Cleveland Browns  Rooster move The Browns made a change to their rooster yesterday to avoid paying out a 2 million dollar roster bonus. The team still hasn’t resigned kicker Phil Dawson and wide receiver/special teams stand out Josh Cribbs yet. Many are wondering if the Browns are going to let Phil Dawson walk. Dawson has been the only Cleveland Browns player to be on the teams rooster since they have been back in the NFL. He has always been a dependable kicker and last season had the franchise tag placed on him.

As far as Josh Cribs goes, Jimmy Haslam III said a couple of weeks ago the Browns would be making a decision on Cribbs within the next few weeks. Well, it has been a few weeks and we still haven’t heard anything about a Cribbs signing. The Browns have to make a decision on both men and they should do it soon. Phil Dawson should at least come back for one more year and as far as Cribbs goes, he should come back too. The problem may be that the Browns offer these two guys short-term contracts, and they want something longer.

We are going to have to sit tight and wait to see what the Cleveland Browns next  moves are going to be. Both Dawson and Cribbs were pro bowl players and Dawson pull off a backwards onside kick while Cribbs made a few quality catches in the game.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. mb

    What is the “move” stated in the tittle? How did they “avoid” paying 2 million in roster moves?? VERY MISLEADING TITTLE!!

    • LG

      They cut Frostee Rucker who would have had a bonus due today….

  2. MIdway54

    This article is useless as it tells me nothing of the move the Brownies made yesterday as advertised in the heading and opening statement. We are all now dumber for taking time reading it. Don’t quit your day job.

    • RICK

      LG, What the hell is a rooster bonus? A hen? LOL

      • LG

        LMAO, you know what I mean. A Roster Bonus….

  3. HEY YA!!!!

    Also…..wait for it……..this just in, according to sources, Colt McCoy is not viewed as “starter material” by this new regime….but how could this be, this is LG’s favorite QB who he said is a better QB than Weeden, who also came out and said the Last regime got it wrong by not starting him. This just don’t add up, how could this be!?!?!?! So this makes 2 regimes to agree that Colt McCoy is not a starter in this league…very interesting…haha lol…

    • LG

      Hey Ya!!! that is guys like Tony Grossi saying that. They don’t know who the starter is going to be. Also Colt is not my favorite Q.B. wither. I will tell you I think he could have done better than Weeden did last season.

      • HEY YA!

        NOPE, WRONG AGAIN!!!
        Wasnt Grossi…it was MULTIPLE SOURCES…..

        • BOB

          Multiple sources? Name them. Let’s have them. I read one. Just one. Think you may be wrong about MULTIPLE SOURCES. See this is how rumors start one turns into multiple. You will see that MULTIPLE sources are referring to one guy, Terry “usually wrong, Colt McCoy hating ” Pluto. If you are going to say MULTIPLE, you must name them or you are just as unreliable as the original reporter who reported it.

          All I saw was multiple sources & websites referring to Terry Pluto’s Plain Dealer article or a Plain Dealer article, which is “the article” by Pluto.

          Yesterday, Pluto wrote, “They certainly will bring in another quarterback, as I hear they don’t consider Colt McCoy a viable starting option.” HE (Pluto) HEARS? From who? The ball boy? Shurmur spreading rumors? Some blogger on some other website? Pluto has this love affair with Weeden for some really strange reason.

          Multiple Sources? If you want to play the “multiple sources” game then “multiple sources” say McCoy would have done better then Weeden in 2012 – Cribbs & Lombardi are two you can start with making that statement well known.


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