We saw it last night folks, Colt McCoy’s ability to move the Cleveland Browns down the field and get them into the end zone. McCoy led the Browns in a 14 play 58 yard drive that ate nearly 8 minutes off the clock. McCoy went 4 for 6 in passing and showed he could get the ball to his receivers. McCoy even converted a 4th and 1 with a pass play. The Browns would likely get nothing that would be an immediate improvement to the team if they traded Colt McCoy. Why bother, this kid can win football games with the right choice of play-calling and the right guys to catch the ball.

The Browns are in a better place with McCoy then they would be by trading him. McCoy knows the Browns offense. Sure he may be a little dissatisfied being Weeden’s back up but he still proves over and over again he can do the job. The Browns weak point this season remains the O-line. If Weeden goes down which could happen quickly with his lack of mobility, McCoy could step in and help the Browns win. The Cleveland Browns are a better team than they would be without Colt McCoy. I know this is where all the anti Colt people come in and say,”Colt was in there with 2nd teamer’s”  Sure he might have been. Regardless, the guys McCoy faced in both preseason games he’s played in are good enough to be in the NFL and he moves the ball.

If you saw McCoy play last night you would have to agree he looks better than he did last year. There is nothing good that can come out of a Colt McCoy deal. If there was Heckert may have already pulled the trigger. McCoy is a better back up than Wallace and a better team player than Wallace. I say stop all the crap and keep Colt McCoy on the Cleveland Browns. He can help the team win…


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  1. DawgPile

    Colt once again came away with the better passer rating of 110 last week and 100 this. Weeden 19 in week one and a 99 last night, but you have to like the jump from week one to two for the Weed Man. The defense looked much better and the O-line fared better too. Bring on Philly and let’s see more strides toward a winning season.

    • sweetlegs

      Francisco are you for real. On most teams, Weeden would be the 3rd gb. just put presser on him and a pick 6. Colt is a winner and the browns and some fans dont know a winner when thay see it.

      • Francisco

        Sweetlegs, yes I am for real, so you think that McCoy would be a starter on most teams??? Yes Colt “WAS” a winner in collage, in the Big12 which play little to no D, damn shame it didn’t transfer well in the pro’s huh…

        • LG

          Francisco, didn’t Brandon Weeden play in the Big 12 also? I think he did. So is it safe to say he too well have a tough time with NFL defense?

          • Francisco

            LG you are right, he did play in the BIG12 but my point was that a lot of people always talk about Colt being a winner just because of what he did in college. Which is great but doesnt always transfer to the NFL level. There are lots of examples of QB’S who won in college but didnt quite make it happen in the NFL, Tim Couch, Troy Smith, Matt Linhert, Vince Young to name a few. That was my point.

  2. Francisco

    The thing is LG, he did NOT look like he got better at all. In fact, he still looks the same as last year. I have to disagree with you on this…I know “Shocker”…. But not because of the reason that you stated, I actually agree with some of them. McCoy does win games and he does know the offense. But in my opinion I think McCoy has to go. Him being in the locker room and playing behind Weeden is just a huge distractoin. Why? simply because of people like yourself in the media and fans like yourself think that McCoy is a better QB than Weeden. Or people like yourself(avid McCoy supporters) are just sitting there and waiting for Weeden to fail rather than waiting for him to succeed. As soon as he starts to struggle, which he will because he is a rookie, you guys will be calling for his head prematurely. This will just create a mess and a huge distraction that the team and more so Weeded does not need. So that’s why I think McCoy has to go.

    • Dusty

      Colt was only the winningest QB in College history when he was drafted. And Green Bay will just take anyone with no skill, so he must not be worth it, and we should just trade him :P

    • RICK

      I agree with some of Francisco’s points. Colt had a good pre season last year then started with the dump passes thats why the receivers averaged such a low avg. per catch but I like him for a back up because you will need the high percentage dump passes as your back up. Weeden has the arm to make the big plays to keep them honest and help the run. (the way Pittsburg plays it) I agree Colt die hards will never open their eyes to a better quaterback like Weeden. Hell I like Colt but I dont think he can get it done starting. I do like his competativeness though and think he would help us more than Wallace

      • LG

        Rick take a look at the ABrown comment on the Weedn shows improvement article this person really understands football and gave a great analysis of Weeden’s game last night…

    • ABrown

      You say McCoy looks the same as last year. Well, let’s say that’s true with a couple of exceptions. Last year he had a coach with a deer-in-the-headlight look on the sidelines, an O-line that couldn’t block my grandmother, receivers who couldn’t catch a pass if it hit them in the hands (as it often did) and led the league in drops, and no running game.

      McCoy looked pretty good in the middle of a giant cluster foobar. But if you can’t see the difference and the overall quality of performance, I’m thinking glasses might help.

