All it has taken is one statement from Joe Banner about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden to throw the ms-informed fans in Cleveland into a Weeden frenzy. Joe Banner did not say Brandon Weeden is going to be the Browns starting quarterback in the 2013 season. What Banner said was, ” The Brown are going to give Brandon Weeden every chance to be the Browns starting quarterback.” “The rest will be up to Brandon Weeden.”

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of the 29-year-old quarterback, who turns 30 shortly after the season starts. Weeden didn’t win the approval of the Browns new owner, or the front office the team has in place this season. As a matter of fact the Browns general manager, Michael Lombardi has made public statements about his dis-like for Weeden. Lombardi said The Rookie. Quarterback Was a disaster. He was lost on the field.

Taking everything into consideration, you cannot view any of these statements about Weeden as a major endorsement. Weeden has a ton of work to do. He has to not only perform under the pressure of the microscope that will be focusing in on him, he has to learn an entirely new offensive scheme this season. Weeden couldn’t even learn the old offense that was simplified for his abilities, or should we say lack of abilities?

No one is going to hand Brandon Weeden the keys to the Cleveland Browns offense at all. People can talk all they want about him being the starting quarterback in 2013 all they want too. Until the first week of the NFL season gets here and Brandon Weeden lines up behind center don’t believe it. That is not what Joe Banner said. Weeden had a shot at it, but if they don’t see a major improvement over the play they saw coming out of Weeden last season. He will not be the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback.

After all, can anyone blame the Browns brass for how they feel. Weeden took his first sack on the field by the American Flag…. It was then that anyone who knew anything about football knew the Browns were in trouble with this draft pick……


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  1. mike mikovich

    Larry Larry larry… every coach and gm says this about all of their Players.. every year is a competition

    • LG

      Mike, Funny you should say; “every coach and gm says this about all of their Players.. every year is a competition.” I have not heard John Fox or John Elway say that. I have not heard Belichick say that. I have heard Jerry Jones and the Cowboys say that. I have not Harbaugh and the 49ers say it. I have not Heart the Ravens, the Steelers of the Bengals say it. What do you meant they all say it? Obliviously they don’t all say it……

      • Dan Dyer

        LG…is that all you want to write about is how awful you feel Weeden is? Your articles, or should I say opinions, are full of hate and don’t employ any facts.
        If you listened to what Chud and Norv said about Weeden at the combine then you would have heard them say that he had an ordinary rookie season and that they were excited to work with him. Chud also stated that from the tapes he watched he can make every throw that needs to be made to be a NFL quarterback.
        You want to post your opinions through statements made by Lombardi, who everyone thinks is the weakest link in this new regime. Isn’t he the one that cut Kosar? Didn’t his expert QB analysis lead the Raiders into spending millions of $ on #1 pick Jamarcus Russell? This bum has no idea how to evaluate a QB!!
        I’ll form my opinions on Weeden through statements made by real QB guru’s such as Chud and Norv. You can keep forming yours from a guy who hasn’t been in the NFL in years and the last time he was drafted possibly the biggest QB bust EVER!!

        • LG

          That’s funny Dan. When I heard Chud talking about Weeden on tape, he said he couldn’t evaluate him from from the film he watched. He said he will be interested to see if Weeden could do the things he was asked to do when he asked him to do it. So I must have missed the one you are talking about.

        • tigersbrowns2

          good post DAN …

        • ABrown

          Dan, at the combine, Chud is talking to sell Weeden, not as our starter, but to another team, as their QB of the future.

          What are you going to say about a used car you want to sell? “It’s great for short commutes” or Every time you head out for the open highway it breaks down”?

          And in making draft picks, everyone makes mistakes, but the very best way to recognize a bust is to have drafted one. The thing no one really looked at was Jamarcus Russell’s unwillingness or lack of ability to learn the play book, watch film, and become a student of the game, along with his overall work ethic.

          That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And what have we heard about Weeden’s off season workouts?

          • dan dyer

            Since you missed it, or just commented on the parts that would help you bash Weeden I’ll post it for you:

            Browns coach Rob Chudzinski is excited about quarterback Brandon Weeden and thinks he can improve under coordinator Norv Turner, but he’s still not ready to commit to him as his starter, and is open to all possibilities at the position.

            When Chudzinski was asked specifically at the NFL Combine on Friday if he’d listen to trade offers for Weeden and Colt McCoy, he didn’t rule it out.

