Shurmur Not Worried About RGIIIThe Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur is trying to insist his team is not focusing on who the starting quarterback will be for the Washington Redskins this weekend. Nice Try Pat Shurmur. How can you get ready to play the Washington Redskins and not focus on stopping RGIII? No wonder your team is only 5-8 on the season. You have to be concerned with a guy like Robert Griffin III. This guys athletic ability can make any team in the N.F.L. look stupid. The Browns don’t need help looking stupid as long as they have Shurmur on the side-lines, he has the looking stupid thing down all by himself.

The Cleveland Browns are on a three game winning streak and the team is looking for their 4th win in a row. If Shurmur is seriously thinking anyone believes the Browns aren’t thinking about whether Griffin III will play, he is nuts. The Cleveland Browns have to be concerned about RGIII, this guy is the very best of the rookie quarterbacks in the 2012 draft. He has helped the Redskins get to 7 wins this season and the Redskins know what is at stake in this game. If they can win and get to 8 wins on the season, they can take a share of the NFC East.

You can bet your last dollar Robert Griffin III will play Sunday. And if Shurmur doesn’t have his team focusing on a way to stop him, you can bank on the fact the Browns will get to 9 losses on the season. You can’t go up against the Redskins without thinking about RGIII.  Nice Try Shurmur…..We aren’t buying it….

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  1. Joel McClurg

    Sorry LG, I don’t agree that RGIII is the best rookie. I guess you missed the Wilson kid out in Seattle or my favorite, Andrew Luck. I will agree he’s very good and heavily hyped, but results and how he gets those results puts Wilson and Luck ahead of him in my mind.
    He looks like a great running back with a really good arm to me. Luck and Wilson play QB and run when they have to; RGIII runs too soon and too often. That’s why Shurmur can talk about not knowing who the QB will be for the Redskins. He keeps getting his stats with his legs and he’ll end up with a shortened career.

    • LG

      Hey Joel, I didn’t miss Wilson at all, As a matter of fact I like the guy. I did some articles about him on I think the guy is really good. He doesn’t throw as much as the other guys do….(Luck Weeden and Tannehill)…

    • ABrown

      Joel, don’t let that “Black running QB” sterotype get you caught up in underestimating RGIII. He’s also a great passer and heading to leading the NFL as a rookie in completion percentage. When people talk about this being a great rookie QB class, they name Luck, Griffin, and Wilson. Each of them is having an excellent year.

  2. Aussie


  3. Leon II

    Found it interesting that Shurmur says this when earlier he stated that they were using Colt in practice against the defense to prepare for RGIII.

    • ABrown

      I was thinking the same thing, Leon II. There aren’t many QBs in the league who could simulate Griffin better than McCoy, although there are few people anywhere who can duplicate his speed.

  4. JD

    Why did you hack Sam Rutigliano’s facebook?

    • LG

      Pardon Me, What the heck are you talking about?

  5. ABrown

    I loved this line, LG, “The Browns don’t need help looking stupid as long as they have Shurmur on the side-lines, he has the looking stupid thing down all by himself.”

    So true and so well put. It also seems to be hard to get an honest comment out of him . .

    • LG

      ABrown you have to call me tomorrow and I will tell you what happened. You won’t believe it…


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