      Coach Shumur said the goal of the week was Efficiency which he defined as toughdowns on most possessions.
      Colt had one possession and led the longest drive of the night (79 yards or 59 passing and 21 running) for a touchdown leading the 2s and 3s against the 2s and 3s.

      Weeden had 8 possessions for 4 scores but only 1 was a touchdown, He led the 1′s against the 1′s for only a short while and then led the 1′s against the 2′s and 3′s.

      Colt threw for approx 15 yards per completion vs. 10 for Weeden and a passer rating of 100 for McCoy vs 76 for Weeden.

      • RICK

        I’ll take the 16 points (wich is more than we could score in an entire game last year most of the time)with the potential of some big plays in the second half. Colt looked comfortable with a nice lead who wouldnt. I guess its up to our coaching to decide what they want. they see the players every day.

      • Francisco

        ABrown if you want to actually run the numbers in a pre season football game, well you got me because I refuse to put emphasis on a preseason game. When I say Colt McCoy looks I am talking about his physical attributes. Same poor arm strength, same tailing passes that lack zip which is a major problem in Clevelands‘s stadium during the months of November and December. I know what I got in McCoy after a season and a half played. Now I want to see the same with Weedenw without McCoy and is supporter just waiting for me to fail.
        Are we really gonna compare passer ratings in a preseason game when Weeden is a rookie going against Greenbay’s 1st team D in is 2nd preseason game and McCoy going against 2’s and 3’s… c’mon man! All I want is to see Weeden in the regular season where there will be game planning and scouting. Wait until midseason and then compare some numbers. After the season evaluate and move forward. Until then I still think McCoy and his supporters stirring up a QB controversy every week will be a distraction that the team doesn’t need.

        • LG

          Francisco, with all due respect I have to say McCoy’s passes looked great last night. The throws he completed were right on the money and he hit those receivers a couple of times while he was on the run. One time I thought the Packers pass rush had him and he somehow got away ran to his left and completed the pass like a laser. Colts arm strength looks a hell of a lot better than last season….

          • Francisco

            LG that pass where McCoy got away from the pass rush and scrambled to his left was actually a poor low pass to Winsdor that feel incomplete!

        • ABrown

          Francisco, I like to base my opinions on facts and things I can verify instead of feelings and emotions that I can’t. I’m not embarrassed because you want to belittle that.

          A couple of points. Green Bay sat their 1′s on defense and offense before the end of the 1st quarter. Cleveland kept their 1′s in the whole lst half. So, for all of the 2nd quarter Weeden had 1′s against the Packers 2′s and 3′s. Just facts.

          Now I’ll admit a feeling. I felt that McCoy showed less and less conviction about his on field decisions as the season got worse and worse. Making choices between two or three bad options put some hesitation into his throws that I’d never seen before. I can agree that his throws at the end of the year weren’t as sharp as usual. But I think it’s a bad situation instead of wind or lack of arm strength. The winds can be a problem in Tornado alley,too, where Colt learned to throw.

          • Francisco

            That’s funny because nothing I said was based of emotions or feelings. I don’t have favoritism towards any of these two QB’s. I just want to win regardless of who is behind center. Coach named Weeden the starter so lets let him play.
            It is a known fact that McCoy’s weakness is his lack of size and arm strength. It’s a known fact that people are already making statements that he isn’t a franchise QB and McCoy is better(McCoy supporters). It’s a fact that writers are signing this guy off after throwing just 9 passes in his first pre season game as a NFL QB(more McCoy supporters) which in my opinion create a QB controversy every week If McCoy sticks around. Last but not least it’s a known fact that during college football season you do not face below freezing temperatures and blizzard like conditions down in Texas like you do in Cleveland. Mix in a QB with a weak arm and all you are going to get is dump off passes, and balls that flutter in the wind kind of like last year…
            But my over point about comparing the two is that your are basing you little facts on a pre season game. I’m just saying lets wait until the regular season starts because the fact of the matter is that’s when it counts.

  3. Compass90

    I think that Colt McCoy looked much more comfortable than last year. McCoy would have had a much better record last year if he had the beefed up O’line & faster recievers that the Browns picked up in 2012. I know that everyone is anxious to rush Brandon Weeden into starting because of his age, but I think he could improve playing behind Colt McCoy. I hate to say it, but WEeeden has looked like a BACK UP quarterback so far!

  4. slimjim

    I cant see how fans are down on colt for last year plays. he had no blocking he was running for his life. Thay had no real running game. and w.r that only catch a pay check. When you hit a w.r in the hands and he cant hang on its on him. as for the brain trust of the browns thay are clowns. when colt was out Wallace won how meny games, that would be none. and thay played so much better???? hell no.

