Joe Thomas Pro Bowl 2013The Cleveland Browns all pro offensive tackle got to see how a real first round draft pick throws a perfect strike for a touchdown. Thomas was pass blocking win Andrew Luck threw a 49-yard-touchdown pass to Cincinnati’s A.J. Green. The ball hit green right in stride as he was streaking down the sidelines. After the play Thomas probably thought, Oh, that’s how these guys are supposed to do it.

Thomas has made the Pro Bowl in 6 straight seasons despite the fact that he plays for a losing team in Cleveland. Thomas will make it to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame when his career comes to an end. It would be nice if the all pro could make it to the super bowl, but one thing is for certain, he has spent a considerable amount of time in Hawaii.  Thomas is the only Cleveland Browns player to make in in six straight years since the teams return to the NFL in 1999. Lets hope his Cleveland Browns can do something in 2013.

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  1. Bob

    And Cribbs got a touchdown and ranked second in receiving for the AFC. How about that SHURMUR and all the BROWNS’ FANS who think Cribbs is on the downside of his career. And to think some of those same fans that don’t care about keeping Cribbs also want to keep Weeden. Cribbs just showed his value tonight.

  2. Becky Killion

    WElove Josh Cribbs…

  3. RB

    All I can say is that the pro bowl is not a real game, the same as the nba all star game, etc etc.

    Btw, I believe the Browns had a few of those passes as well, but I’m guessing that they didn’t count because your buddy Colt didn’t throw them.

    • LG

      It sure looked like a real game to me RB. As far as the Browns throwing a few of those passes, None of his long passes were as nice as Lucks last night. If you saw it you would know what I am saying. Oh, but it was fake right RB?

      • Bob

        Just like Weeden is not a “real” quarterback. Ha! ha!

        • LG

          That’s right Bob, he is a failed Major League Baseball Pitcher….

    • tigersbrowns2

      i’m with you RB … with the rules on defensive players & with the lackadaisical effort by most , this game is mostl a farce.

      62-35 … where’s the defense ?? there are pro-bowlers on the defensive side as well.

  4. Tom Wynne

    why did i even have to look who posted this?

    • LG

      I don’t know Tom. But something tell me you like reading my stuff. I use a lot of examples in the articles…..Thanks for stopping by….

  5. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … joe thomas got to see 5 of them from weeden to josh gordon alone. and there would’ve been more if weeden hadn’t underthrown gordon and if gordon wouldn’t have dropped ‘em , like he did in the colts game.

    i can’t wait to hear the conspiracy theories when/if weeden ends-up as the starting qb next year.

    • LG

      Weeden never threw a pass as nice as the one Luck threw to A.J. Green in the 4th quarter of the P.B… Did you see how luck dropped in right into his hands? If you have the film of Weeden throwing one that nice please let me know I would love to see it….

      • ABrown

        LG, there’s a pattern here. If someone out of favor does well in a game, the game is fake. If someone who is adored bombs like Weeden in the Senior Bowl, then we hear that no one cares about the Sr. Bowl.

        Last week, TB2 said on this site that we should take away McCoy’s wins over New England and New Orleans to compare him with Weeden. And last October, Pat Shurmur was trying to boost Weeden’s performance up to Luck’s level.

        Shurmur admitted that Luck was setting rookie records for long passes, but then edited the stats to claim that Weeden was only one or two passes behind Luck.

        At the time Luck had completed more than twice as many long passes as Weeden and at the end of the year, Luck had completed 58 long passes to Weeden’s 26. Luck is genuinely exceptional throwing long passes.

        As a general rule, we’re supposed to edit our comments about players to match the world as the Weeden lovers wish it to be.

        • LG

          Luck is far more accurate then Weeden. When I saw Luck hit A.J. Green for the 49 yard pass in the Senior bowl, he dropped it in on the fly. Weeden has not thrown a pass that nice since coming to the NFL…

          • ABrown

            Because of Weeden’s accuracy issues, coaches only ask him to throw to areas of the field and depend on receivers to create the accuracy with their adjustments.

            Weeden hits 30% at most, while Luck completes like most starting QBs with 40% or better.

          • LG

            If he has problems in the next camp he won’t be here very long…

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi ABROWN … if the pro-bowl had any significance , then why are the talking about doing away with the game altogether ?? the players could mostly care less , or even find ways to back-out of the game.

          the senior bowl IS obviously significant to all the nfl teams.

          my point on mccoy beating the saints & the patriots was that he did not beat the teams he should’ve beat … 4-15 in those games … what happened in those games ??

          • ABrown

            Strength of Schedule and the team he had to work with. McCoy faced the 3rd most difficult schedule in Browns history (Pro Football Reference) in the 8 teams he played in 2010.

