For years, Browns fans have wondered when is enough going to be enough. The team has lost more games than most expansion teams in the history of NFL expansion teams. In the 13 years since returning to the NFL, they have a record of 68-140. The team has had 6 head coaches, 16 starting quarterbacks and have only appeared in 1 play-off game which they lost.

The Browns have a winning percentage of .327 since returning to the NFL. There are only 2 teams in the history of the NFL that have had a worse winning percentage. We have to go back to the 1967 New Orleans Saints who had a .304 win percentage and the 1976 Tampa Bay team who is the worst with a .293 win percentage.

9 NFL teams have come into the league and done better than the Browns. The fans in Cleveland are still wondering when is enough going to be enough. Before the 2012 season started, fans were promised by the former Browns president who said, “I know a few things about quarterbacks,” the team was going to be much improved. He forced the former general manager of the Cleveland Browns to draft a 28-year-old quarterback with the teams second pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

The Browns won 5 games during the 2012 season. The Fans in Cleveland watched in horror, as the teams 16th starting quarterback set a record for sucking in his first game in the National Football league. People where in total shock and wondered again, when is enough going to be enough.

You see, for years it was an honor and a privilege to be a Browns fan. That was back in the day when the team was dependable, the team actually won football games. That was the real Cleveland Browns that didn’t leave people wondering when was enough going to be enough. That was the team the former owner Art Model moved to Baltimore.

AS one fan put it this week;

Banner says to McCoy .”You are in our plans” fits right in .Let Dawson walk . Fits right in .I have been a fan since 1963 .I am a regular at Drifters in Myrtle Beach for opining day.I fit right in. NO MORE I am done. Model drove a stake through the heart of my Browns which will never rise again .This new version of the browns has sucked from day one .They need to change the name and bury the colors.

When the Cleveland Browns were sold last season the fans felt a sense of rejuvenation. They thought maybe the time has come when enough is going to be enough. They listened as the new owner Jimmy Haslam III, came into Cleveland and put on his show with his smooth southern drawl, and some thought wow, enough is really going to be enough this time, finally the team has been taken over by a guy who means business.

And they were right. Jimmy Haslam is all about business. The bottom line is all that really matters with Jimmy Haslam. For the shake of whats going on now with the teams new owner we will refer to him throughout the rest of this article as Haslammer. He could be ending up there soon enough.

It is starting to look as though enough is never enough for Jimmy Haslam III. Even though the guy is a billionaire, he still felt the need to fraud people out of money they had coming in fuel rebates. His company, Pilot Flying J, is under a criminal investigation for stealing money from their customers. Pilot Flying J worked out a deal that was suppose to give their customers rebates for using their fuels.

Guess what, Pilot Flying J didn’t do that. Instead they ripped off their customers thinking they were too stupid and lazy to ever stop and figure it out. The company even made statements saying people were too lazy to stop and figure it out. Haslam and his people running his empire took advantage of their customers and then called them too stupid to figure it out.

Jimmy Haslam III and his employees think they are smarter than everyone else. Here is a guy making billions of dollars who has been accused of stealing money from trusting customers, why? Because with these guys enough is never enough. Sometime the more you have, the more you want.

This brings us to Haslammer’s ownership of the Cleveland Browns. When he bought the team he came to Cleveland and he made all kinds of promises about building a winner. Was he telling the truth? We don’t know yet, it is too early in the process to say whether or not he was telling the truth. What we do now is the team hasn’t made any giant moves to improve as of yet.

Could Haslam be setting the people in Cleveland up for failure? Think about it. Here you have a guy who is never happy with enough. He pays over a billion dollars for an NFL franchise that loses all the time. Why would he do that?

The man is obviously out to make as much money as he can. WHAT IF Haslammer wants the Browns to fail? What if he could build a NFL team that was so bad the fans in Cleveland would be glad if he moved them and sold them to someone else.

It could be part of his motive. Who are we to know. Look at some of the scenarios that have taken place under the Haslam ownership;

After last season Haslam comes out and tells the Cleveland Media, he is not happy about Weeden at all. He and Banner said Weeden had 7 games to prove himself. Then a couple of weeks ago Haslammer changes his tune and says, Weeden had a decent season last year and he looks forward to seeing him this year. That statement about Weeden, all by itself, makes it look like Haslam plans to create an even bigger loser here in Cleveland. There have been a lot of very puzzling decisions from the owner and management in the last few months.

