Weeden Sucks“He just plain out sucks!” That is starting to be the consensus in the Cleveland Area. Fans that jumped on the Brandon Weeden band wagon are ready to jump off. They didn’t like the ride and they have seen nothing but regression coming from the 29-year-old failing quarterback who already failed to make a career for himself in major league baseball. The Cleveland fans were let down by the Browns management once again. Mike Holmgren who is the former President of the Cleveland Browns forced Tom Heckert to take Brandon Weeden with the teams 22nd pick in the 2012 draft. Holmgren was relieved of his duties as team president as soon as Jimmy Haslam took control of the team. Some think taking Weeden with the teams 22nd pick helped seal the fate of Homgren. Mike Holmgren filled the fans with empty promises coming into the 2012 season. He promised the fans and the media the team would be far better than the 2011 Browns.

Brandon Weeden is failing to find his way in the N.F.L., his performance in his last game showed he continues to struggle when faced with pressure. The Cleveland Browns have started Brandon Weeden in 14 games, why is anyone’s guess. Weeden’s T.Q.R. has him listed at 35 of the 37 guys listed. Weeden is the worse of the Rookies playing in the NFL this season. Andrew Luck who many try to compare Weeden to has a T.Q.R. of 65.5 which is a far cry from Weeden’s 26.1. RGIII has a T.Q.R. of 71.3, Tannehill has 52.5 and Russell Wilson who was drafted in the 3rd round 75th overall hase a T.Q.R. of 68.7. No other rookie quarterback has played worse than Brandon Weeden.

The Browns are one of the most supported teams in the N.F.L. when it comes to the fans. They gave the fans another losing season of football and now they are left wondering why Pat Shumur just gave the starting quarterback spot to Brandon Weeden when it was clear that Colt McCoy was playing better coming into the 2012 season. Is Shurmur’s own personal feelings towards Colt McCoy more important than giving the fans of the Cleveland Browns more wins? We all can see the answer to that question, all you have to do is look at the teams record.

If you compare Colt McCoy’s number from 2011 to Brandon Weeden’s numbers in 2012 you will see in every category McCoy has an advantage over Brandon Weeden. McCoy only played 13 games in 2011 and he had a overall quarterback rating of 74.6. Weeden has a rating of 72.4 after 14 games. McCoy threw 14 touchdowns in the 13 games he played and Weeden has thrown 14 touchdowns in 14 games played. It took Weeden one more game to tie McCoy’s 2011 number of touchdowns. McCoy only threw 11 interceptions in 2011 and Weeden has thrown 17 this season.

Colt McCoy didn’t have the supporting cast that Weeden is surrounded by this season. McCoy had no running backs that were healthy. Weeden has had a number one draft pick a healthy Hardesty and the use of Chris Ogbonnaya. Brandon Jackson has also been available and healthy too, why Shurmur hasn’t played him this season is anyone’s guess. Weeden has also had the benefit of a better offensive line than McCoy had in 2011. The line has protected Weeden far better and given him more time to find a receiver than Colt McCoy ever had.

It is no wonder Browns fans are starting to see the light. The facts are the facts and Brandon Weeden shouldn’t be the Browns starting quarterback. Why a guy who gets paid a ton of money to be a head coach in the N.F.L. couldn’t see it is one more thing that should seal his fate as a head coach. Not only do the Cleveland Browns need to correct Mike Holmgren’s poor choice of a head coach, they need to correct his awful choice of a starting quarterback too…..


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  1. Roderick

    What is ya’ll on Weeden do not suck & you is not speaking for all the fans.What about Luck & his number’s? What about Dude from Miami? pick ahead of him & they was seasoned in high school to be a QB plus had more time at that position in high school learning defenses Weeden was a walk on & took the spot he was drafted in high school….Wow these folk’s view’s is distorted & unrealistic probally never plyed a game of organized ball depressing

    • LG

      Roderick, have you seen the real numbers? Weeden sucks in many categories. Take a look at the ESPN TQR weeden is 35 out of 37….

    • Snark

      @Roderick: Even more depressing: your command of the English language.

  2. Roderick

    I don’t know what dude is on every article he bashing Weeden.He better than McCoy & can make all the throw’s & his number’s is similar to LUCK & Tannehill far as which Griffin & the man from Seatle that has Coaches that is easing there QB in there game & using there strenght & what they was comfortable with in college not the Browns they is forcing Weeden to do things he not comfortable with now that is proven by his comment’s as well as Richardson’s get it together judgement suck’s & distorted..Another thing he better than Quinn,Anderson,Frye,Wynn,Garcia,Detmer can’t put Couch cause he ain’t have a line,reciever’s or running back by the time he left the Browns he was injured for life so STOP IT & it makes ya’ll look bad think before you speak as i was taught & wise man said don’t speak in anger or predice just a hater & you do have a place in folks life & life…

    • D Bienko

      Uh, Roderick, similar to Luck except in ONE BIG STAT….WINS. As the season goes Luck with no running game and a porous front line, hence his sack numbers, the Colts are on the cusp of the playoffs, the Browns, a top ten pick again.

