The Cleveland Browns had little choice but to play quarterback Brain Hoyer in their last preseason game. They weren’t going to risk injury to Brandon Weeden and back-up Jason Campbell was out with the flu.

Hoyer played one heck of a football game and he was able to bring his Browns back from behind to get a win over the Bears. Now fans are saying they saw something that Weeden never showed,they saw guts out there on the field.

Hoyer was able to stand in there and take some tremendous hits from the Bears defense. He was able to stand in there and throw some great passes to keep his Browns moving down the field. One fan thinks that he has finally seen a real quarterback in Brian Hoyer.

Here is what this fan wrote;

wow … a real quarterback in Hoyer…If they cut this guy they should all be fired! He played like it was a super bowl with second and third stringers….Hoyer over Weeden

Now I don’t know if it is time to pull Weeden as the starter or not yet. He hasn’t even started one regular season game in 2013 yet. Maybe he is holding something back for the Dolphins game. Who knows.

I and many others are hoping that if Weeden doesn’t perform well, Chudzinski has enough sense to make the change before the team ends up with only 6 wins like some are projecting.


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Readers Comments (11)

  1. joe

    Why report one fans opinion?? I’ve seen better games out of Weeden against actual starters in the real season ,, Hoyer is our back up broh get over it.. LG should find a different team to write for! nobody likes you n you should be replaced by a better fan and writer,, a 3rd stringer would be ideal

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    Even a squirrel can find a nut in the winter now and then. I personally don’t believe Hoyer Will ever be the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns, to me this is wishful thinking on that fans part.

    Like it or not Weeden will be the starting QB this year and if Weeden doesn’t live up to his potential this year, he will be gone at seasons end and we will acquire a good QB next year and you can bank on that.

    It was good to see my Browns come back to win none the less and if Hoyer is retained for next year, perhaps he will be a 2nd string QB next year.

    Weeden has shown improvement but still needs some work and I feel this year will be better than what we have seen in the past 6 years from the Browns organization.

    • jim v

      There was this 3rd stringer riding the bench for Pittsburg, he was behind 2 supposedly 2 great QBs.Does the name Roethlisberger ring any bells?

  3. jim v

    Hey LG I’ll bet you dinner, we have another Anderson on our hands! He’s not mobile and he has fear when his protection starts to break down! Just watch is feet!!!

    • LG

      You think I am a Dummy Jim V? No way I take that bet….I agree with ya….

  4. Bobby D

    Hoyer did show us something Weeden hasn’t all pre season. Hoyer showed us 2 picks of which I believe 1 was a pick 6.

    And that was not a fan who wrote the comment it was Hoyer’s dad.

    • jim v

      Not his Dad. Just been watching Pro-football for 60yrs. I’ve seen a few Weedens in my day. Here’s a hint! Ready? Why did the 49rs.Make McCoy #2??? He can run with the ball! Oh by the way, Where is Anderson playing these days? He Even went to a All pro Game. Brian Sipe it was said was to small! Also didn’t have a good arm! The Cardiac Kids. Those were the days…But what do I know! But a will say this. Put the old teams like the Jim brown or Jack Lambert with Steelers days, they would fill the Cleveland Clinic with todays teams!

  5. DC84

    That “fan” is delusional. Weeden is hands down a better quarterback then Hoyer. Weeden is the starter and IF he falls flat, Campbell will be next in line. Hoyer is not starter, doesn’t have the skill set to be one, we will develop into a quality backup and a emergency fill-in quarterback, not a day to day starter.

    • LG

      I think what the fan is saying, he doesn’t think Weeden has what it takes to hang in a game take the beating that Hoyer took and come back and win….

    • jim v

      You were probably a Anderson fan too! LOL

  6. Anonymous

    I for one..certainly hope that Weeden proves us all non believers wrong and lights it up this year, but my gut tells me otherwise! I’m still on the fence with him and I honestly think that he’d have to come out and perform like Tom Brady in order to convince Banner and Lombardi to even consider not looking to the 2014 draft…only my opinion.


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