If you haven’t seen the trend in Cleveland Browns football by now, you haven’t been paying attention. I get a laugh out of all the people who want to say how Brandon Weeden fits Rob Chudzinski and Norv Turner’s system better than Jason Campbell does.

What people aren’t thinking about is the fact that these new Cleveland Coaches hand-picked Jason Campbell to come to Cleveland and compete for the quarterback job. Whether or not Campbell is better than Weeden could be irrelevant.

The new coaches picked Campbell and that may be all that is needed to pick the starting quarterback. They inherited Brandon Weeden who some think was a waste of the 22nd pick in the 2012 draft. The trend is Cleveland since 1999, has been to change personnel every couple of years, both on and off the field.

That is exactly what could happen this season. The team already has all knew coached and coordinators and they just might switch quarterbacks before the season starts. They aren’t very high on Weeden and they aren’t ready to show their hand yet either.

The team didn’t have to sign Jason Campbell, for you fans who think Weeden fits the system you haven’t even seen yet, think again. Chudzinski and Turner aren’t stupid enough to go out and sign a guy, then pay him millions of dollars to come to Cleveland who can’t play in their system.

The guy probably brings more to the table than Weeden does. He can scramble better than Weeden, and he can read a defense. Both of those reasons could be enough for Chud to pull the plug on Weeden as the starting quarterback.

So for all you fans who think Campbell won’t fit, I urge you to consider why he is here. Chud and Turner had a choice to go out and sign the free agent quarterback. Weeden they were stuck with. How many of you would go out and buy something you didn’t think would fit into your plans?

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  1. Joe

    Are u crazy weeded fits the system perfect example look at Derek Anderson big arm and what happen they won 10 games

  2. Leon II

    Of course Campbell can fit into Chud & Norv’s system. That isn’t the question, the question is who is the better fit. I for one hope it is Weeden or we are likely looking at 2015 before we have a serious chance at a deep playoff run if then. I’m sure there is an example of an 8 year veteran QB, drafted in the first round who failed to live up to his potential, lost his starting job, has bounced around the league since and has been universally labeled as a game manager at best who went on to become elite or at least lead an elite offense but I can’t think of him. If Weeden loses to Campbell we are drafting a QB next year. Unless we just are phenomenally fortunate (in the form of finding the next Luck, RGIII or Wilson) that QB will take 2-3 years to develop and that means 2015 or 2016 at least before we are where we want to be. I’m tired of waiting so I’m gonna hope that Weeden can be coached up by Chud and Norv this year. If it doesn’t happen, well all I’m out is a little hope and a few more years waiting.

  3. MSGTF

    I see you are addressing your favorite subject (Weeden bashing) this fine Monday morning, I realize that this time of year football news is scarce, but hope springs eternal. Being a retired Marine we used to have a saying that still holds true today ” Every Day is Qual day” Weeded and Campbell will each have thier chance, so lets move on to other subjects and give this one a rest untill camp.

    • LG

      Can’t help it MSGTF, I get a kick from all the people that tell me how great weeden is going to fit Chud’s system. DO we even know what it is yet? Why do they think Campbell can;t fit? Chud actually invited him to the party…..

      • Anonymous

        The greater sadness is that most likely we will be starting all over again next year. If you read the indictment on Haslam it becomes very clear that the FBI is gunning for him. Justly or not, they will flip everyone under Haslam to get a conviction and I agree with the sentiment that it is exceedingly unlikely that the FBI would unveil an indictment 2 years in the making unless they had it down pat. All this adds up to yet another new owner who will most likely want his own GM etc etc etc… Weeden… Campbell… It all pales in comparison to starting all over… Again…

      • MSGTF

        Many people get invited to the party but how many get to dance, lol

        • LG

          If the boss brings you there is a good chance to dance. In this case the Boss is Chud and he brought in Campbell…..Not Weeden…