I hope the NFL doesn’t drag its feet in reacting to this situation. They broke with tradition and let Haslam mostly finance the purchase price — a lot like a buyer would do who planned to “flip this house” quickly.

For all the Browns fan loyalty, this team has a long-standing culture of losing and how long would it take for that willingness to wait to run out? What better target for a move like you describe, Bob, than Cleveland?

There is already a blueprint for moving the team to a new city. The biggest mistake Model made was hiring a coaching staff that had the Browns on the verge of making the playoff when he brought in the moving vans.

Look at the coaching hires, with the exception of Horton. There’s a whole lot of losing behind the offensive coaches. Chud had one of the most talented young QBs in the NFL and couldn’t put together a winning season. Turner was a great offensive coordinator for 3 years in Dallas 20 years ago — not a lot of winning since.

Look at the free agent pick ups — hardly a bona-fide starter among them and a whole lot of 3rd string back ups


I wonder what our draft is going to look like.

Part of the about statement comes from my good friend and long time Browns fan ABrown.

Right now anything is possible with Haslammer and the Cleveland Browns. Another long time Browns fan and someone I consider a friend had this to say;

Okay, here’s what I think is going to happen with Jimmy Haslammer before the season starts.

NFL will contact him and tell him that they won’t take over the team, but he (Haslammer) should announce he is stepping aside to let the NFL take over until the investigation and charges are cleared. That way, NFL saves a little face for picking him and Jimmy looks like on his own, he is making the decision for the good of the team, so there will be no distraction (even though it will be a distraction) for the team going into 2013.

I am kind of wondering now if the NFL got wind of this late last year, thus forcing Lombardi in as a overseer from the NFL already. Just guessing because I don’t understand why they would be hiding Lombardi so much and being so weird about his title. Yes, I know Cleveland is not a fan of Lombardi, but why did they bring him in? If a team or company hires someone, wouldn’t they be proud of that person and proudly show him off? Also, why did Banner get so much power so quickly? It’s as if Haslammer got Banner and Lombardi in place before this whole thing went down. I know it may sound far fetched, but it may explain why Haslammer went back to Flying J, why Banner has so much power and why Lombardi was brought in. And then picking Chud, a hometown fan/coach as the head coach? Picking Chud was perfect for this Haslammer problem right now. Chud would automatically get support from the fanbase because he is a fan coming in as head coach even with the whole Haslammer problem. What do you think LG?

I’ll tell you what I think Bob, I think the best football fans in the world are still wondering when is enough going to be enough. I think it is only a matter of time before the NFL steps in and tries to distance itself from Haslammer and his Pilot Flying J fiasco. I thing the last thing the NFL wants right now is a distraction like this. If this criminal investigation continues to get worse for Haslammer and his company, the NFL will step in and take control of the team.

The Cleveland Fans will still be wondering when is it going to be enough and Haslammer will never have enough. That’s what I think. Tell us what you think. Leave your thoughts and comments below.



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Readers Comments (61)

  1. RB

    Always using Weeden as a reason to question of Haslams validity as an owner. Get over the McCoy thing will ya. Gruden Billick and Cowher have all spoken well of Weeden, realizing the fact that he was a rookie. A matter of fact, Gruden and Billick have both said the Browns should go with Weeden this year.

    I know you value your opinion and that of Marty, Bob and ABrown and your collective talent evaluation skills over that of 3 Superbowl winning coaches, but I guess that is one of the reasons you and your articles get trashed periodically on the Fox Sports comments section.

    While we’re at it, last time I checked this is America. Haslam hasn’t had a trial yet and has not been convicted yet of anything. To write “Here is a guy making billions of dollars stealing money from trusting customers…” is factually incorrect, but you’re good at being factually incorrect. The proper way to say it would be “Here is a guy making billions of dollars who has been accused of stealing money from trusting customers…..”

    I will give you some credit though. Not only are you good at being factually incorrect in a number of your posts (do bloggers call them posts?), you are also pretty good at personally attacking someone, (e.g. Haslam & Weeden)knowing full well they are not going to respond to your BS. So kudos to you.

