Jim Brown the greatest running back the Cleveland Browns ever had, came back to Cleveland today to be part of the Browns Alumni weekend. In doing so Jim Brown did an interview on a local Cleveland radio station.  Jim Brown explained on the air why he left the Cleveland Browns and hasn’t returned for the past two years. He went on to say he didn’t get any respect from Browns President Mike Holmgren. Brown went on to say he signed a deal with Randy Learner to take part in Cleveland Browns activities and be part of the team, he wasn’t ever suppose to answer to anyone except Randy Learner. According to Brown that was part of the deal.

When Randy learner hired Mike Holmgren to be the Browns president, Holmgren took it upon himself to have a sit down with the great Jim Brown, according to Brown, Holmgren was making demands and didn’t show an old man any respect. The first problem was Browns wasn’t suppose to answer to anyone else excepted the owner Learner, the second problem was Jim Brown didn’t view Mike Holmgren as part of the Browns organization. Brown always viewed Holmgren from Seattle or Green Bay, he couldn’t relate Holmgren to the Cleveland Browns and he sure wasn’t going to sit there and take demands out of Mike Holmgrens mouth with out Holmgren showing the greatest Browns running back any respect.

Jim Brown had bad feelings about Mike Holmgren, he is a guy that has been part of the Cleveland Browns legacy for more than 4 decades being ordered around and disrespected by the new guy. Bad blood was formed out of Holmgrens meeting with Brown and it took a change of ownership to bring Brown back to the Cleveland Browns. Yes Jimmy Haslam wanted Jim Brown to return to the Browns organization and that is what happened today. For the first time in 2 years Jim Brown stepped foot back onto the Cleveland Browns property as it should be. Mike Holmgren was forced to swallow the lump in his throat. The lump had to get bigger when Brown did the radio interview and he talked about what happened between him and Mike Holmgren.

Something tells me that Holmgren was forced to do the right thing and bring Brown back to the Browns, if Randy Learner didn’t sell the Browns to Jimmy Haslam who knows if the greatest Browns running back would have ever returned to Cleveland.



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  1. ABrown

    I can kind of see how Brown and Holmgren could easily get crosswise of each other, but it wasn’t good for the team or the organization that they did. I’m glad it’s fixed.

    But the best news in this is that the new owner doesn’t waste any time fixing what’s broken.

  2. Anonymous

    Cleveland browns


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