            In 2011, he again faced a difficult schedule with less talented team, further weakened by injury. McCoy was often left as the only consistent play maker with a big bullseye on his jersey. (19th most difficult)

            A better question would be: Why couldn’t Weeden do a lot better with the more talented 2012 team facing one of the weakest schedules in Browns’ history? (44th most difficult,PFR)

            At least Anderson managed a winning season with 5 more wins in a similar situation. Why didn’t Weeden win more like everyone told us he would?

    • Bob

      TB@ writes, ” i can’t wait to hear the conspiracy theories when/if weeden ends-up as the starting qb next year.”

      LOL – So those who don’t believe in Weeden are Conspiracy Theorist?” Wow.

      Okay then. Please tell us about Weeden’s heroics in games this past season? Please tell us about all those 3rd down conversions he had? Please tell us all those successful touchdowns week after week when in the red zone. Please tell us about his accuracy? Please tell us about his football brains?

      But seriously, please tell us why Weeden put out in the press that his wife, yes his WIFE was helping him with the playbook? Why did I hear that in a televised game. Even if that is true, why would any player admit that? Geez.

      • ABrown

        Yes, Bob, and Weeden was so clueless about talking to the media that he told the broadcasters about that for his last game, and made it pretty clear that this was a new effort to get him to learn the playbook.

        I guess he thought it was funny that his wife took his QB responsibilities more seriously than he ever did.

  6. RICK

    LG, I dont’t get why everyone and everything in football gets related to Weeden. Sorry LG but we don’t have Luck or their offensive coordinator so I don’t get the comparason.Your doing a fine job, keep up the campain though, maybe it will work out for you.

    • LG

      Just making the comparison to other first round draft picks Rick….You can take it or leave it..

      • ABrown

        LG, Weeden looks better if he’s NOT compared to other rookie QBs. That’s what the Weeden lovers get upset about.

        • LG

          I guess it is easier to go through life with blinders on than to admit the Browns really screwed up by using the 22nd pick in the first round on a bust out…..

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi ABROWN ,LG & BOB too …

            you are correct , the browns 22nd pick could’ve been better spent. but , you are still out-of-line calling weeden a bust … it’s your prerogative , but there hasn’t been one expert/analyst , not lombardi , not anyone, that has called weeden a bust.

            i , myself , will call him a bust if he doesn’t get it done this year … but, he deserves this year , because whether you like it or not , this was his rookie season … and i still believe you will see a huge improvement with norv coaching him.

            now , to all 3 of you … what are going to say next year , when the stupid , no brains ,don’t know his playbook , inaccurate , failed pitcher , scared , sissy weeden wins the qb job again next year ?? and if he does , what does this say about mccoy ??

          • LG

            TB2, should we wait until next season to call him a bust? I’ll tell ya this if he would have played like Luck,RG3 or Russell Wilson I wouldn’t call him a bust and what round was it they drafted Wilson in? Oh yeah 3rd round pick what 75?

  7. RICK

    Once again I am not a Weeden lover. Compare all you want to other QBs and other teams and other coordinators but the opinion that counts is the management. We will see what happens and I hope they make the decision that you want so you can get some sleep. The campain trail does get mighty grueling.

  8. tigersbrowns2

    LG … weeden is nowhere near in the same class as luck & rg3. that is a no-brainer. these were the first 2 picks in the draft & they were expected to play well as rookies.

    now comparing wilson & weeden is a little more fair … wilson had an outstanding rookie season while weeden did not. how many rookie qb’s in the history of the nfl have had outstanding seasons ??? … not many.
    how many superbowl winning qb’s or hall-of-fame qb’s had outstanding rookie seasons ??? … not many.

    • LG

      TB2 Weeden never belonged in the first round of an NFL draft period…..

      • tigersbrowns2

        i have agreed with you on that how many times now ?? blame it on holmgren or shurmur if you want , not weeden.

        • LG

          I hear ya but Weeden is the guy losing football games for us…Maybe next season I can write nothing but positive articles for a change, wouldn’t that be great TB2?

          • tigersbrowns2

            yes, that would be great … what gets me excited is the new coaching staff … weeden will benefit greatly from norv turner.

            and, in my opinion , ray horton will be the biggest reason for our turn-around.

          • LG

            Well, lets hope Turner can show this guy how to be accurate then, because he isn’t at this point in time.

    • ABrown

      Rothlisberger, Ryan, and Dalton come immediately to mind. But it doesn’t take exceptional play to beat Weeden. Most rookies have done that, even Tim Couch, despite being sacked more than any other QB that year, and McCoy for his first 15 games.

  9. RICK

    TB2,Maybe you should listen to the Guru of sports he’s pretty knowledgable about Weeden as we well know. LOL


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