            “We’re looking to improve our team in any areas, by any means of doing that,” he said.
            In the event Weeden is deemed the best option, would Chudzinski feel comfortable with that?

            “Whoever our starter is, I’m going to be comfortable with,” he said.

            Asked if another change is in the offing, he said: “Some of those things are hard to say. We need to get out on the practice field. We need to get into the meetings, get into the installs and evaluate him. We’re going to put the best guy on the field that gives us the best chance to win.”

            As for owner Jimmy Haslam’s comments at the Super Bowl that the Browns will have competition at the position this year, Chudzinski said that could mean someone new, or not.

            “We have three guys here that provide competition and we’ll leave it open to whatever happens in terms of any other possible scenarios,” he said. “We’re going to look at everything, every possibility to try to make the team better. I’m excited about Brandon. Obviously Colt [McCoy] has been here, has won games, has some unique abilities himself that I’m excited about.
            “Again, getting all those guys in the building and [seeing] what they can do and being around them and really getting a chance to really evaluate them. You can look at tape and evaluate tape, but until you’re around guys, until you understand when you’re asking them to do certain things and seeing how they react to that and how they react on the field and how they play ultimately is what decides how far they can go.”
            Chudzinski acknowledged that he thinks Weeden can blossom under Turner, who has a knack for bringing out the best in quarterbacks, such as Troy Aikman, Smith, Gus Frerotte and Philip Rivers.

            “Weeden’s got a skillset that you’re excited about and I have all the confidence in the world that Norv will get Brandon to improve and ultimately it’s going to be on Brandon or on any player what they put it into and how much they commit to it,” Chudzinski said. “That’s going to be the difference.”

            Chudzinski has seen things on film that make him believe Weeden, 29, can flourish in his vertical, downfield passing game.

            “He has a really good arm, he can throw the ball, he can make all the throws that you need to throw, he has a good, calm poise and demeanor in the pocket,” Chudzinski said. “Again, he was up and down a little bit and during the season as any young quarterback, or rookie quarterback especially is. You see some things that are there that get you excited about him.”

            He said he still considers Weeden young in terms of experience.

            “You have to look at him as a second-year player because that’s what he is in this league,” he said. “He had some ups and downs last season, but you saw progress as he went on. And all the quarterbacks, we’re going to challenge all of them. That’s the way we’re going to be with all our players, specifically the quarterbacks. I expect all of them to rise to the challenge and improve. I’m excited. You guys know the history of Norv and his work with quarterbacks. He’s done an unbelievable job with them, and I’m excited to get started with those guys.”

            Chudzinski is looking forward to seeing Weeden on the field in a veteran minicamp in April, before the draft, which is April 25-27.

            “(When you) put him in situations that as a quarterback are important, the two-minute drills, the third downs and the red zone and all those critical situations, that’s where you really get a chance to see him and evaluate him based on what you’re teaching them and what you’re emphasizing,” Chudzinski said.

          • LG

            I’ll bet he is excited.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, LG. I bet that part about having to work and learn the offense and perform in pressure situations like 3rd downs, red zone, and 2 minute drills made him really confident, since that’s what he’s never done well before.

            One thing to keep in mind is that when Chud talks about working with the quarterbacks, about the future, he’s talking about them in plural and naming Colt McCoy, but he never expresses any doubts about how hard McCoy will work.

      • still waiting

        LG, right or wrong…learn how to spell.

        • LG

          I am sure trying hard. What did I screw up this time?

      • Anonymous

        Right, LG, and here in Cleveland, I haven’t heard the coaches say that about Trent Richardson, Joe Thomas, or Joe Haden, have you?

        • LG

          No sir or Mam

      • The Old Coach

        LG – Funny, I was about to say the same thing, you just beat me to it! I guess we just don’t read enough boards eh?

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    LG please do not show this pic again. I still have that sick feeling I got when Joe Theisman broke his leg, looking at that photo LOL.

    • LG

      LOL I hear ya…

  3. RICK

    Work it LG LOL

  4. muttklingon

    good too here that Weeden is still Q.B. FOR ARE BROWNS!

    • ABrown

      You haven’t heard it yet, muttklingon.

  5. tigersbrowns2

    mornin’ LG …

    no, we are not hearing any “endorsements” … and we are also not hearing anything that says weeden DEFINITELY won’t be the starter or even be here next year.

    and who said “no way is he the starter” ?? banner or you ??

