Greg LittleThe Browns fans are totally disgusted with the Browns being 0-4 on the season. They are getting down on Greg Little who has dropped some passes. Greg Little wasn’t a wide receiver, Greg Little finished the 2011 leading the Cleveland Browns in catches and receiving yards. Not bad for a guy who is just learning the position. Even though Greg dropped a lot of passes last season, Little was second amongst rookies in catches, behind first round pick AJ Green.

People are quick to throw Little under the bus, the thing is he is an easy target with the dropped passes. If you watched the game the other night he made some quality catches too. Weeden doesn’t always deliver a catch-able football. His passes have a tendency to go high and he hasn’t shown the great touch or accuracy the Browns labeled him with when they used their 22nd pick in the draft.  While it is easy to say Greg Little cost the Browns the  win in 2 games, you have to remember Brandon Weeden had 27 in-completions in the Baltimore game, Greg Little didn’t drop them all.

The truth behind these losses is bad coaching. The Cleveland Browns should have never thrown the ball 53 times in the game. The Browns should have been able to establish a better running game. They picked Richardson with the first pick they had number 3 over all and the head coach refuses to utilize him in a way that would take some coverage off of Greg Little and the other Cleveland receivers.

The Browns for some reason think winning a football game is like playing the lottery, they think if you throw the ball up enough times sooner or later the ball will bounce your way. Greg Little may have dropped some passes in the game. You can’t say the Browns losses are all because of the misses Little had. Greg Little is already ranked inside the NFL’s top fifty in receiving average this season even with the drops he has had….

Greg Little has done well playing for a team that has no veteran wide receivers to teach this young man the skills required to compete at the NFL level. There is a lot more to it than just running down the field and making a catch. The great ones know how to create separation to make their jobs easier. Little has done a great job learning the position and he is doing s good job getting used to another quarterback throwing him the football. This would have been a little easier had the Browns brought in a veteran wide receiver to show these young guns the ropes…

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. beki

    WHY the ______ didn’t the browns get a wide receiver.Why do they continually pick peopleand then try to change them.What was Little if not a wide receiver.Has he not been catching the football since he was a little boy..He, by now should know how to catch a football.Yes the coaching is horrible and the drafting.

    • LG

      Most of the time spent playing football at North Carolina Little was a running back….

  2. beki

    If I stunk at my job 4 weeks in a row, do you really think I would have a job?

    • LG

      Only if you were a Doctor or a Browns head coach…..

  3. factory of sadness

    holy hell i finally agree with you on something. i do think there is a lot of work behind closed doors being done to get better and it will click very soon. i dont whole heartedly agree with we should have run the ball more because we got down early and anytime a team is down two scores in the second half the team is going to lean on throwing more to get back into it.

    • LG

      We will never know Trent Richardson’s true production if we don’t hand him the football. Who knows maybe after three runs he could have busted a long TD run? Just sayin

  4. joeyvegas

    You’ve got to be kidding. Using the logic that you do to defend Greg Little, we should leave Shurmur alone because he’s learning to be a head coach. Little drops way too many passes= he cost us games last year, he made a major contribution to this year’s loss to the Eagles, and he continues to suck. If you want to be so hyper-critical of every move made by Shurmur, Weeden, and Richardson, be consistent and criticize others when they screw up, too.

    • LG

      Joeyvegas, Shurmur was a football coach when we got him or at least he and Holmgren told us he was. Little is making some progress. Sure he dropped some passes and sure it cost us should we can his ass? Then what who do we have that is any better? Why didn’t they throw more to Benjamin or even Gordon? Little is doing a good job getting open and the others are not. So there a major problem with the Browns. They should have got us a receiver or two in the draft that could catch the football….Hell they should have waited until next draft to take a Q>B. and took Blackmon…The last few years the Browns failed to address the receiver problems. We could have had Jone, We could have had Green and the list goes on…They got Little and we are stuck with him….


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