    • LG

      RB, Gruden is a Haslammer yes man. I fail to see what people wee in a guy that rated the 3rd worse quarterback in the NFL. We won 5 games last season. What is so good about that? We are the 3rd worse expansion team in the History of the NFL what is so good about that? Now we have an owner who is a crook, what is so good about that? And the FBI has years of an investigation and employes of Haslammer coming forward saying Haslammer knew exactly what as going on. And yes here is a guy making billions and taking money from his trusting customers. Again I ask What is so good about that? What should we do RB, go through life with Blinders on? Should we close our eyes to all the facts and pretend things are wonderful in Cleveland Sports? Wake up RB, this is a freaking joke. The Browns are a freaking joke and until they start winning they will continue to be a freaking joke. As as far as them responding to my articles they are free to do so. The same as you are…. And thanks for the correction I will ad it in to the article. It was late when I wrote it.

    • Bob

      Did not see a mention of McCoy in the article above.

      RB – Hey, I respect your opinion, but to say, “factually incorrect” as if you are in the know is also “factually incorrect”. How do you know he is innocent? The FBI & IRS don’t raid unless their is mountains of evidence and witnesses. LG is not the only sports writer who thinks Jimmy has been caught ripping off small businesses. For example, check this article out by Matt Wood at Dawgs By Nature. It is a wonderful summary of Haslam’s problem:

      Also, you are pretty good at attacking, name calling and jabbing yourself.

      We all want this team to win, but I and other fans see there is a problem here with the FBI & IRS raiding Haslam’s Pilot Flying J. The Cleveland Browns are like cursed and seen as a joke to many NFL fans in the country. I hope I am wrong about Weeden after what I saw last year. I hope Banner, Lombardi & Chudzinski succeed along with all the Browns players. Will it happen? Who knows. I have my doubts and I am not the only one who feels that way. I am hoping the owner’s problems will inspire the team, coaches & front office to prove something. BUT this team is not off to a good start going into a draft a couple days away. In fact, I think the the team is already at a disadvantage from last year. At least Lerner did not have a distraction like this.

      • Bob

        Oh yeah. Haslammer is funny. A little humor could do everyone a little good in light of the newest Browns distraction. Maybe some Browns fans need to sit back and laugh about what’s gone down for the last 14 years instead of attacking each other.

        • LG

          Hey Bob,Check your e-mail…….

    • ABrown

      RB, on this site I’ve seen your standard of proof is simply whether you want to believe it or not. You have repeatedly attacked McCoy with statements that are readily disproved by verifiable facts from multiple sources — but you keep on ignoring the facts and simply repeating your opinions as fact.

      The standard of evidence or probable cause for a federal warrant is much higher than anything I’ve seen you follow. Probable cause is “sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed”.

      Among the requirements are “facts showing the commission of a crime (or crimes)” and “facts connecting the listed suspect(s) to the crime(s)” and these are not to be just conclusions but facts laid out in a narrative of the investigation.

      Beyond that, a lock down and search of a national company is extremely rare.

      I tried to think of cases where this has happened and couldn’t. I searched and couldn’t find anything but Pilot Flying J was all that came up. Then I tried to think of one of the worst and most famous examples of corporate fraud — Enron — a company found guilty of manipulating energy prices in order to charge customers higher prices and other things.

      There was no lock down and search of Enron, although there probably should have been because the federal search found that thousands of evidential documents were shredded by Enron and the once respected accounting firm that participated in the fraud.

      Haslem has really big problems. He still is entitled to a trial in which his attorneys may be able to explain away the evidence against him — but it looks like it’s an up hill fight.

      And the Browns are facing what could turn out to be the biggest challenge of the history.

      RB, you really think that’s not worth writing about??

  2. Joel McClurg

    LG, intelligent people wait until they hear both sides of a situation before they make any judgements; you, on the other hand, disparage everything about Haslam, including changing his name and in effect calling him a crook on the basis of one former disgruntled employee’s claims.
    I think you should read what Virginia Davidson( former Federal Prosecutor) had to say about the charges; the standard of proof to obtain a warrant to proceed is very low, as is the standard to take a case to a grand jury. As I’m sure you’ve heard it said “a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if asked by a prosecutor”. How about using your brain and wait until we have more of the total story before you start jumping off the ring ropes on Haslam?

    • LG

      Joel, have you seen the facts they have against Haslam? Have you heard what some are saying? I think they have documents saying the company said people are too stupid and too lazy to check if they are being ripped off. How about that Joel?