          • Jeremy

            He also got rid of the previous back-up as well, so they needed depth. They needed a veteran leader to help direct the younger QB corp… If Campbell wins the QB job, I will absolutly root for him to succeed each and every game, however, just because he was signed by the new regime does NOT mean he is the heir apparent to the QB throne. That is not how the NFL works. I would bet that Weeden wins the starting job based on his ability to run a fast paced vertical offense (if built around his skill set which he displayed at OSU), and Campbell will be the second option. The offense may be a bit different with campbell in there, but he won’t be a read-option guy…

          • LG

            Jeremy, I mean no disrespect when I say this to you. But look this is Cleveland. For 14 years these guys have brought in their guys and let them start. It is past the point of funny already. Chud is going to do the same I feel….

  4. bob

    Do you hope that Weeden fails?Negative Nancy never having a positive story.You hope Weeden fails so you can be right.And why didn’t they draft a qb then?

    • LG

      Bob, I suggest if you want to read positive to read my Indians articles. The Browns don’t win so what is there positive to write about that we have a team the people who own it make millions and get away with putting crap on the field. Is that the positive????

  5. Big Duke

    Weeden is a scared school girl crying for his mommy while he’s playing. He’s no leader out there and a complete gutless wonder. The sooner he’s off the team and destined to be a 7-11 or Circle K store manager the sooner the healing and forgeting of yet ANOTHER wasted #1 draft pick can begin!!!

    • Cowboy17

      It’s exactly that type of unconcious Statement and attitude that perpetuates the negative Air for the Browns…. I’ve never seen more discord among fans anywhere than in Cleveland, esp Re the Browns. No team will ever win with a continual Two year revolving door policy!

      • LG

        You think that is because of the fans? Are you serious? No fans support a losing effort for this many years better than Cleveland Fans….That is why we have a losing team year after year. They still sell out the games….

  6. bf69

    They should have kept McCoy

  7. marty

    Weedon was given every opportunity to improve. From game one thru game 15 there wasn’t much of an improvement. I’m not saying the team didn’t, they did. Quarterback– Cleveland regressed. Offensive line , receiving, improved greatly. Obvious weak point, corners are weakness with no depth. Pass rush will improve, but a bandaid effect for the secondary.Weedon was a bust, sadly a very predictable one. If Dan Dryer thinks they kept the better Quarterback when Colt McCoy went to San Fran, try to reason it out. What was the value of Weedon. He wasn’t a first round value pick, he was overpaid, showed no value, and wasn’t worth the price of a postage stamp to place on his ass to get rid of him.

    • dan dyer

      First of all its Dan Dyer. 3 coaching staffs did not want McCoy to start and he was traded to be a back up. After 3 years in the league we all know that that is all he will ever be. Weeden(the correct way to spell that too) has a long ways to go to prove himself and this coaching staff obviously sees something in him or they would have drafted or traded for a QB as most of you were predicting. But since they didn’t, now everybody with LG leading the charge, is jumping on Campbell’s bandwagon. One day you are all going to have to wake up and accept the fact that Weeden will be the Browns starting QB in 2013. And God forbid he have a good year, all you haters will probably say it was working a year along side of and learning from McCoy that made him so much better.

      • LG

        You are a funny man Dan Dyer……..

  8. Donald pasqualetti

    I wouldn’t trust them for any reason they don’t ever tell the truth

  9. Tom Wynne

    just had to look at this post to confirm whose it was…like I couldn’t tell it was the great Weeden hater himself(LOL)

    • LG

      Have him prove me wrong then we write some good articles about him. Until then he is just an over paid over rated waste of a first round draft pick….

  10. Chuck

    Let’s talk about Weeden.The Miami lost was not just because of weeden but he didn’t look that great to me.Iv’e been a Brown’s fan since 1969 and have seen
    good QBs and a lot of bad one’s.I don’t want to step on anyone’s thought’s but I believe we CANNOT win under Weeden’s leadership.Put in that third string QB.
    This kid know’s how to search out the field without letting the other team know. Chuck

    • LG

      Agreed Chuck…Thanks for the comment….


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