In Cleveland, the fans are sick and tired of the Brandon Weeden failed experiment. The fans are hoping that all the reported Tim Tebow sightings mean the Cleveland Browns are close to signing the quarterback to bring him in to resurrect the Browns offense.

The last time I searched for the whereabouts of Tebow, reports had him on  a family vacation in Hawaii. Yet, major television networks in the Cleveland area say Tebow was in town yesterday. Some say he went to the Cleveland Clinic and fans were hoping that was to take a physical to become a Cleveland Brown.

Rumors say that Browns CEO Joe Banner made an offer to Tebow and he passed is by. Banner tried to low ball Tebow and the rumors say Tebow walked away from the team’s offer.

The fans are jumping off the Brandon Weeden ship, even die-hard Weeden supporters are sick and tired of seeing Weeden making the same bone headed mistakes he was making in his rookie season.

In the next 2 games, the Browns face a couple of tough opponents. First they travel to take on the Green Bay Packers. Even with Clay Matthews being out with injury, the Packers can still bring a pass rush.

Then it is off to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs who sacked Terrell Pryor 10 times in their last game. Weeden would be a marked man. If the Browns would sign Tebow,  at least they would have a QB that would be able to elude the pass rush.

Is Tebow coming to join the Cleveland Browns? It’s hard to say, but if the fans had their way he would already be the Browns starting quarterback.


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Readers Comments (17)

  1. Chad

    Seriously….Tebow?! Lord help us no! He certainly is not the answer! I mean even Jacksonville refused to pick him up from his home state. Look at the issues they are having. Neither Weeden nor Campbell are any good, but neither are any if the few remaining free agent qb’s out there.

  2. marty

    LG, first of all Green Bay is very thin at wide receivers because of injuries. Their defense has injuries.Packers are at a vunerable point.On ther other hand we have Weedon, Green Bay’s best offensive weapon.I can’t see Chud’s understanding that the Brown’s have no other choice. It’s a damn shame to charge that much for a ticket and put the wizard of oz’s STRAWMAN to lead this team. There are fans that write in and say it was a team loss. How much time do you want the defense to stay on the field? Weedon will never be a driving force in a win.

    • LG

      Even though the packers are weak they will get to Weeden. AJ Hawk had a great game last week.

      • Jstone

        No kidding.. what, are we to expect Ogbonnaya to pick up Hawk?

        • LG

          Gonna be something if they don’t fix it

  3. muttklingon

    browns need TEBOW AT Q.B.!!!! muttklingon

  4. Jim V

    No he wouldn’t! He would be standing on the sidelines learning from Weedon! Isn’t that how our coaching staff works?

  5. AL

    Right now I really don’t think the fans would care if Chud suited up and took over QB at least there would be a legitament excuse , Weeden is the sand bag holding the balloon from rising and at this point Chud is runner up !

  6. Buckeye1717

    I love your “rumors say” stuff, like Banner lowballed him. They are rumors that you are making up. No chance the Browns sign him or want to sign him.

    • LG

      First off you have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t make stuff up, I don’t have to. This team is made up of enough crap that takes place it is worse than a soap opera why would I have to make stuff up

      • Buckeye1717

        I will give you $1000 if you can prove that Banner made any offer to Tebow. No way it happened. The “low ball” thing, you completely made that up.

        • LG


  7. Rod

    Bring in Troy Smith. Can’t be any worse than Winless Weeden.

  8. Jrustyo

    We gave Weeden a chance and he is clearly not the future we had hoped for.

    If anyone thinks Tebow is an upgrade then please reach out to Denver, the Jets or New England and ask them what they think of Tebow. No arm strength, very slow decision making and at best a running QB with moderate speed.

    We maybe desperate but not that desperate.

  9. jackrabbit21

    Can anyone name ONE GAME where Weeden made the difference? In other words, did he EVER come through in a clutch situation with the game on the line? As far as what I can remember is, NO.

    Now, how many games did Weeden blow it? Too many to count.

    The only reason I can think of why they ever held on to this guy is….. to get high in the draft and get Manziel.

    As far as Tebow? Well, I can remember Tebow coming through for Denver. Tebow might not have played QB the traditional way, but at least he WON games. And he WON games in clutch situations. Just ask the Steelers.

  10. Big Duke

    This smells like Mike Lombardi flop!! Was Lombardi also involved in helping to sign that WR with a torn ACL?!?!?!

    Re: Tebow, if the Browns can convince him to become a running back, then it might be a decent signing, but doubt he’d change positions. What about re-signing Tim Couch if Lombardi can convince Couch to leave his career being a Wal-Mart check-out cashier.

  11. jrustyo are out of your furry little mind if you really feel Tebow has a history as a winner. He had a freakishly lucky run at Denver then got blown out and exposed for the inept QB he was.

    Stay with me..Denver, NJ and NE dumped him. He has no place in the NFL as a QB and has shown no ability to perform in any other position. He isn’t the first College player to bomb out in the pros (Think Weeden)but why compound our problems with taking a flyer on Weeden?

    How about focusing on a defense that suddenly can’t seem to hold anyone in check? We know Weeden is a mess but let’s spread the blame around to the defense and RB’s as well.


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