    • ABrown

      Virgina Davidson is a member of one of the largest corporate law firms in Ohio and specializes in defending business clients. She has probably already been hired to join Haslam’s defense team.

      Didn’t that “ham sandwich” quote come from an episode of Law And Order?

      So far we have heard from Haslam saying it’s just about a few rebates — nothing serious. He also said that the IRS was involved but this has nothing to do with taxes.

      Really? Wasn’t that what Al Capone said, too?

      Then we’ve heard just a little from the FBI demonstrating that it’s serious.

      LG has quoted both Haslam’s explanation and the info released by the FBI.

      That’s pretty balanced.

      • LG

        Hey ABrown You there

  3. jim

    What a joke for a “article”……Rb couldn’t said it better myself….lg isn’t a writer or he would be working for a newspaper instead of this 3rd rate “blog” website nobody’s heard of. go back to selling cars already.

    • LG

      Too Funny Jim……. Again you must have me mixed up with someone else.

      • jim

        nope larry glicken of eastlake… sold my dad his used car last year…..lmfao

        • LG

          You wished I sold your dad a used car last year. I have never sold cars in my life Jim. So quit with your B.S. What are you one of Weeden’s relatives out there in Kansas?

          • jim

            what don’t it feel good when someone talks smack without knowing all the facts? someone has to defend the people you talk trash about, weedon and haslam are way above this “blog” to even respond… i know that must hurt to hear

          • LG

            Jim truth of the matter is Weeden and I have already exchanged pleasantries. He is a freaking Cry-Baby and he should be kept out of the Media so he doesn’t look any dumber than he already does. AS far as your remarks they don’t phase me one bit. Keep them coming I get a kick out of people’s stupidity. You are a prime example of what America is turning into……

    • ABrown

      Jim, do you really think it’s a joke that the Browns’ owner is in the most serious trouble we’ve seen for an NFL owner in over 20 years?

      That’s the joke, Jim. You’re funny and sadly irresponsible.

  4. beth

    someone pointed out on foxsports about your facebook page. your the voice of cleveland huh? sorry i leave that title to jim donovan.

  5. Dave

    Stupid Article, it’s all speculation

    • ABrown

      Dave, where are the Browns going? Have you heard?

  6. mutt klingon

    THE NEW Cleveland Browns is a joke!!!

  7. Bob

    Who sent the attackers (who I have never seen post here) within the same hour today? Interesting.

    • ABrown

      Excellent question, Bob! Could it be the same person from Browns management who gave exclusive broadcast rights to the two news sources in Cleveland who have been the most critical of the Cleveland Browns?

      Gotta control or limit the criticism — especially the way things are turning out for the Browns.

  8. bye bye


    • LG

      Jim, nice try. Every time you leave one of your comments I get your IP address. So you go ahead with your little petition and see how far that gets you. Do you really think Yardbarker and Fox sports are going to listen to you? And further more I don’t see hwy you keep trying to leave a comment with that 3 letter word in it. You show me where I said that because I think you are full of it….

  9. ForeverABrownsFan

    I have read all 120 pages and no where in there was there, any documentation of Haslam saying, on tape or any video tapes of him, saying in his own words that Haslam has cheated out anyone.

    Now there are several conversations of reginal managers, saying this and that.

    Plus there is no mention of Haslam ripping off his customers for billions either.

    This investigation has been on going for the past 2 years and at no time has the FBI or IRS have Haslam saying anything that even remotely implies, he has ripped of billions from anyone.

    However, I am sure he knew something about it, that is evident, because a CEO knows what goes on in his business.

    Now lets see, you feel that the Browns are a freaking joke? Really? Then perhaps you need to blog for someone else. You are not the Cleveland Browns VOICE of the fans either.

    Yor are a person who complains about anything and nearly everything. To say Weeden is a cry-baby maybe but you sir are more of a cry-baby and you had said in a past post, that you HAD been a browns fan for an X amount of years. Now that I do believe you HAD been and not one still.

    All of your posts are negitive in nature, no matter whom your reffering to. I haven’t seen one of your posts, excuse me blogs, that was positive. Perhaps you just don’t have it in you to do so.

    I bet that you are a YES MAN to your boss, eh? LOL

    Show me where it says that Haslam has said on tape or show me a video showing this. Fact is you can’t. All you have to go on is the 120 page warrent and a comment from a former employee.

