This Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, the last thing fans want to see is Brandon Weeden getting the start. You could tell by the boos when Weeden took to the field in the Steelers game, Cleveland fans have lost their tolerance for Brandon Weeden.

Weeden heard the boos and had the nerve to say in his post game remarks, “they didn’t boo me when I threw the touchdown pass.”

Of course not Brandon, by that time the stadium was almost empty. You have made Cleveland Browns football so bad, the fans won’t even stay to watch even when their favorite team is playing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In fact Browns football is so bad with Weeden in the game, some fans are saying they won’t even watch the game on television this Sunday if Weeden gets the start. That’s pathetic!

How bad is it? The Cleveland area Discount Drug mart, had to buy 6,000 tickets so the game wouldn’t be blacked out.

Now that the Browns went out and signed Alex Tanny off of the Cowboys practice squad, there is a new level of excitement behind the team.

Tanny’s Youtube video has made him somewhat of a hero. Fans don’t care he hasn’t taken a snap with the Cleveland Browns yet. They want to see this kid start because they feel like anyone is better than Weeden.

Some fans are even hoping Weeden gets knocked out of the game early so this kid can come in and lead the Browns offense. Some think head coach Chudzinski needs to pull Weeden and replace him with Tanny if Weeden is struggling.

It’s too early to say whether or not Tanny can help this Cleveland Browns team. He has to show us he can stand in there, under pressure and hit his targets.

There are some fans that worry about Tanny not knowing the Browns play book. Lets not forget the basic concept of football. The objest is for a guy to run down the field, try to get open and the quarterback being able to deliver the ball to him. If a QB can see the field stay on his feet and make the throws, then your team could get into the end zone.

It’s that simple folks. It could happen.

If he can,maybe the Browns stumbled upon someone who can bring excitement back to Cleveland Browns football.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. AL

    The new guy would probably get hurt if he started and then there would coming Weeden trotting out again with that shit eatin grin , he’s like a giant bobble head I don’t think they’re able to hurt him !

    • LG

      They could hurt him if they get a clean hit on him….

  2. William

    Not that I haven’t said the same thing, but then I got to thinking about Weeden. He doesn’t stink on purpose, I’m sure he is doing his best to produce, he just isn’t very good. So what good does it do for us to Boo him ? He and the front office know he won’t be back, so if he is on the field this week, I would propose we gather the last bit of patience we have left and cheer him when he does well. No Booing would be a good way for all to remember we are good fans.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      As a Browns fan I always want the best results from whomever is in there whether I like him or not. So booing him (just a wild guess here) probably isn’t doing much to help our brownies have a chance to win.

  3. luke49

    You are pathetic. Play the kids’game of putting your hands over your eyes in case someone does something right. Only watching , not to see the browns win, but to criticize Weeden or the coaching staff even if they win. You will only watch to give the credit for a win to someone besides Weeden if he does well. It’s about time you and the other haaters grow up. If you want the Tanny kid to succeed give him a chance to learn at least a little bit of the play book. No one in the NFL is going to send someone out there just to tell the receivers to just go long . Pull your head out.

    • LG

      You are losing it Luke49, if Weeden gets hurt what are they going to do with Tanny? SO whether he starts or goes in after one play he could play. Weeden do well? Have you actually watched this idiot play football yet?

      • Anonymous

        yeah, I watched. He has played well at times. You won’t give him credit for the win in the game where Hoyer got hurt , but you would sure have blamed him if he hadn’t. He may play well sunday, but he could throw 7 tds and you would talk about how everyone else did it.
        Don’t even try to let on the you could watch a game and be objective about it.

        • LG

          Trust me is he surprises us by playing well I would say he played well. But I really find it hard to believe he has it in him to play well……He pretty much sucks at football on the NFL level….

  4. Kerry

    A true fan would cheer forever is the brown’s starter. It only hurt the team to boo them and have the stupid writers supporting it.

    • LG

      Could it be the fans are sick and tired of watching less than acceptable play from a guy the team wasted a 1st round pick on? Millions of dollars are spent each season to attend football games at first energy stadium. The fans deserve better and they are realizing the fact that Weeden sucks…..

  5. JD

    Hate to say it, but it is true. I’m hoping Weeden gets crushed on the first play and tears his ACL. If he does I will applaud and cheer. Screw being a nice guy, as a Browns fan my whole life I’m sick of quarterback after quarterback being a miserable failure. I don’t care who it is out there, play good enough to win or get the hell off the field. And if the coaching staff is to damn ignorant to take you off, I have to resort to rooting for an injury.

    I hope you tear your ACL Brandon. Before you have a chance to lose this game. I hope the Browns read this and see my post. Because I will be cheering as loudly as I can the second Weeden goes down!!!!

  6. JIM V

    Hey JD, Ask the 49rs. if Mc Coy is a loser?


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