Since the off-season began the Cleveland fans have wondered ifr the Browns would resign free agent Josh Cribbs. Over the weekend at the NFL combine it was reported that the Browns weren’t interested in Cribbs asking price.  Josh Cribbs took to the local airways in Cleveland today to say he really wants to finish his career in a Browns uniform. He said in his radio interview he would consider taking a small pay cut to make a deal with the Browns happen.

Josh Cribbs sure doesn’t have much of a poker face. His agent who met with the Browns in Indianapolis has to be sweating bullets. He probably is seeing his 10% getting smaller right before his eyes. Reports also surfaced last weekend that said the 49ers were showing some interest in Cribbs. Either that report was bogus or Cribbs really wants to finish his career in Cleveland. With the Browns playing hard ball with Cribbs, it will be interesting if they extend a offer anywhere close to what Cribbs considers a small pay cut.

We are just days away from the official start of NFL free agency and maybe the Browns will make Cribbs their first official free agent signing.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. RB

    I’m guessing there is little chance of the Browns picking up Cribbs. I would like to see him re-signed, but with as few touches as he gets in a game, they probably don’t feel it warrants that kind of money.

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    Well for me, it depends on how much of a pay cut he is referring to and I would love to see Dawson doing the same thing. That would be awesome, if both players does and stick it out in Cleveland.

  3. john

    thats not much money,he has stuck it out in cleveland.he can still change a game finish in cleveland

  4. dave

    Cribbs will be worth the money if we allow Norv to use him to his potential, biggest mistake of the past coaching,Cribbs is getting older but believe me he loves Cleveland and there is a lot left in the tank.

    • LG

      I think you’re right Dave….

  5. DawgPile

    Josh’s locker room presence alone is worth the 2 mill he was asking for. The fact that he would publicly offer to take a pay cut shows that his heart is in Cleveland. Come on Joe Bananas, you cheap SOB, PAY THE MAN!


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