The Browns fans have reached their last straw. Seeing Pat Shurmur let his team lose to the Indianapolis Colts was more than the great people of the City of Cleveland could handle. The die-hard fans got a glimpse of a pissed off Jimmy Haslam III from the owners box at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis when the Browns were trying to score the game winning touchdown only to see the targeted receiver drop the ball. The good people of Cleveland are calling for action from the Browns new billionaire owner. The fans want Pat Shurmur fired as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

If Haslam is listing to the fans, he can hear the screams of that's enough. The play calling the Browns head coach uses during the games is just not getting it done. The fans can see the problems for the Cleveland Browns comes from the team's head coach. Nothing would make the fans happier than to see Jimmy Haslam make a move to replace the team's head coach. Sure it would be like starting over for the team. The fans I have talked with don't care they want action and they don't want to wait for Shurmur to be evaluated at the end of the season, they say they have seen more than enough to know Pat Shumur isn't the guy to lead the Cleveland Browns where the team should be.

The Cleveland Browns are 1-6 under the direction of Shumur, the fans say this is the wrong direction and the team has far too much talent to have a record this bad. Since Shurmur has taken over the head coaching job of the Cleveland Browns his record is  5-18. The fans are tired of this guys poor performance and they want a change and they want it now. The main problem is Shurmur has now fire to get his team motivated. His attitude is rubbing off on the players and he offers no inspiration. Some fans say they can even imagine a 330lbs guy listening to anything Pat Shurmur says and take him seriously.

This head coach has lost his team and the fans want Jimmy Haslam III to make a change now. They want a head coach that can bring some fire to this team....

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