The Cleveland Browns kick off their 2013 season Thursday night with their first preseason game against the Rams. The big question surrounding the  team is whether or not the Cleveland Browns new offense will be ready to shine.

There has been some concern this season about the Browns offense not clicking yet and their offensive coordinator Norv Turner voiced some frustration over the weekend with all the inconsistencies the offense had.

Well, the team returned to the practice field yesterday and it appeared to be a better day for Turner’s offensive unit. The Browns still have concerns about their former number one pick Trent Richardson but he did return to the practice field on Monday.

It is not clear if he will play against the Rams on Thursday night, his leg injury doesn’t appear to be bad enough to keep him side-lined but the team may sit him just to be cautious. It should be interesting to see the Browns new defense.

Ray Horton has worked hard this off-season to transition the defense into the 3-4. They looked good last Saturday night on family day, but playing the Rams should be a better test. The Browns should be able to display a much improved pass rush this season and we should get a peek at it on Thursday night.

The Browns will test the new offense in the game too. It will be the first real test the team faces with Turner calling the plays and we will get a better idea how Weeden is doing this season. So far there have been some mixed reviews about his second year progress.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Browns4lyfe

    Yeah LG I think the Browns will pull it off defense looks strong. But there’s one big question mark and his name is Brandon Weeden is he really the QB Turner thinks he can be or should he have left with that bum Pat Shurmur?

    • LG

      Good Question…..

    • Old gaot

      They will shine if they only give Weedhead a shuffle off to Buffalo. With any one but weedhead at the helm they got a 50 50 chance of winning. With weedhead at the helm, its gonna be a long preseason and longer regular season


    Offense ready to shine???? This is a preseason game(or as high school teams call it, a scrimmage) and Weeden and the rest of the offense will be lucky to play one series.More likely,what 3rd stringers are going to shine againsy Ram 3rd stringers.

  3. bustergotit

    Weeden will look great because he is going against 3rd stringers. 1st string offence against 3rd string defence. 1 and 4 regular season before we pull him out. Another lost year!

  4. Bobby D

    WTF LG

    There is no concern about Trent except in your mind. NO ONE on the browns or in the rest of the media world has a concern about him. I doubt he will play Thursday. Why risk an injury in preseason. No this is not a concern or a ringing endorsment that he is injury prone. How many players have gotten hurt in preseason when there clearly was nothing to be gained by playing them.

    As far as Weeden how can there be mixed reviews about his second season? It hasnt started yet. And it won’t until MIAMI. I think we are going to see a vastly improved Weeden. If not I will admit it

    • LG

      Bobby D, don’t ya watch the news?


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