    Like i said before you don’t become a billionaire by not stepping on someones toes or being a Shrewed businessman or pehaps in this case not refunding the entire discount rebates due and my guess is that these managers will all be fired for spilling the beans about their, soon to be, former employer.

    My guess all this mess will unfold in months to follow and my guess Haslam won’t see one day in jail because blame can be put on his managers, since those managers use a “Rubber Stamp” when handing out rebate checks.

    • LG

      First of all I have no BOSS. Second of all give me a winning team to write about and you won’t see any complaining. Third of all, nowhere in the article does it say Haslam ripped off his customers for Billions, millions maybe but not billions. There are people inside of his organization or on the outside now, that say he had complete knowledge of what took place. As you admitted he is the CEO and the buck stops with him. What the article does point out is the fact that Haslam is a billionaire and he still doesn’t have enough. Why ripp people off of what they have coming in the first place when you have Billions???

      • ForeverABrownsFan

        oh well that explains it all. A want to be a sports writer and LG, “Second of all give me a winning team to write about?” Give you? lol I owe you nothing.

        Just show me where in the warrent, that Hasslam says, he is guilty.

        All of your articles speak 1/2 truths and are negitive.

        1st of all the warrent does not say Hasslam set out to defraud anyone. What it does say is his managers set these practices in place and yes Hasslam knew.

        Billionaires view, that they will never have too much money. To them there is no such thing.

        • LG

          are you kidding me? The Browns owe us a winning team. We have supported this team for years. You attend any games Forever a Browns fan? It cost a arm and a leg. Why in the hell are you people so in love with this guy or this team? They won five games last year and now we got an owner who is as guilty as NIXON was…….You are killing me……

          • ForeverABrownsFan

            yes i go to games but lets be real i can’t drive to Cleveland every weekend.

            I love the Browns team win or lose. I grew up a Browns fan and will remain a Browns fan.

            LG it wouldn’t matter if the Browns won 12 games last year because you always will blog negitives.

            How many skelletons do you have in your closet?

            Go and write about some other team that you actually like and care about, because its evident that you, don’t like the Browns.

          • LG

            ForeverABrownsFan, if the Browns won 12 games last year I would write positives because there would be positives to write about. As far as Skelletons in my Closet, I can proudly say there are none. I have lived my life clean. I don’t do illegal things, my mother taught me the difference between right and wrong at a very early age. I too have been a Browns fans for my entire life. I am just tired of losing and the mediocre teams years after year.

        • ABrown

          Forever, there are lots of ways to prove that someone knew what was happening in his company. The surprise search on Monday was probably a lot about getting that information before it could be shredded.

          Don’t underestimate the power of testimony from multiple witnesses to someone’s involvement.

          Do you remember Enron? No one in a position of authority knew anything about the illegal activity there either — at least not until they were found guilty in their criminal trials.

          Regardless how this turns out, it is a very bad thing to happen to the Browns, and it also has people nationally criticizing the NFL for not doing the investigating that they normally do and allowing Haslam to avoid the rules that usually apply to new owners.

          This is not the first time Haslam and his company have been in legal trouble for over charging, specifically “price gouging during a hurricane” with multiple states’ Attorney Generals, and for not paying what he was contractually obligated to pay, leading to problems with the Department of Labor.

          And from your comments about what rich people do, it looks like you believe he is guilty but don’t care because he owns the Browns. That’s really sad.

          • ForeverABrownsFan

            so now your equateing ENRON as the Browns? LOL.

            Price gouging? Really? How about all the speculators, that “Price Gouge” every week at the pumps? Do they go to jail? NOPE!

            How about lumber companies raising their prices after a hurricane, do they go to jail? NOPE!

            I have said he is guily of something, what we will see in time.

            Yes I have commented on some billionaires and it is true fact that alot of super rich screw people over to get where they are at, fact.

            I do care but let him be found guilty before, you even know what the REAl truths are.

            What is sad is LG is and always will be negetive towards this team period! You co-signing this rubbish, now thats SAD, indeed.

          • LG

            Hey as I said, what are the positives ForeverABrownsFan? We won 5 games last year. the team stinks since returning to the NFL. Now we have a owner who screwed a lot of people over to make more money. Sure we will wait until he goes to trail. If this were you or me, we would have been arrested already.

