Joe Haden stands at 5'11" tall, at least that is what he is listed at. This weeks assignment will match him up against the much taller A.J. Green, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Haden is one of the best corners in the NFL. Opposing team's do what they can to throw the ball away from Haden.

That isn't the case when the Browns face their inner-state rivals the Cincinnati Bengals. Haden gets matched up against the best receiver the Bengals have, A.J. Green. He is much taller than Haden and Joe usually gets burned by him for one or two big plays in every game they face each other in. At 6'4" Green no doubt is able to reach up and catch the high pass without having much trouble from Joe.

Haden should be used to it by now, and he should have come up with a way to defend against this from happening in Sunday's game. He tried to play the ball a few times and he had some success doing that. But when he missed and the intended receiver made the catch, Haden would give up huge gains.

Joe Haden has got to glue himself all over Green this week. He is going to have time his vertical leap to  go up and take the ball away from Green or he is going to have to get some help. The Browns entire secondary is going to be under Andy Dalton's microscope this week.

He has enough deep threats that the Browns secondary is going to have their best game of their lives this Sunday. You know what stops this guy from throwing long passes down the field? A good solid pass rush.  So to help Haden the Browns defense needs to get to Dalton and they need to set the tone early.

They need to put pressure on him and keep doing it throughout the game. This will be the greatest help to Joe Haden and the Browns secondary. If the Browns are going to have a shot at a victory, it will be because the Cleveland defense took away Dalton's passing game.

Joe Haden plays a huge role this week.

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