    • LG

      I put that part in TB2 because he is not the starter yet.

      • Tom Wynne

        Unless Nick Foles or Alex Smith die and go to hell(ahem…come to Cleveland)…better odds that Weeden gets the nod over Colt”my daddy says I’m better’ Mccoy….

        • ABrown

          Dan, in your response to LG’s article you said “Your articles, or should I say opinions, are full of hate and don’t employ any facts.”

          That’s not true of LG’s articles. But Tom gave us an example of what hate without facts looks like:

          “Colt ‘my daddy says I’m better’ McCoy”

          Thanks, Tom.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    banner has been quoted as saying …

    “we see potential that we’re going to try to work with and see what it’s going to develope into. some of that is just going to come from how bad he wants it. so i think we’ll know a lot more than we know now shortly.”

    • ABrown

      How bad DOES Weeden want it? That’s one of the biggest questions I have about Weeden, too. And the answer isn’t what he says but what he does and what he’s doing right now.

      And the other big question the coaches and management want answered is can he learn from coaching and improve his play and eliminate his mistakes enough to deserve to start. He was pretty bad at not fixing mistakes last year, even when he knew exactly what his mistakes were and talked about them to the press.

      Will he work? Is he coachable? Can he get any better?

      When coaches and management are asking these questions about a player after a year in the league, he’s got a lot to prove before he gets anywhere close to starting.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi ABROWN … i believe he gets better. but that’s just me.

      • RICK

        I don’t know or you what he’s doing right now unless you have inside information the rest of us dont have.Maybe he’s working on the playbook with his wife for all I know.We will see how bad he wants it soon though.

    • Old Coach

      The key word here is “potential”. Lots of players have had it……..and never lived up to it.

      • ABrown

        Absolutely, and whether anything comes of that potential depends on how hard they work and how much they want to succeed.

  7. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … per your request …

    - oct. 17 , 2010 vs. pitt
    trailing 21-10 late in 4th qtr … throws int deep in their own territory.
    they go on to lose 28-10.

    - nov. 21 , 2010 vs. jax
    browns trail 24-20 with :13 left on the jax 29 yard-line … throws int.
    browns lose 24-20.

    - dec. 26 , 2010 vs bal
    browns trail 20-10 with 5:00 to go … 2nd & 10 on ravens 27 yard-line … throws int … browns lose 20-10.

    - sept. 11, 2011 vs cin
    browns trail 27-17 late in 4th qtr … throws int … browns lose 27-17.

    - oct. 2, 2011 vs ten
    browns trail late in 3rd qtr 24-6 … have 1st & 10 at ten 29 yard line … throws int … returned 97 yards for a td … browns lose 31-13.

    - oct. 16 , 2011 vs oak
    trailing 17-7 with 3 mins. left in 3rd qtr mccoy fumbles deep in his own territory … leads to oakland td (24-7) … browns lose 24-17.

    - oct. 30th 2011 vs sf
    trailing 17-3 late in the 3rd qtr … 2nd & 7 at sf 34 yard line … int …
    browns lose 20-10.

    - nov. 6 , 2011 vs hou
    browns trail 21-3 with :12 left in 3rd qtr … browns in hou territory … throws int returned for 42 yards leading to a fg … browns lose 30-12.

    - nov. 27 , 2011 vs pit
    start of 4th qtr … browns leading 20-17 … throws int that leads to game tying fg … browns lose 23-20.

    - dec. 2011 vs bal
    trailing only 7-0 with :47 left in the 1st half … throws int that leads to a fg before the half … browns lose 24-10.

    now , before you weeden-bashers bring-up all of weeden’s mistakes … don’t bother … we are all aware of them. this post was to show mccoy made critical mistakes too.

    • RB

      Well said TB2.

      A lot of people forget how bad McCoy looked behind center in 2011.

    • ForeverABrownsFan

      Now time stamp all of 2012 season

      • Bob

        lol – good one

  8. Eric

    The 2012 Cleveland Browns offense was NOT
    simplified for Weeden’s abilities. It was NOT made for him at all. He was up under center most of the time instead of back where he could see the field better. Lets see how he does in 2013 with a coach that can put him in a better offense.

    • tigersbrowns2

      good observation ERIC …


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