After missing his last 2 games due to a thumb injury, the Cleveland Browns were forced to put Brandon Weeden in the game when Browns starting quarterback Brian Hoyer went out with a knee injury. The Browns won the game and Weeden did complete 2 passes that led to one touchdown, but he was greeted by boos from the fans when he missed his receivers.

It is clear that Weeden is not an NFL caliber quarterback, he was sacked 5 times because of his inability to move, Kosar was a more mobile quarterback than we see with Weeden and that isn’t saying much.

Weeden continues to struggle making completions, and he continues to struggle in the red zone. If Hoyer was in the game, the Browns would have had at least 2 more touchdowns. You can see the coaching staff has little faith in Brandon Weeden.

When in the red zone, the team tried to run for a TD, when they couldn’t get past the Bills defense, Weeden did what he does every-time he gets down by the goal line, he missed everyone and threw the ball out of the back of the end zone.

Weeden didn’t learn anything while watching Hoyer over the past two weeks.  He continues to make poor throws and hang his receivers out to dry. He throws the ball too high and he throws the ball behind his receivers more often than not.

Sure the Browns won the game and the fans should be happy. But for most they are left to wonder how many more games the team can win if Weeden is left to play.

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Readers Comments (3)


    It is truly an immense disappointment to see Brian Hoyer lost for the season. I have to say it bluntly. Brandon Weeden is no Brian Hoyer.
    Weeden came in last night and he played like a cable rerun. He completed a couple of blind squirrel passes that padded his meager statistics. His yards totals did not surpass the 200 yards mark. He held the ball longer than the ball boy. He took more sacks than a grocery shopper. His high throws would have sailed over a high rise window washer. His mobility was slower than Jimmy Hoffa in cement.
    An ACL injury can take up to two years to be 100% healed. This sad injury to Brian Hoyer confirms that the Browns will be taking a quarterback in the 2014 draft. It’s just a matter of who it’s going to be.

    • LG

      I think you speak for the general population of Browns fans…..

  2. jeff

    I think the browns are dead set on taking a qb in the 14 draft no matter how well hoyer did. With that being said i feel bad for brian. I was really enjoying what he was doing. This will probably cost us a couple of games….but honestly I am not sure we were going to the playoffs anyways….


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