      • Abrown

        And one more thing for Luck besides the wins, he has thrown for 21 TDs and rushed for 5 more.

        Luck has 26 touchdowns, and Weeden only has 14. Almost twice as many TDs makes a very big difference.

  3. marty

    Your article makes complete sense.I can’t see why there are weedon supporters. He had a handful of nice plays during this season. There were alot more plays that he looked awful.I can’t see why shurmur defends weedon,unless he is covering for his own mistakes. I’m not Haslam,but if I were him, I would see it as enough is enough. Show the fans what Colt can do.Yes, Colt did lock on to one receiver last year.As the season wore on he depended on it.Maybe the weedon fans should look at,DOES 1.9 SEC. OF TIME WARRANT TO LOOK OVER A WHOLE FIELD OF PLAY. 5 to 7 sec. paints a clearer picture. Weedon probley throws a tighter spiral, what good are they when none of our receivers are 10 feet tall. Watch the game, weedon could use a 10 foot receiver Sunday. It would make a good article: What can be expected from a QB in 1.9 sec. when the defensive line is in his face.

  4. RB

    Your headline is a bit misleading LG. You haven’t had a positive comment on Weeden since the regular season started. Your article is also misleading by stating McCoy 2011 stats are superior to Weeden’s in every category. Completion percentage tied, Weeden leads in yards per completion. If you’re going to rag on the guy, at least be accurate and honest in your posts. Based on your love of stats, if you look at McCoy’s stats from 2010 to 2011, McCoy’s completion percentage, yards per completion and QBR were all less in 2011 than in 2010. Based on this alone, in your mind, the QB should have been pulled in 2011 because of his lack of progression. But then again, you would only have stated the obvious that Colt McCoy’s stats from 2011 were actually worse than they were iin 2010 if McCoy’s name had been Weeden. As far as rating of Weeden versus McCoy, it’s 72.4 for Weeden vs 74.6 for McCoy. Not much difference, but let’s put it in perspective a bit. A. Rogers 122.5 in 2011 and 104.7 in 2012. M. Schaub 96.8 in 2011 and 93.8 in 2012. D. Brees 110.6 in 2011 and 93.1 in 2012. T. Romo 102.5 in 2011 and 90.2 in 2012, and Eli Manning 92.1 in 2011 and 84.0 in 2012. You can always spin stats to serve your purpose, and when they don’t serve your purpose you say: “If you compare Colt McCoy’s number from 2011 to Brandon Weeden’s numbers in 2012 you will see in every category McCoy has an advantage over Brandon Weeden. McCoy only played 13 games in 2011 and he had a overall quarterback rating of 74.6.” I agree with the diffence in rating of 2.2 points. But that’s no guarantee that McCoy’s numbers would be better. One could argue that based on 2010 number to 2011 numbers, McCoy would continue to regress in completion percentage and yards per completion, but that would be speculation and would be wrong. Just like you saying that McCoy would have played better in 2012 than in 2011 or McCoy would have played better than Weeden is nothing more than speculation. Go Browns.

    • LG

      The only career stat that is better for Weeden in 2012 than McCoy is the yards per completion .7 is the difference. I thought I did state that in the article if not I put it in other articles I have written. As far as McCoy doing better this year I base that statement on the fact the Browns have more talent on the team this season and the offensive line would be able to protect Colt McCoy much better this season than they were able to last season. Almost all indicators point to MCCOy having a better 2012 than he had in 2011 including the fact that he knows the offense better. Last Season no one knew anything because of the lock out shortened training camp and preseason….

      • Abrown

        There’s one more thing people forget about McCoy’s 2011 numbers. He was knocked unconscious in the Pittsburgh game and Shurmur sent him back in with a severe concussion. If you take away those plays when it was illegal for McCoy to play and when he was barely conscious, his passer rating goes up to somewhere between 78 and 79.

        That sort of ends the argument.

  5. RB

    Per your article, you said “If you compare Colt McCoy’s number from 2011 to Brandon Weeden’s numbers in 2012 you will see in every category McCoy has an advantage over Brandon Weeden.” You said every! That is wrong, that is not true. Completion percentage is tied and Yards per completion is also different. The Browns are also scoring 6.3 more points per game in 2012 versus 2011. Any reason you failed to include that in your stats?All TDs in the NFL are a result of a pass. Quite a few are scored on the ground. It’s not all about touchdown passes. Could it be because you’re under the assumption noone runs the ball for touchdowns.Also, I’m still waiting on the response to your headline “I was a big Weeden supporter. I have seen the light.” I think you have a bit of a credibility problem there. There’s not much truth, if any, in that statement. Go Browns.