        • ABrown

          Forever a Fan, it’s pretty clear that you don’t read well, don’t know much about the justice system, and would support any amount of potential criminal activity if it were wrapped up in Cleveland colors and topped with a dog bone.

          I always thought that we were called Believe-land because our support for the Browns was so strong, but with some fans, it means we will believe anything and accept anything, even if it hurts the team and the town, even if it keeps us from winning, and even if it ultimately means we are being set up to lose our team, just as long as we get to keep the players and owner we like so much.

          Comparison to Enron? It fits. As bad as Enron was, the feds didn’t look down the company to execute a surprise search. How many other companies have been locked down that way? Very few, if any. Try to find one.

          Comparison to Enron? Again, it fits. The top management and CEO and CFO all swore the investigation was a mistake and they knew nothing of what happened. Most people accused of “white collar crime” say that. They swore they were innocent all through their trials.

          When you read the whole 120 pages in the application for a search warrant, didn’t you notice the first 2 pages where the investigator clearly said that only a small fraction of the evidence uncovered so far was included in the 120 pages? And didn’t you notice the recordings from senior staff meetings that Haslam attended and where the fraud was clearly discussed?

          Keep on believing as long as you like, it is everyone’s right. But don’t bitterly attack those who believe differently. It’s their right, too.

          • ForeverABrownsFan

            ENRON had nothing to do with rebates not being paid.

            Sorry, in those hearings, that I read did not say Hasslam approved such things and nor was he caught saying anything of such in those meetings. What you see there is senior staffers discussing, what they have done and said in those meetings.

            So let the time come, if it goes to trial and Hasslam is found guilty or not.

            I do not support criminal activity and nor am I an attorney. Neither are LG and ABrown.

            I do read well Abrown, so show me where it says in those pages, that those are the words hasslam said. It, in fact didn’t have Hasslam saying anything. What it clearly states is words from others and what they say happened.

            Well lets see I blame the city of Cleveland for Modell pulling our team out of cleveland.

            If it happends again guess what there isn’t 1 thing you LG or you Abrown “turd” can do about it but cry about it.

            ENRON my A$$! talk about someone that can’t read well.

          • LG

            LMFAO, that is hilarious ForeverABrowns fan. ENRON financed a bunch of Turbine Engines to generate power. Big Land Base Power generation Turbines. Then stuck it to everyone. GE took a big hit. PCC Airfoils took a Big hit and a lot of people were laid off. But I guess that was OK……

          • ABrown

            It’s always fun when someone has no recourse in an argument besides irrational insults.

            The overall problem with Enron is that they schemed to charge more than the fair market price and what they were entitled to for their product — through fraud.

            This is the second time Haslam has been linked to the same kind of fraud.

            In 2008 Attorney Generals from several states hit hard by Hurricane Ike went after Haslam for charging excessively high prices that were not justified by the market and they made it stick and Pilot had to pay huge fines to each state.

            Now we have a case where it was sales and billing policy to promise rebates for buying Pilot fuel and then not paying and defrauding customers out of millions of dollars by charging more than the agreed upon price. The purpose of the rebate ruse was to hide the fraud. Independent truckers were hit especially hard with this scheme.

            Finally, back in 2005, the Department of Labor followed up on Pilot employee complaints and found that Pilot was not paying contractually agreed upon overtime — again amounting to many millions of dollars. The company was again required to settle with employees under the oversight of the Dept of Labor.

            This is getting to be a long track record of not keeping promises for profit.

            What promises has Haslam made to the Browns, to the fans, and to the city of Cleveland?

  10. DawgPile

    Those same people that are pointing fingers at Haslam are cutting deals to get out of their own charges…hmmmm?

    Yeah LG, flame away.

    There’s no chance that this will blow up in your face.

    Like you’d care anyway, hiding behind that plastic keyboard and slandering a successful man like Haslam.

    • LG

      You don’t have to slam a man like Haslam he is doing a fine job all by himself.

    • ABrown

      Dawg Pile, what LG is writing about is national news and it’s magnified in the sports press.

      Bury your head in the sand if you want, but that won’t change the fact that the Browns’ owner and, because of him, the Browns have a problem.

    • ABrown

      Slander is something spoken; libel is something written down.

      But a “successful man” and a public figure like Haslam is almost impossible to libel. He’s like a politician that we can speculate about — especially when there is so much basis for the speculation, as there is in this case.

