now when Joe Banner holds a unschedule press conference and ESPN catches wind then you can speculate on Shurmur firing

    This is just a Holmgren farewell speech

    • LG

      If I were Jimmy Haslam I would instruct Mike Holmgren to fire the moron he hired as a head coach….

  3. Becky Killion

    In the words of Pat Benetar. “Fire away”

  4. Dan

    You sound like a 5 year old calling people names. You really need to stop implying McCoy would have more wins. Weeden is playing better than any browns qb since Derek Anderson had one lucky year. If you can’t see that you have no credibility as a writer. Yes, he has one win to show for it, but play calling, poor defense, and lack of leadership has cost the team way more than Weeden. Give it up already on McCoy.

    • LG

      First off Dan, I am not saying McCoy is a better Q.B. than Weeden, he has more wins than Weeden at the same point last year. McCoy faced the same problems and worse….Bad Play calling poor protection and injured players with no running backs. Give McCoy the same team Weeden has this year I’ll bet the Browns have 2 or 3 wins already this season.

    • LG

      Hey Dan you say “lack of leadership” are you implying that Brandon Weeden is a poor leader? Usually the quarterback in considered the team leader….

  5. RICK

    LG, Looks like you dusted the ole crystal ball off again. Thats the only way you would know that McCoy would have that many wins this year you sly devil.

    • LG

      With the way the line is protecting I’ll bet he could….

  6. RICK

    LG, You said the line sucked earlier in the season and I said they would gel with time. Now we have a descent structure to build on and they are young.It seems to be a fairly good move on Holmgrens part and we dont have a fortune wrapped up in it.

    • LG

      You are right Rick, it is amazing how the line got so good so quickly. They still suck as run blocking though. You have a guy like T-Rich rushing the football 8 times Sunday for only 8 yards. But at least Weeden hasn’t been killed out there. Baby Steps…

  7. Big Jim

    The quicker they run Shurmur and his weak ass playbook out of town the better. @ Jimi If you have the time to go oven a small page on the Browns with a high lighter and pop off about some dudes spelling, you just might have to much time on your hands.

  8. marty stys

    Dan; It is hard to believe that you can spell Football.You have no clue about the game.Weedon has yet to show leadership. Dan, having protection is extremely important. Browns were rated dead last, last year at 32. This year so far they are rated 3rd best at protecting the QB.If you were QB and the ball is snapped to you, can you in 1.9 secs drop back check locations of your receivers, plant your feet and complete a average length pass. Now if you have 4.3 seconds instead of 1.9 seconds, could it possibly make a difference. McCoy scrambled alot because he wanted to make a play. Sometimes forcing a throw. When you force a throw, mistakes will happen.As others had told you, if weedon played last year, he would be the opposing teams’ dinner.

  9. nutcracker

    Really is that the best you can do is bash bash bash. First I am a Colt Mc Coy and longhorn fan, but I am sorry to say Colt could never make some of the throws we are starting to see Weeden make on a weekly basis. Colt got sacked more often for two reasons some of his making an some not. Colt pressed to hard to try and make a play but unfortunately most of the time he took his eye off the receivers downfield and yes the o line was not as good last year but Colt held the ball to long and attempted to scramble instead of moving up in the pocket, probably because of the his lack of size. Secondly I don’t see Shurmur’s play calling as the main reason for the looses, to me it seems more like a lack of execution. I for one would like to see a healthy Richardson/ Weeden combination for the balance of the year and then make a decision on the coach. So buy a sucker or a pack of smokes and chill out so we can see what we really have here.

    • LG

      Nutcracker you have nothing here as long as Pat Shumur is the Head Coach. You must have missed Holmgren’s new conference today, even he said he should have named himself the head coach of the Browns….

    • marty stys

      Nutcracker, I read your comment about the offensive line.They were better last year with 1.9 seconds before the line failed.Now its 4.3 seconds and its worse.With your knowledge why don’t you suggest the center hike the ball to the receiver. the browns were dead last in qb protection last year.Watch a Houston game and you will know what an offensive line should look like. Check where colt was rated last year. The week Colt got hurt he didn’t play the balance of the year. Concussions are not to be taken lightly, but they don’t take 6 weeks to come back from. Two weeks after the concussion it was probley decided by management to get another QB. Management was embarressed, and will never admit a mistake. A blindman can see what occured. Don’t you think the NFL made the demand to have a doctor with each and every team after that. The Browns management got caught napping.

  10. gene

    Yes at 1:00 Mike Holmgren should become leagues highest paid coach. He should be truthful one time before he leaves, and he said he wanted to help the Browns before he goes. While tell Shurmur to leave and Mike you be the coach.

  11. Mark

    LG, I’ve read your post/article long enough !! Yes Holgrem has put his nose in places Heckert should control, and his choice of coach was his worst move. But to say all the loses are because of Weeden, you yourself, proves your an Idiot!! I was a Colt fan and still am, yes there wasn’t a true competition for the job, but he doesn’t have the overall talent that Weeden has. He doesn’t read the D as fast,no arm strength but he can run out of the pocket, Seneca could do that to( he sucked ).So please until your bias goes, I won’t take you seriously and I’m sure there are other.Weeden is the best QB we’ve had here, are there better in the league,YES,but I only see him getting better every game!!! Go Browns and Go WEEDEN !!

    • LG

      Mark I really don’t see how you can say I have blamed all the losses on Weeden. I said it is bad play calling and the coach who is at fault. It is unfortunate Weeden is 1-6 but he is…

  12. RB

    I have been pulling for Shurmur just because I didn’t want to start all over again with new coaches, a new offensive strategy and a new defensive strategy. His failure would have resulted taking 2 steps back.

    After the loss to Indy and digesting Shurmur’s press conference, I don’t see where the Browns have much of a choice in regards to Shurmur’s fate.

    Best case scenario would be to fire Shurmer and let Holmgren finish out the year at coach, with Childress calling the plays the remainder of the season.

    I hope Heckert stays. I believe he and Holmgren did an above average job in bringing in new young talent.

    We’re set at QB and running back. Offensive line may need more depth. I thought, all in all, we played better with Fujita out of the line up. I want to see what our linebackers can do, knowing they’re going to finish the year out without having to worry about when Fuji was gonna be available. Defensive line is certainly better than last year. We need more depth. Never enough defensive backs with the way the passing has evolved in the game.

    We need an offensive minded coach who is flexible in developing an offense that works with the talent that we have. We shouldn’t force our talent to adapt to their system.

    Defense needs some work. Not sure how to approach that one. Guess we’ll just have to hope that the head coach knows what the he is doing and grabs the best defensive coordinator available.

  13. RICK

    RB, I like your comments and agree with them but I also think we need to address the fullback position Moresic is pittiful. It’s another bad call by the coaching to send Smelley down and keep somebody that cant block or catch the ball at least Smelley was a tight end too. It won”t be too soon to dump the coach.


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