The Cleveland Browns aren’t going to hand Brandon Weeden anything coming into the 2013 NFL season. Unlike last season Weeden will have to earn his spot as the Browns starting quarterback. While Joe Banner has ruled out the taking of any quarterbacks with the 6 pick in the draft, he hasn’t ruled out replacing Brandon Weeden as the teams starter. The Browns are more optimistic with Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator, and they think working with Norv could be an improvement over what they put on the field last season. This could be where the problems come in for Weeden.

Weeden isn’t the kind of guy who is going to pour his heart into studying.  Sitting though meetings and watching film is boring to Weeden, he is used to the coaches in his football career catering to his needs. While playing at the college level the team had to make the offense fit into Weeden’s abilities to comprehend the system. The coaches at Oklahoma State had to over-simplify their offense to have Weeden able to understand it.

In Weeden’s rookie season with the Browns he never was able to learn the entire play book. He complained when plays were called that he couldn’t recall going over at practice, and this is from a guy who hasn’t sustained many head shots yet. Now, with the team bringing in a completely different offensive scheme the worry is whether or not Weeden will be able to understand it. Nrov Turner has a history of working with smart quarterbacks in his NFL career. One of the most brilliant was Troy Aikman when he was with the Cowboys.

Turner may not have the patience required to school Weeden on his offense if Weeden isn’t putting the time in necessary to learn. Brandon Weeden likes to come to practice get it done and then head out and forget about football. That kind of work ethic would lead to his demise as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.  There is not going to be any room on the team this season for people that are lazy. Weeden is going to have to work his butt off both on and off the field. Sleeping though film and feeling bored in the class room aren’t going to cut it in this training camp.

Brandon Weeden will have to show he has it both mentally and physically if he is going to remain as the Browns starter. It is going to be an interesting training camp in Berea this season.  It take a lot more than just being able to throw the bomb down field to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

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  1. muttklingon

    Are Brownwss have a new G.M. new headcoach .new offences coach. new defence coach. Now shut up! and watch!.

    • ForeverABrownsFan

      Mutt, just because we have a new owner, headcoach, and other new coaches doesn’t mean, that you boy Weeden, will pan out.

      He sucks so except the facts

      • RB

        For as bad as some of you claim Weeden to be, and with the “obvious” difference in skill set in your eyes between McCoy and Weeden, doesn’t it bother you that the new coaching staff feels he deserves to be considered in the same group as Colt McCoy to compete for the starting quarterback position?

        LG, I have to ask, why was there no big announcement that per Chud, that the Browns would have no problem in trading Weeden and McCoy if they felt it would improve the team?

        You were equally quiet a while back when it was rumored the Browns felt McCoy was not a viable starting QB in the NFL.

        Could it be that McCoy has some weaknesses that the McCoy clan is yet unaware of? Could it be that a second coaching staff/gm feels McCoy is not good as many of you perceive him to be?

        I am a Weeden supporter in the respect that I believe him to have more upside than the other QBs currently on our roster. I don’t believe him to be the Browns’ savior.

        But I also believe Weeden will signifantly improve this year. If he doesn’t I have no problem with them sending him on his way

        You can put out article after article about how the Browns are not sold on Brandon Weeden. Guess what, they aren’t sold on Colt McCoy either despite how much of a success he was in college, despite the fact that he received votes for this award or that award, despite the fact that he is more mobile than Brandon Weeden.

        We can rant and rave and argue all we want about who’s at QB, but if we fail to address the glaring issues facing us on the defensive side of the ball it isn’t going to matter who plays QB.

        • Bob

          RB you said, “Could it be that McCoy has some weaknesses that the McCoy clan is yet unaware of?”

          A big secret? A conspiracy? Some trickery? Give me a break.

          Here the answer… office politics, concussion-gate and desperation of a screwed up front office that had no patience. So McCoy gets 1 year with WCO after being told by Holmgren it takes two years to fully learn. And now Weeden gets the same 1 year with the WCO and the Browns are suppose to give him another year even if the offense changes? Rankings and QBR stats show McCoy in 2011 was a better QB then Weeden in 2012 and McCoy played less games. I have linked to these stats and rankings numerous times already.

          There was NO competition last year. This year there will be. May the better man or Weeden’s wife win!

          Have a fantastic Saturday night!