    • Abrown

      RB, did you notice the quotation marks in the title? That statement you trying to give to LG comes from a former Weeden supporter.

      There are lots of them and “Weeden sucks” is pretty much what they have to say on the subject.

      • LG

        Yes the comment does come a former Weeden suppoter

        • Bobby D

          Any doubters about LG, the quote was from one of my last posts. It was before this weekends game and this weekends game further cememnted my opion about Weeden. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want McCoy, but I also don’t want Weeden. I said trade for Alex Smith 49ers.

          • LG

            Smith is great competitor he is a winner

  6. RB

    Meant to say *not all TDs are a result of a pass.

  7. longhaul

    got to agree with you lg.dont see one reason weeden should be starting. write that draft pick off as a LOSS. would like to see them keep heckert though he has made some good picks . he was forced to pick weeden.i myself would not mind seeing norv turner as the coach.

    • mike m

      Has weeden not broken many of clevelands passing records? It is not his fault completely that Cleveland sucks

      • LG

        He certainly doesn’t break any of the records for getting his team into the end zone from the red zone….

      • longhaul

        passing records dont mean anything mike. WINS DO. and he has not got us many this year

  8. RB

    We’re still averaging over 6 points more a game this year versus last year. I’m guessing if we score a touchdown on the ground that doesn’t count for anything in LG’s book.

    • LG

      Hey RB, how many wins we got this season??? Was that five????? No I guess it didn’t matter how many TD’s on the ground we had did it????

      • Abrown

        Let’s look at the first 13 or 14 games for each QB. When you do that, the points per game are 19 and 20.

        The 2011 team got worse with each game as injuries piled up — a massive disaster. And the 2011 defense ranked 26th in the league in turnovers while the 2012 defense is tied for 3rd. Those scores by the defense and turnovers in scoring position can really add to the points per game.

        And if we look at McCoy’s rookie numbers, Weeden is only close in the passer rating. McCoy had 7.1 yards per attempt, a completion percentage of 60.8%, and 11.7 yards per
        completion. And the Total QBR for Weeden is 26 out of 100 and 45 for McCoy.

        Probably the worst thing we can say about Weeden is that he still doesn’t know the play book and is so little bothered by it that he tells that to the broadcasters in his pregame interview. And he also admits he falls asleep whenever he tries to watch film.

        The main way that Weeden doesn’t measure up is in the mental side of the game. No one succeeds as an NFL QB without that.

        • LG

          It show you what kind of leadership the browns have. If I saw someone who after16 weeks still didn’t know the play book he would be seriously fined… If I saw him fall a sleep during film study I would hit him with a 5 gallon bucket of water….

          • Abrown

            His attitude definitely creates a bad impression. That’s probably why he tries to watch film at home, in the same interview, where no one is there to give him a hard time or wake him up. . .

  9. Frank

    In the interest of ceasing the continuous change of coaches, management and players, please join our petition to save the job of Cleveland Browns General Manager Tom Heckert. The one individual since our return in 1999 that has proven through competency that he needs to be part of our future. Let’s stop the power play and bring back GM Heckert.

  10. k

    So Weeden has been getting regular snaps all year long. Has a QB rating of 72.4

    Colt gets thrown in. I would expect him to be a little rusty. But instead we see a QB rating of 85.2

    Also we see a touchdown and Colt doing better rushing as well.

    So what are we doing with Weeden again?

    • longhaul

      so what are we doing with weeden? thats been the big question all year long k. maybe someone should ask shurmur. im sure you would get another dumb answer from him

      • LG

        That is all we ever get from Shurmur is dumb answers. I think we are more concerned with what Haslam is going to do with Shurmur. He has to go…

  11. RB

    There are more pressing issues on this team than QB. The defense and special teams have been, to put it politely, subpar the past two games. If the new ownership is seriously considering McDaniels to replace Shurmur, that is frightening picture as to what me can expect as Browns fans = more of the same. Lombardi to replace Heckert = a step-down.

  12. Abrown

    As we look back over this season and wonder how did we get here, here’s an article from a long time NFL scout from last May commenting on what would happen IF the qb competition weren’t rigged –

    This will remind a lot of you of the draft scouting report that LG showed us on this site.

    and a study of film from the Washington game — a wide open receiver and what Weeden did about it. My subtitle for this is “could anyone play any worse?”

    LG, I hope posting this is OK.

  13. Daniel Jones

    We as lifelong Browns fans should see the progress made this year and realize for the 1st time in recent years are draft picks are a good base for future growth and if we stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater we could in a short time have a winning football team in our championship starved city.Keep NcCoy as a quality backup and give Weedon a fair oppurtunity to grow with the youngest team in the league,success in the NFL is from the top down and hopefully we now have responsible ownership that comes from a winners tradition and the sorry sad sack losing history will become a bad memory


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