This morning Browns fans are still wondering why Phil Dawson wasn’t resigned to the Cleveland Browns, a team he served for 14 years. The fans are starting to show concerns over the new ownership and they are already blaming Mike Lombardi for ruining the team. I’ve seen comments that said, he ruined the Browns in the 80’s and he is already starting to ruin the team again.

The fans are also saying the Browns new ownership should remember it is the fans that buy the tickets. They have a valid point. Dawson who signed with the 49ers had a great season in 2012, he made darn near 95% of his kicks. Many times it was Dawson who was the only guy putting points on the Board.

Why is he good enough to play on a team that went to the super bowl and not good enough to play for the Cleveland Browns? What did the 49ers see in Dawson that the Browns didn’t? Many fans are upset about this deal. They can’t understand the new front offices thinking and they think the guy calling the shots is making bad choices.

Filling the shoes of Dawson isn’t going to be an easy job. The Browns better find a guy who is just as reliable as Dawson was. If they get a guy that misses field goals and the team suffers losses because of those misses, the front office is certainly going to hear about it.


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Readers Comments (21)

  1. luke49

    Draft the red headed kid out of Okie State . He don’t miss and he punts like Ray Guy. You get a gut that can do double duty. Save a roster spot and cap space. WIN WIN.

    • Anonymous

      Replace a sure thing for an unproven player? Not sure I agree…

      • Anonymous

        You have to replace him with someone…

  2. DB Cooper

    the reason the niners were after a new kcker is because there kicker from last year missed key field goals at key times.

  3. craig

    It has been noted on many occasions the Browns only points on the scoreboard were provided courtesy off the foot of Phil Dawson . Maybe Mike Lombardi can land Harvard Rugland as our replacement for Dawson before Detroit does……… because that is our only hope.
    Banner is keeping Lombardi out of sight because he is a “lightning rod” some of us Browns fans have a perception it is because he is more of a “nimrod”.

    • LG


  4. James

    Maybe Dawson didn’t want to be here anymore. In order to keep him he had to be franchised two years in a row. Seems to me he wanted to play for a contender, which we are not and probably will not be this year…

    • alex

      exactly, it was time to let Phil go somewhere he could make meaningful kicks late in the year. I’m happy for him. He gave us alot of years.

    • Bob

      Agreed. I believe Dawson wants to be with a contender. He deserves it. He has given the Browns so much. He is one patient man. Good Luck Phil!!!

  5. Pkx

    Could it be the Browns would have had to pay Phil QB-like money to keep him?

    • KC


  6. Matt

    BAD form Cleveland Browns! Nothing like saying you are not welcome here to one of our greatest players. What signal are you sending? You play your heart out for a team and they will not give you the respect you deserve.

    Bad bad form, I know why everyone else is itching to get out of Cleveland!

  7. Bobt

    Mike Lombardi has done nothing since being with an NFL team. He was lousy with the Browns before and I fear he is at it again. I would not buy a Browns ticket as long as he is GM. The Browns will be worse now than in the past.

  8. mbaker

    I can’t beleive that the man played his hole carrier since 1999 with this team and they won’t let him finish it in Cleveland! Thanks Mike

  9. OhioSB

    Same old Clowns. Doing whatever it takes to make the fans unhappy by showing us how much you don’t really care.

  10. tim lorenzo

    Who said Lombardi made the decision on Phil………………Look no further than “talking out both sides of your mouth” Joe Banner…….

    Hated to nsee a class act like dawson go, but good for him and the 49er’s.

  11. Jim F

    I’m sure he was sick of new leadership every 2 years–how about a little peace before he retires.

    • LG

      Great point Jim…

  12. KC

    He cost too much.
    Do you fans want to sacrifice getting maybe a good wide reciever to keep a kicker????

  13. Tom Wynne

    i love Dawson…but its Derek Jeter syndrome all over again…sooner or later it will be time to get a new one and let go. Unfortunately for the Browns, he was the only offensive player who scored points…

  14. John Licata

    Idiots would not franchise him I am 64 I will never see another championship the best player in all these lean years and you don’t sign him no wonder we are in a rut what’s wrong with this organization?


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