          • RB

            So if I read this right you say McCoy has no weaknesses of his own in regards to playing the position of QB.

            So all the losses in 2011 were someone else’s fault other than McCoys? Let me guess – football was a team sport in 2011 so everyone else takes the blame.

            I never said there was a competition last year. I’m saying why waste starting McCoy if you don’t feel he is starting QB material. If the Browns felt that way, they are well within their rights. Is it fair? Probably not, but that’s the way it is in life.

            You can quote all the statistics you want, but all I know is a) the Browns scored over 6 more points per game than the previous year, b) the teams we beat in 2011 had a combined record of 20-44 while the teams we beat in 2012 had a combined record of 31 and 49, c) we didn’t have any wins within the division in 2011 but had 2 in 2012 and d) McCoy’s numbers in 2010 were better than what they were in 2011, which means he regressed. As I have said, there’s are many different types of statistics that support opposite sides of the same argument.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi RB … good post … when you ask mccoy supporters about his weaknesses there is only talk of conspiracies , the coaching , the talent around him , strength of schedule etc. , etc., etc.

          i can tell you what his weakness is so far in the nfl … it is his propensity to make crucial mistakes late in close games. go back & look at some of his starts against winnable competititon & teams with losing records.

          now , i always say it is a team game & mccoy did not lose these games by himself … but, he did make crucial mistakes at crucial junctures of the game.

          • ABrown

            TB2, there you go again with that same old “he made critical mistakes at the end of games he should have won — go back and look.”

            Well, I went back and looked, and described what I found — mistakes by a lot of people on the team, but only one or two what you could call mistakes by McCoy — one interception he threw when he came back into the Pittsburgh game with a major concussion and another INT on a 4th and long in the last few seconds of a game.

            I couldn’t find anything to back up your repeated assertion that McCoy repeatedly made crucial mistakes at the end of games.

            So I’ve asked you twice before what games and what mistakes are you referring to, but you have twice failed to answer my question.

            I’m asking you one more time. What games and what mistakes are you talking about?

          • LG

            Hey Weeden made some mistakes and should have won some more games too. So there ya go TB2

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi ABROWN … didn’t see your earlier request(s) , i’ll be back with you.

            LG – we all know about weeden , i’m talking about the man with no weaknesses.

          • ABrown

            So, you’re going to write about Jesus? Should be uplifting.

            You’ve started this rhetorical device saying people who appreciate McCoy’s talents say he has no weaknesses. That’s not true. I remember saying bad coaching in Cleveland was a weakness.

            But the McCoy haters have made criticizing McCoy, even to the point of making up complete lies. a full time job for almost the whole time McCoy has been in Cleveland — a pathological obsession.

            Since McCoy has been attacked non-stop, there is no conceivable reason to repeat any of that criticism. It’s a full time job to correct all the false attacks.

            It’s too bad you’ve forgotten my fact-filled answers to your blanket generalized charges about McCoy mistakes and games you say he should have won.

            Surely you remember asking why McCoy didn’t win the game against the Cardinals in 2011 and the obvious answer. He didn’t play in that game.


      He is lazy and dont want to learn what he needs than he dont need to be playing any sport for all i care i want some one like Cribbs as our QB a guy that puts his career on the line every play to get a little more yards out.

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    The sooner they get rid of this wasted draft pick QB we have the better.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi FABF … you don’t write somebody off after only 1 season … especially a high draft pick … just plain foolish to do so.

      don’t be suprised if weeden ends-up being the starter this season.

  3. ForeverABrownsFan

    By the way Banner and Haslam looks in the picture avove seems to be the same reaction everytime Weeden name is mentioned. They both just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    So I highly doubt Weeden will be the guy this comming year as the Browns QB.

  4. Felix DeAngelis

    If it’s true that Weeden is a slacker in the classroom then we have even bigger problems than I feared. Maybe all the Alex Smith haters out there need to know this.

  5. marty

    rb, You have been following L.G. articles for awhile now.You mention tyhere are probley things about Colt that is holding their opinions.The problem has been mentioned over and over before. Former management didn,t like him because of the concussion.There is new management and they are being open-minded as they should.As far as being a Weedon supporter that is your right. Just as it is my right of opinion that Weedon would be more qualified to be Bozo the Clown. There is more wrong with Weedon than what is right.

  6. RB

    It is speculation on everyone’s part on why the Brown’s treated McCoy as they did.