  5. bcharron

    McCoy is the better QB right now. Weeden has potential. But we’re the Browns, and history/expeditions tells us that at some point during the season, we WILL need or backup QB to play. And likely for an extended period of time. Regardless of who you think should be the starter, you would have to be on crack if you wasn’t that backup to be Seneca Wallace. Therefore, they better keep McCoy. I’d even keep Thaddeus Lewis over Wallace.

    • bcharron

      That’s supposed to say “experience” not “expeditions”.

      • LG

        And you’re the spelling expert!!!! LOL you know I am kidding I hope. I appreciate your help….Thanks

        • bcharron

          I know. And I really hate the supposed “auto-correct”. (using swype keyboard)

          • LG

            Believe me I feel the pain constantly…

  6. marty stys

    Weedon did look good. Colt looked good. The difference is colt can scramble and does fairly well against the rush. I haven’t seen that in weedon. In all fairness he deserves a chance to prove. It is still the lines that have to control the game. They can make you or break you.Wallace is sure to screw up. We having two capable quarterbacks means we don’t miss a beat.

  7. ABrown

    The biggest distraction in the Browns’ organization and fan community is the astonishing bias and hostility of the Colt McCoy haters.

    The only reason any of the fans who like and respect Colt McCoy ever write to defend him is because we are not willing to stand by quietly while he is unfairly trashed and judged by standards you call unfair or unimportant if we apply them to Weeden like you apply them to McCoy.

    The haters can’t let any valid report of McCoy’s performance stand. It has to be attacked with a level of emotion that is the best proof I know of that it is not valid.

    I think it really started with the front office and the coach. They were happy to throw Colt under the bus when the fans started to get unhappy. It’s self-preservation. If everyone blames Colt, no one is blaming them and they can fix the problem by bringing in yet another rookie QB in the Browns’ revolving door. And, for a surprisingly small group of vocal fans and reporters, blaming Colt means that things can be fixed easily and 13 years of disappointment can finally end.

    Not only does all this hating Colt cause disruption, it also works to destroy a market for him. You guys who want to send Colt to another team are like a guy trying to sell a 2 year old car and saying nothing but bad things about the car. Can any of you sell a car like that? It’s foolish as well as disruptive to keep on trashing McCoy for imaginary faults and causing ongoing problems but solving none of them.

    Don’t blame McCoy or Weeden for the problems you see on the field. If you don’t like the short passes, it’s not Colt but the play book and the coach, because Weeden is now also dinking and dunking because those are called plays. If you like to see really long passes, a long pass in the Cleveland offense is 20 yards for Weeden as well as McCoy. And if you really like touchdown passes, have you noticed you’re not seeing them from either Weeden or McCoy? And They have certainly thrown long touchdown passes in both of their excellent careers but I don’t think long or short TD passes are a big part of the current Browns’ playbook. Think about the passes that get deep in the red zone but not into the end zone. The Browns try to run the ball in and often have to settle for field goals. How many times can you remember a Browns QB actually throwing a pass into the end zone?

    We’ve got timid plays and/or timid play-calling, not QB’s who can’t throw.

    Let’s all stop the QB hating and think about which QB’s move the ball the best. Would you want to get rid of Little because he dropped a few passes last year and we now have Gordon as the receiver of the week? Of course not.

    It would put the Browns at an even greater disadvantage to trade Colt McCoy.

  8. sebarron

    Browns fans are a perfect example of why the Browns don’t win. The fans don’t know football, the owners don’t know football and the coaches don’t know football. Colt McCoy is the better QB. Weeden may look better now than Colt did last year because last year the browns couldnt catch a cold much less a pass AND they had NO pass protection. So, this year the TEAM IS IMPROVED, THEREFORE THE QB LOOKS BETTER, but Colt is performing better than Weeden-PERIOD.

  9. Randy

    No quarterback has looked good for Cleveland in a long time because of the OF line and the lack of quality receivers. It is never fair to sit in judgement of a Cleveland QB because no one knows what kind of player they could be on a good team. Weedon will look bad in real games, too. It’s inevitable.

  10. BuckeyesRus

    Right now Colt McCoy is the better QB. It makes perfect sense to start Colt McCoy for at least the first half of the season. It is going to be tough enough for Weeden without TR in the lineup, or a limited TR at best. Let McCoy, who can scramble, start for now, and let Weeded have the time to get up to speed. This is what the Browns did with Kosar, and Kosar ended up going 4-4 and making the playoffs and an almost win over Miami.
    Also, get rid of that clusterflop Cousins! The Ravens got rid of him for a reason! He can’t play! He is one play away from ending our QB’s career!

  11. Mike



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