Haslam Should Fire ShurmurThe Cleveland Browns are off to a 2-7 start and another season slips past the season ticket holders grasp. The Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has now posted a record of 6 wins and 19 losses since taking over as the Cleveland Browns head coach. The New Browns owner has said no more changes until after the season but many fans think making a head coaching change during the bye week would be something that would be positive for the Browns. Jimmy Haslam III has to do something to get his Browns on their way to winning football games.  In the last game the fans watched as the coaching staff had to burn three of the teams time outs simply because Shurmur and his staff could not get the plays onto the field in time. After 9 weeks of football plus 4 preseason games many think it is unacceptable to have to waste time out because of the coaches inability to do his job.

Even though Haslam has said he wouldn’t make changes until after the season, the fans are hoping he will this week. The Cleveland Browns lack of leadership is something the fans do agree on. There is some people who no longer think that Weeden should be the teams starter and they want the team to give McCoy a shot at starting so they can see if he can win a game. There is plenty of separation in opinion who should start at Q.B. but most fans agree the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns needs to be replaced. The fans say the Browns cannot win with Shumur as their head coach. If the fans can see it, the billion dollar question is can Haslam see it and will he wait till season’s end before making his move?

Many fans are hoping that is not the case.

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Readers Comments (20)

  1. muttklingon


    • LG

      It is way past the time to fire the head coach…..What they are waiting for is anyone’s guess

      • J Bond

        Because replacing the head coach every 2-3 years because the fans think it needs to be done is not the way to build a football team.

        • LG

          Keeping the coach we have now is no way to build a winning football team either.

  2. Gil

    Here we go again.

    • LG

      no not again Gil STILL

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i actually thought you wrote a piece without the words “mccoy” or “weeden” in it … i was enthusiastically reading until i got to the last paragraph … you just can’t help yourself , can you ?? … LMAO !!

    good article though … i’m not sure with haslam yet … he’s a smart man , i’m just not sure how much patience he has. i thought he was going to go down on the field & fire shurmur on-the-spot after the failed 4th & 2 play.

    • LG

      You made me laugh Tigersbrown2 It is hard to write about the Browns without talking about a key position, After-all who handles the football on the team besides our long snapper?

      • ABrown

        You know, this is the 4th week we’ve seen Haslem having the same reaction during each game. If he still plans to wait until the end of the season, He’s going to need tranquilizers. I know I would if I had paid a billion dollars for the team and watched coaching like this.

        I hope he decides to fire Shurmur now and forget the meds.

  4. Grady Randall

    Let’s keep Shumar so we can get a better draft pick position our year is over anyway.Shumar can’t win with his coaching.

  5. longhaul

    why keep shurmur just to lose more games and get a better draft pick. we have had many chances for good draft picks and always seem to turn away from them. the only coach to keep would be the defensive coach. clean house on shurmur and his looser pals. there is talent enough to win at least 6 or 7 games already on this team. it takes a leader to put a winning team togather we flat dont have one. shurmur must go

  6. Bruhar

    Still think Grudin would be a good choice and confidence builder going into next season. The more games we loose the harder it will be to pull out and up.

    • LG

      Do you really think Grudin will come to Cleveland?

  7. isitnextyear

    Fire Shurmer amd hire LG, that way the internet is rid of these useless articles, and when he fails as a head coach within a year, Uncle Jimmy can fire him and get him the hell out of town…..two problems solved.

    • LG

      I’ll tell you this if I were the head coach of the Browns we would win more than 2 games.

  8. BW

    Grudin will NEVER come to Cleveland. I would love it if he did, but he is just not interested.

    This might be a tough year for the Browns to find the coach that they want, as there are going to be several good teams looking for coaches.

    But Chucky is just not on the list.

  9. RB

    You wouldn’t win more than 2 games as the Browns’ head coach because your offense would be as predictable as your article content, which is always the same (Fire coach and replace Weeden with McCoy).

    • LG

      Yes it is too bad we have such a poor fotball team. It would be far more fun to write about a winning team. Further more RB, I would build a winner because I would motivate the troops to go out and play hard. Shumur probably puts people to sleep.

  10. RB

    I have no problem with Shurmur going. I would like to see Shurmur go, but stick with Weeden for the remainder of the year to see if we want him for next year or not.

    That way we’ll know whether we need to draft a QB or not next year.

    I think, all in all, the team does play hard. I don’t believe the lapses have anything to do with motivation, but more to do with youth.

    • LG

      Well, I guess this season is going to be a wash. To bad people pay a lot of money to see these games.


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