    Your speculation is that they didn’t like him because of the concussion business.

    After the 2011 season a Super Bowl winning coach had this to say about the Browns: “The Browns don’t have a quality quarterback”

    Maybe this is the reason the Browns don’t care for McCoy.

    My speculation is the Browns came to the conclusion that McCoy isn’t what they want as a NFL QB.

    Just as plausible as your argument.

    As least your average Weeden supporter can acknowledge that Weeden is far from perfect and he or may not succeed.

    I’m guessing the Brown’s didn’t want to beat a dead horse by playing McCoy. Why would you play someone you had already decided wasn’t cut out to be a starting QB? I wouldn’t, even if it meant taking 2 steps backwards in the process. I’m sure Weedens age also had something with excelerating the schedule.

    Baptism by fire seems to be the new trend with most rookie QBs, and that’s the route the former coaching staff chose to travel.

    Yes you have every right to say what you want about Weeden. I have no problem with that. I’m just saying that Colt McCoy has his weaknesses even if though a great deal of his supporters have failed to come to grips with the fact that Colt McCoy is human as well.

    • ABrown

      RB, after the 2012 season in reference to Weeden, everyone is saying we don’t have a quality QB.

  7. marty

    RB, Points you mention are well taken.The management in 2011 made many mistakes. They had did very little in adjustments nor did they try to make much needed moves. What I seen in 2012 by the Browns a improved offensive line, Getting rid of receivers that wouldn’t be starters anywhere else.Masaqua might have talent but flat out too fragile. A recever that finally improved on hanging onto the ball.A running back that does show talent but is inconsistent. If it is true he had problems with his ribs that would give credence to the truth. It was true in 2011 that they needed a cornerback. In 2012 it showed again the needed cornerback. Sheldon was very good, but he got old and slow just as we will be someday. If the Browns go for anything but a cornerback, they are fools.We are very weak in that area, with no depth for someone to step in.Weedon did not improve thru the season. He doesn’t have the heart or rapid mental and physical attributes. With all the added improvements in 2012, Weedon showed no promise or hope of getter better.Yes, the Browns were poorly managed in the past.They did nothing to improve the skills or attitude of the Browns.The attitude the players did show came from within themselves. I respect that and appreciate the hunger they did show.I’m not a fan of changing the defense around. The defense needed to be tweaked by getting a damn good cornerback and a crazy and fast pass rusher.

    • RB

      Marty, I cannot agree with you more about a good corner and a pass rush.

      I’m more sold on Richardson than not, but he needs to hit the holes guicker. He’s too much of a dancer for my liking, but he can get the football into the endzone.

      I agree the receivers are better but they lack experience. They need to know that they have to more than just run routes.

      I am hoping the coaching staff does alot of teaching with these young group of guys.

      I was looking forward to the Browns possibly signing Jennings from Green Bay to help teach our young receiving corp, but I read yesterday he wants upwards to 14 million to play. He’s off my list now. He would have been overpaid at 10 mil.

      Oh, also agree Massaquoi is too injury prone.

      Enjoy the day.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi MARTY … good post. but to say “weeden showed no promise” is tuff for me to swallow. regardless of his age , it was his rookie season in the nfl.

        i still think he improves leaps & bounds under turner & chud’s watch.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hey RB … i like dwayne bowe at WR.
        he will probably also command some high dollars.

        he is one of the underated premier wideouts in the league.

        • tigersbrowns2

          … i guess WR steve breaston will be visiting cleveland & pittsburgh this week.

          i expect the steelers will have the advantage … needing to probably replace wallace & the fact that breaston is from pittsburgh.

  8. wayne

    all of you make valid points regarding the browns.richardson will be a stud and although the browns are going to a 3-4 defense i think ray horton will improve this unit and yes the browns do need another cover corner i think they will address that,so with that said im not worried about the defensive side,but im not sold on weeden at all,mark my words the browns will trade for a qb to come in and compete and i think win the job.thanks for reading.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi WAYNE … good post.

      i am a weeden supporter , but i also understand the concerns people may have about him … and rightfully so.

      he does have to prove himself this year … i think he will.