  11. jim

    foxsports has BIG convo going on about you. Its good reading check it out

    • LG

      Jim you are a piece of work that is what you are. I’m still waiting for you to show me the article where I used the 3 letter word you keep writing about …..Where is it????? Can’t produce it because you are full of it right????

      • jim

        you posted it so your as guilty as the writer and jumping in with two cents about e.d….theres a link to facebook on foxsports pointing to the snip pic(Snipper tool that takes pics of webpages) and its been turned in to yardbarker. Been informed by yardbarker it’s “under review”

        • LG

          Jim, you may want to consider getting some professional help. First of all if it is a comment someone left to an article, I am the one who puts the XX’s in it. Secondly, Fox sports have published much worse than this and their own writers write them. You should have seen a Tiger Woods article they had up. And thirdly as if I need to explain myself to you, Yardbarker has filters in place to discard any inflammatory language. Have a nice day Jim……Keep trying…..

  12. Bobby D

    I knew LG was a used car salesman.

    Jim thanks for reminding me about this FACT. LG didn’t you used to work at Arko auto sales in Eastlake? Thats right yopu did. You sold my neighbor a used grand am.

    What none of this is true?? Well then it is just as good as an LG article. Wait! No its better. There are no typos or glaring errors and just as much truth as most of LG’s slanted view. To keep in tradition of the LG thing McCoy would ahve been our savior this year. The ESPN website predicted that he would have been the 4th best QB in the league this year and that Weeden will be he 40th best.

    LOL. I hate 3rd shift

    • LG

      Bobby D, you were one of the first to come out against the new ownership and Weeden. You were able to see through things quickly. No we are seeing why. So stop with the used car salesman crap. And if I were a used car salesman I wouldn’t rip people off. I fail to see why people are so quick to jump on the Browns owner bandwagon. The guy is all about making money and taking it from people who have it coming back to them fro deals he made. SMH

      • ABrown

        LG, there’s a pattern here. You write information based on facts and your critics attack you based on lies — lies they KNOW they made up.

        And there is no limit to the lies they will tell and come to believe to support their favorite guys like Weeden and now Haslam.

        Can’t complete a pass over 20 yards? Your critics still love him and believe he can be the QB and thrive in a vertical passing game. Won’t even learn the play book? Your critics don’t care. So what if he loses us games? Your critics love him.

        Apparently can’t do business without cheating someone — multiple times in the last 8 years? LG’s critics don’t want to know about it. They want Haslam controlling our team and telling us what to believe and they believe him just like his customers and employees did until they learned that was a mistake.

        I wonder how much blind faith in Jimmy Haslam will ultimately cost the Browns fans.

        But when they find out how stupid they were, they’ll post here complaining that you might write “I told you so.”

      • Bobby D

        LG don’t get you panties in a bunch.

        I thought the whole used car salesman was pretty funny.

        I do think Weeden sux. I was one of the first back this summer to say the new owner was worse than the old.

        I have ripped on you from the get go mostly about grammar not content.

        Keep up the fine work, which is obvious based on the passion you bring out in people.

        Btw I am building a house in Eastlake.

        • LG

          Where at? I’ll stop by and maybe you and I meet at the Captains Club and tilt back a couple…..

  13. Leon II

    Wow! I have been trying to stay out of this “debate” since making one comment on this site after the story broke. However, The absolute absurdity of some of comments though should be addressed.

    1) When LG first reported the FBI/IRS raid against at Pilot Flying J Headquarters he took the position that it was a non-issue and was shocked that the FBI would be investigating the owner and company over failing to pay some rebates. It was myself and a few others who pointed out to him just how serious this could turn out to be. He really came across as having faith in Haslam and reluctant to believe he could be involved in anything significant.

    2) It was only as increasingly damning information has been released to the press that LG has become more critical of Haslam and the business practices of Pilot Flying J. I will be the first to admit that once LG makes his mind up on an issue he is at times over zealous with some of his statements. However, I actually get the impression the vehemence of his statements lately are a result of his frustration with being let down yet again.

    3) Haslam and Pilot Flying J is innocent until proven guilty but enough evidence has been presented to clearly indicate an investigation was warranted and it is highly likely charges will be brought against the company and at least some upper level executives. Whether it will reach up high enough to snag Haslam remains to be seen but even if the evidence isn’t solid enough against him for an indictment his reputation will be stained for quite some time.

