This Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, the last thing fans want to see is Brandon Weeden getting the start. You could tell by the boos when Weeden took to the field in the Steelers game, Cleveland fans have lost their tolerance for Brandon Weeden.

Weeden heard the boos and had the nerve to say in his post game remarks, “they didn’t boo me when I threw the touchdown pass.”

Of course not Brandon, by that time the stadium was almost empty. You have made Cleveland Browns football so bad, the fans won’t even stay to watch even when their favorite team is playing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In fact Browns football is so bad with Weeden in the game, some fans are saying they won’t even watch the game on television this Sunday if Weeden gets the start. That’s pathetic!

How bad is it? The Cleveland area Discount Drug mart, had to buy 6,000 tickets so the game wouldn’t be blacked out.

Now that the Browns went out and signed Alex Tanny off of the Cowboys practice squad, there is a new level of excitement behind the team.

Tanny’s Youtube video has made him somewhat of a hero. Fans don’t care he hasn’t taken a snap with the Cleveland Browns yet. They want to see this kid start because they feel like anyone is better than Weeden.

Some fans are even hoping Weeden gets knocked out of the game early so this kid can come in and lead the Browns offense. Some think head coach Chudzinski needs to pull Weeden and replace him with Tanny if Weeden is struggling.

It’s too early to say whether or not Tanny can help this Cleveland Browns team. He has to show us he can stand in there, under pressure and hit his targets.

There are some fans that worry about Tanny not knowing the Browns play book. Lets not forget the basic concept of football. The objest is for a guy to run down the field, try to get open and the quarterback being able to deliver the ball to him. If a QB can see the field stay on his feet and make the throws, then your team could get into the end zone.

It’s that simple folks. It could happen.

If he can,maybe the Browns stumbled upon someone who can bring excitement back to Cleveland Browns football.

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