The Cleveland Browns went into the 2013 NFL draft with plenty of needs to fill. One need was to get another shut down corner to help solidify the teams defensive secondary. They may have done that by drafting, Leon McFadden. We will have to wait and see if McFadden can get up to the speed of the NFL game by September. The guy loves to hit and he can cover receivers on the college level. There is a little concern about his size, but I see that as no problem. He is similar in size to his counterpart Joe Haden, we all know hoe well, Haden performs.

The Browns addressed the need for another pass rusher, even though many thought the Browns didn’t need another guy to rush the passer. The pick up of Barkevious Mingo will give the Browns options with their line-backers and D.E.’s. Keeping those guys fresh throughout the games and that could prove to be a huge advantage.

Cleveland fans were more than a little disappointed when the team passed the change to draft the Honey Badger. Many thought this guy could bring it better than most in the NFL. The Browns had to be concerned with his antics in the locker room. There were some that said, the Honey Badger wasn’t a good teammate. With the Browns trying to build a team, the last thing you need is division in the locker room.

Fans have to be impressed with the trade to get Davone Bess away from the Dolphins. This could give the Browns the veteran leadership the team has needed in the wide receiver group. The Browns have some young guys who were forced to learn on the fly.  There a lot more to being a great NFL receiver than just running down the football field. You have to learn how to create separation and you have to learn how to run precise routes.

Have a guy like Bess to show these young guys how to do those things could only be a plus for the Browns. They have been missing veteran leadership in their receiving group for years. Lets hope Bess makes things happen.

When the Browns drafted Jamoris Slaughter, the Notre Dame strong safety, it was like walking over to a casino and rolling the dice. Slaughter missed a great deal of the 2012 season with a Achilles injury. He says, he is back to 90% and that may or may not be good enough to play in the NFL. We are going to have to wait and see. The Browns didn’t waste much with the pick seeing how is was in the 6th round and the 175th pick. If the guy pans out, the team will look like geniuses. If he flops, we could say good-bye to him relatively easy.

Armonty Bryant is a pick that they could have just thrown away. The guy has decent size at 6’4″ and 263 lbs.. The team is already stacked at the D.E. position and unless Bryant can impress Horton and the others, I don’t see him making the team. He could end up on the practice squad and with some hard work, he could develop into a solid NFL defensive lineman.

Then there is the Garrett Gilkey pick. Taken in the 7th round with the 227th pick in the draft, some are wondering why. The Browns could use some depth on their offensive line and this guy is a big boy. Weighing in at 318 lbs and standing 6’6″ tall, the team better hope Weeden can through the ball over his head if and when Gilkey gets into  a game.

What the fans in Cleveland don’t understand is why the team was unable to take more players that could help this team when. The last thing Cleveland fans wanted to see was the Cleveland Browns doing business with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That is exactly what happened. For the first time since 1968, the Browns made a trade with Pittsburgh to get some more draft choices for the 2014 NFL draft. Lets hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in the 2013 season.

Some are wondering why a team that only won 5 games last season couldn’t find more players in this years draft to help the Browns win. They are hoping Cleveland  Browns aren’t already using the excuse “There is always next year.” Before the season gets started.


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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Hoffman

    I’m happy with the draft. Mingo is a stud and who knows how Sheard or Kruger for that matter will do. Our front 7 is nutz right now and im excited for that. In regard to the trades, i liked them too, we now have 2-3rd’s and 2-4th’s next yr. Could we use help this year, sure, but we also have young guys already on the roster that very well may be better than anyone ur gonna get in the draft. Previous regimes would discard anyone already on the team and that drove me crazy, im happy we are giving those guys a shot. If they dont pan out, we got double the shot next yr.

  2. Leon II

    Haslam and Banner having been telling us from day one they had a new plan that would take time. When the coaching staff was hired and we heard that both offensive and defensive schemes would be changed they confirmed they had rebooted the team. To answer the question you asked me in the comments of your last story – yes we are in for another rebuild that will take 3+ years until we field a team that is true play-off contenders.

    I don’t like that we are rebuilding yet again but I like the way we drafted considering we are. We filled some needs and didn’t take players just for the sake of taking them. Rather we picked up lower round picks for next year. This was a great strategy considering our coaches really haven’t had a chance to see how well the current players fit into their scheme.

    Yes we will be waiting for next year yet again. The biggest problem with the Browns is we give up on a plan right before it has a chance of paying off. If it is a three year plan then you have to give it three even four years not two. If it is a five year plan you have to give it five or six years not three. The fans deserve that we see this one through for a change instead of rebooting again in two.

    • LG

      Leon II with the way things are proceeding with Haslam he may be doing time soon….Who knows.

  3. J. P.

    The need of this franchise is for Jimmy Haslam to sell the team, and take Banner and Lombardi with him. As a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan it’s time for this nonsense and embarrassment to stop before it gets worse. Our city doesn’t deserve to be a national laughing stock of our professional teams. Does it? Is anyone else tired of this or do we just lay down and accept bad behavior and dishonest business practices that tarnishes our home team? Jimmy, do the right thing please.

    • LG

      J.P. I feel the pain too….

    • Leon II

      Please god don’t sell the team. That will mean a new front office, new coaching staff, new schemes, cutting players who don’t fit the new schemes, and using the draft and free agency to reboot – yet again. In the worst case scenario he turns the team over to one of his children. I believe there was already some talk about Cynthia becoming part of the Browns.

      We don’t need another change – we need to stay the course if this pain of losing is to end.

  4. Matt

    The key to turning this team around is time. Find a staff and understand its easily a 3-5yr project. I don’t understand all the negativity with Joe Banner. This guy was at the front of one of the most competive and cap friendly teams in the last 15yrs. Plus was above and beyond a pillar in the community. Lets give him a shot before calling it done.

  5. Matt

    The key to rebuilding this team is time. Find your staff and understand its a 3-5yr project. I don’t understand all the negativity with Joe Banner. The guy was at the front of one of the most competitive and cap friendly teams for 15+ years. Plus went above and beyond being a pillar in the community. Lets give the guy a shot before calling it some.

  6. Tom Wynne

    ah yes…rebuilding is a 3-5 year project…that the Browns start every 3-5 years(LOL)…and the fans remain eternal with optimism when we’ll get to 7-9 this year. Oh Swell…

    • LG

      I would love to see 9-7 for once Tom…A winning season would make me elated…..


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