    4) These types of cases happen all of the time unfortunately. The only reason this one made such significant headlines is due to the size of the company and that Haslam just purchased the Browns. If he wasn’t an NFL owner must of us wouldn’t have heard of it yet or maybe even ever.

    5) The NFL will not do anything to Haslam in relation to his ownership or control of the Browns until the case plays out. You might recall that Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. only ended up with a fine and was suspended from active control for one year for his involvement in the Edwin Edwards corruption case. Other subsequent legal issues forced him relinquish control of the 49ers to his sister whose family still owns/controls the team.

    6) You know I have looked for this “big” controversy about LG on Foxsports and Yardbarker and have yet to find anything. So if people want to reference it they really should provide a link so the rest of us can see what you are talking about. What I have found is a link on the Cleveland Sports 360 page to a petition for those two sports pages to stop linking to his site. What I find interesting about this is that LG has left the link to the petition up on HIS facebook page. The petition does mention a story LG wrote,, stating that “LG and others will call people homophobic slurs such as fXX”. I went back over the story and comments and the only thing I could find was this comment:

    jerry carnes
    6:12 pm on April 2, 2013
    your a fXX you must be sucking weedens dXXk too but someones got to do it since dumbass shurmer is gone

    Now you can argue that perhaps the moderator should not have let that one slip through but I don’t see where LG actually stated his agreement of the comment or voiced similar homophobic views himself.

    • LG

      Leon, I was unaware that someone posted the link on my face-book page. It is gone now thanks to you for making me aware of it. Fox and Yardbarker won’t remove me because of some stupid petition. They actually enjoy my articles. As far as letting a comment through, I try to be fair with everyone. If someone uses inappropriate language, I am the one who places the XX’s in the words. I try not to have anything that could be considered as discrimination of people. If the language is really offensive, I would just trash it. I placed some XX’s in your comments. I try not to swear on the Internet, not on face-book and not on here either. Kids could see it. I will admit I might have lost my cool on FB before but some of these people can drive you to the point…..

  14. jim

    what lg no balls to keep your comment posted last night on foxsports….. couldn’t baby leave it posted? what was you afraid of? wait you can’t filter people on there like you do here. i know they are several comments from me and others that you don’t post. its easy to hide behind a keyboard and talk crap… your a bully plan and simple, guess what you will piss the wrong one off one day…

    • LG

      Jim, Get yourself some professional help. First of all I never left any comment on FOX sports last night. I did one this afternoon. And trust me PAL, I don’t take my comments down once I post them…If it is indeed missing it didn’t come off by me…..

    • ABrown

      jim, LG posts all kinds of trash, even baseless attacks on himself, here that he has no obligation to post and that many of us have asked him to take down.

      He doesn’t do that because he believes strongly in freedom of speech and discussion.

      While people like you rant and rave and make fools of yourself trying to deny LG the right he allows you the freedom to exercise.

      The problem, jim, is that you don’t have the intelligence or integrity to use that right responsibility. You turned free speech into free idiocy and rudeness.

      You are the one who lacks male organs because you post here with no accountability at all, like a little boy playing with the phone, and you try to hide behind fake names and multiple personalities.

      A coward and a bully? Jim, that’s who you are.

  15. ForeverABrownsFan

    LG your a lonely pittifull mama’s boy. ENRON did not get caught by depriving rebate checks.

    Try inside trading, laundring money, and on and on.

    Laugh all you want but the truth is I really don’t care about you or Abrown “turd”

    Again your off the mark and off your rocker.

    Wipe the stuff off your chin and use some mouth wash. LOL

    • LG

      Hey, I knew people who were effected by the Enron scam. I worked in the Airfoil industry and I remembered the scams they pulled. They ripped off a ton of money by bad financing of Turbine Engines. You say what you want too, you are going to do that anyways. But eh center of the scam was the financing of these turbine engines.

      • ForeverABrownsFan

        again, nothing to do with with holding rebate checks lol

        • LG

          You are right.

    • ABrown

      Glad you are a fan of ABrown, ForeverABrownsFan, but in an argument, when you shift into silly name-calling, you lose.

      The issue here is fraud — lying to people in order to steal their money and hide your theft. You can call it a “rebate” problem to try to make it sound trivial, if you want, but that won’t make it go a way.


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