This morning Browns fans are still wondering why Phil Dawson wasn't resigned to the Cleveland Browns, a team he served for 14 years. The fans are starting to show concerns over the new ownership and they are already blaming Mike Lombardi for ruining the team. I've seen comments that said, he ruined the Browns in the 80's and he is already starting to ruin the team again.

The fans are also saying the Browns new ownership should remember it is the fans that buy the tickets. They have a valid point. Dawson who signed with the 49ers had a great season in 2012, he made darn near 95% of his kicks. Many times it was Dawson who was the only guy putting points on the Board.

Why is he good enough to play on a team that went to the super bowl and not good enough to play for the Cleveland Browns? What did the 49ers see in Dawson that the Browns didn't? Many fans are upset about this deal. They can't understand the new front offices thinking and they think the guy calling the shots is making bad choices.

Filling the shoes of Dawson isn't going to be an easy job. The Browns better find a guy who is just as reliable as Dawson was. If they get a guy that misses field goals and the team suffers losses because of those misses, the front office is certainly going to hear about it.


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