  9. mark

    to all of you with what browns had should have been at least a 500 team,no coaches they where idiots the quarterback didn’t have a clue,finally somebody going to do something about it mccoy is the better quarterback,if he had the people the dipstick had and was given a fare chance browns would have won more games,me myself and i wound stick my neck out for them couches,they in my opion did nothing!!!!! why would anybody in there right mind give a crap.they got got people in place spend the money get good players so that us browns fans have something to cheer about.follow the example that the indians did gettting people that know how to win and want to win haven’t seen that in years

  10. ABrown

    RB mentioned won/lost records of teams a QB beat and said that the teams the 2012 Browns beat had a higher losing record than the teams the 2011 Browns beat.

    This made me curious if there’s been a Browns QB since 1999 who had led his team to beat opponents with a WINNING RECORD.

    I checked (Pro Football Reference) and found that ONLY ONE Browns quarterback has beaten teams with a winning record out of 13 QBs who have started and won at least one game.

    In 2010, the Browns with Colt McCoy beat teams that had a cumulative winning record of 25 and 7.

    Today during the combine, the commentators kept talking about what kind of a QB teams are looking for, as they noted the problems most of this years’ class have with inconsistency and inaccuracy.

    Teams want a quarterback who can accurately throw down field and who are a threat to run the ball to keep the defense off balance.

    McCoy ranked 13th in the league in 2010 and 17th in 2011 for accurate deep passing — both years completing over 40% of his long passes.

    In 2012 Weeden ranked 31st in the league in deep passing with a completion percentage of only 30%.

    Combine McCoy’s ability to accurately throw the ball down field and his ability to run if necessary and you have the kind of QB teams are looking for.

    Add to that McCoy’s passion for the game, his willingness to study offenses and film and to persuade receivers to work with him and perfect the timing on pass plays, his ability to read defenses and quickly find the open receivers, and he ability to elevate his play when the game is on the line and avoid mistakes and you have some of the reasons McCoy looks like a starting QB.

    We’ll see how it all plays out this year, but I think Chud is working very hard to sell Weeden at the combine.

    • RICK

      I’m not sure the Browns see it your way. We will find out though soon.

  11. RB

    The consensus around the league is McCoy is not a starting NFL QB. The consensus around the league is Weeden may not be a NFL starting QB, but that the Browns best option is probably to see if Weeden improves in his sophomore year at QB (which is somthing McCoy did not do).

    I would be surprised if they bring someone in to compete who will win the starting job from both.

    • ABrown

      Remember, RB, that the Weeden supporters have decided that Shurmur was a bad coach and hurt the game of anyone he coached, so the “McCoy regressed” argument doesn’t work any more.

      Let’s look at the “Weeden scored 6 more points per game” argument.

      Points in a game come from passing, rushing, field goals, return TDs, and defensive TDs.

      When you compare 2011 and 2012, some important facts become clear:

      (1) Passing TDs were exactly the same at 16.

      (2) The biggest improvement in 2012 came in the running game. In 2011, we scored only 4 rushing TDs. In 2012, we scored three times as many, or 12 rushing TDs. To look at the norm, in 2010 we scored 13 rushing TDs. The running game couldn’t get it done in 2011 and couldn’t be counted on in the red zone.

      (3) Another big improvement in 2012 was in defensive TDs. In 2012, the defense scored 2 TDs, in addition to getting 50% more turnovers than the 2011 defense which scored zero TDs.

      (4) The return games both scored one TD.

      (5) A glitch in the kicking game made an important difference in the outcome of at least 2 games and also in the number of points scored. In 2010 and 2012, Dawson only missed 2 field goals all year — hitting 26 of 28 in 2010 and 29 of 31 in 2012.

      But in 2011, because of bad snaps and other problems, we missed 5 FGs or two and a half times as many as normal and hit only 24 of 29.

      The EXTRA POINTS in 2012 came from the RUNNING GAME, the DEFENSE, and a return to efficiency in the KICKING GAME.

      The quarterbacks scored the same number of TDs. McCoy scored 14 in 13 games and Weeden scored 14 in 15 games.

      It’s misleading to say Weeden scored 6 more points per game than McCoy.

  12. RICK

    Hell maybe we should Lewis a chance he looked as good as anyone else we put out there.

  13. danage

    RGIII, Wilson, Their offenses changed to play to their strengths!! Shurmar couldn’t fit a bb in a milk-jug, let alone a team on the grid-iron!!

    • LG

      You’re sure right about that, The funny thing is the Eagles hired that Idiot now…..


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