When it comes to football in Cleveland, the Browns have some of the best fans in the NFL, those fans are sending mixed messages after the team laid an egg on the field in Indianapolis. Some fans back Brandon Weeden no matter how he performs, other fans see things the way they are when it comes to Weeden as the team’s quarterback.

As you can see from the headline, some fans aren’t too impressed with the way Weeden performed against the Colts. He missed wide open receivers and he failed to lead his Browns into the end-zone. People want to blame it all on the dropped passes the team had.

Sure there were some drops in the game, the problem is Weeden doesn’t ever put a touch on the ball. He fires everything into the receivers like it is a fastball. Sometimes Weeden needs to take a little off the ball. Other quarterbacks that are successful in the NFL are able to do it.

A lot of fans see that Weeden has improved somewhat this season. The problem is when Weeden faces any pressure he folds. He is afraid to take the hits that go along with being an NFL quarterback. The minute he faces pressure the guy falls apart.

The fans that know football and have watch Weeden, think the Browns are going to be off to another losing season if the team continues to start Brandon Weeden at quarterback. One fan said “give a monkey a type writer and sooner or later even he will spell a word.”

Sure Weeden has some ability to be a quarterback, but many don’t see him being an NFL quarterback. The fact of the matter is the Browns are stuck with Brandon Weeden. The coaching staff wasn’t happy with Weeden when they took over the team.

If there was a top quality quarterback in the 2013 NFL draft, you can bet the Browns would have taken him. This was a weak draft, that is why the team has placed some draft picks in the bank for the 2014 draft.

The powers to be knew the team was stuck with Weeden and they knew there wasn’t much talent at the QB position in the 2013 draft. Another fans says, “the Browns will get to 1-4 on the season before they bench Weeden.”

This may be true and if it is, you can bet Weeden won’t be in Cleveland for the 2014 season. The team should have never named him the starter. They should have waited until after the Colts game. But they didn’t and now we see the real Brandon Weeden.

He isn’t a very accurate quarterback and the Browns new regime is going to see it as time goes on.


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  1. Luke49

    You have become such a harpy about Weeden. Give it a rest.A good passing game requires a good running game. The running game sure wasn’t there Sat. nite’ When the defense can continually pressure the QB , and the OLine can’t offer adequate protection the passing game won’t go well. The main measure of a poor passing performance by the QB is interceptions,and or fumbles. Weeden had neither. The problem sat. nite wasn’t was the BROWNS did not play well. Including but not confined to Weeden. If the Browns are going to have a QB in this league it seems apparent he must protest himself when his protection breaks down. I don’t want the QB to stand in there and take unnecessary hits. He can’t help if he is on the sidelines or in the hospital. Mingo is sidelined because of the bruising nature of NFL contact. Our QB”s don’t need that, nor anyone else for that matter. Try getting hit by those guys and see what you do afterward when they come at you with a full head of steam.. One bad preseason game doesn’t ruin the season for the team or the QB unless there are too many key injuries, as in the previous two wins. Didn’t look too good Sat nite, but get ready for the taste of crow as the Browns and Weeden progress thru the season.

    • LG

      Um, nothing was there Saturday night….

    • Don

      The Browns need a run blocker to open holes for T Rich. Being able to run the ball would take the pressure off of a less then mediocre quarterback.

      • LG

        Vickers is available why they don’t sign him is anyone’s guess…..

        • Jeff

          Because he had back surgey…and back surgey for any football player….especially a full back who has to throw his body full force at people is not a good thing…he would never stay healthy…in fact he may retire soon

          • LG

            Jeff I juts had LV on my show and he is fine. He thinks he has five more years in him to play….

          • jeff

            I have my doubts. of course he is going to say he is fine. Can we agree LG that trying to play pro football after back surgery would be a very large up hill battle?

          • LG

            Others have done it and his back surgery was very minor…

    • KC

      To have a good passing game you need a good quarterback, Weeden is not a good QB

      • LG


  2. Don

    I saw in the Colts game what happens to Weeden when the defense puts pressure on him. he stares down his receivers. He does not look over the field. The ball is snapped and he already knows who he is going to throw the ball to. He just wants to get rid of the ball. The Browns could cut Weeden today and I would bet no team would pick him up. Norv Turner is a good coach but when a quarterback is scared to death of taking a hit it does not matter how good the coach is. As for me I am waiting for next year. I hope the Browns have a top 10 pick so they can finally get a franchise quarterback.

  3. Ace521

    LG you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

  4. Old goat

    Weedhead played up to his potential, that is what is sad but true. Chud should have waited, but now is the time to act send Weedhead to the CFL for some maple bars and a hockey puck. The browns continue to flounder. Some say it is the pre-season. But if you are okay with losing in the pre-season then you will be ok with losing during the season. The new coaches should have sent Weedhead down the road long before this.

  5. muttklingon

    it better browns to lose game’s in the preseason . than real season game’s. players get swell heads. not a good thing. now the real season . will play harder . to win games. .. mutt m Klingon.


    Brandon Weeden is not the QB answer for the Browns. For those that often tried in the offseason to compare him to Andrew Luck, I hope they saw the clinic Luck put on for Weeden. He embarrassed Weeden!
    Weeden is a 30 year old sport transfer with little skills for the NFL. His arm is strong but very inaccurate. He has no touch on the ball. Puts no air under the ball. He throws wide. He throws high. He stares down receivers. He’s lead footed and can’t help himself when the pocket breaks down. He succumbs to pressure badly when it’s in front of him. Weeden lacks a myriad of both tangibles and intangibles to play in the NFL.
    If Weeden was a young man then maybe he would be a project worth keeping. However, as a soon to be 30 year old baseball failure looking for a backup sport, he simply is “not” the answer for the Cleveland Browns at quarterback.
    Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi will indeed be looking for a quarterback in the 2014 draft. It was a good move by Joe Banner to stockpile some extra picks for next year’s draft. He anticipated needing them and he is already being proven quite correct.

  7. Stiv Marley

    I was waiting for it! First two pre-season games you had nothing to say. You bashed the Haslem. Now that Weeden had a poor game it’s his turn again. Never anything positive ! ! ! Don’t give me that crap about “the Truth”,
    “I report Sports”. How about some positives, like great co-ordinators, or the D-line looks strong this year, or Josh Gordon is going to have a breakout year. The problem is that we are so use to losing, that’s all we want to talk about. Start changing the atmosphere by talking about the “POSITIVE”.
    P.S. – If you can’t be a bit more positive, I suggest stick to selling cars.

    • LG

      The coordinators looked good? What game did you watch Saturday night? As far as the other two games go I wrote about them too. I suggest it is you who only responds to the negative articles…..

  8. leo donato

    where is colt mccoy? he was and still is a better nfl quarterback than weeden!!

    • LG

      Colt McCoy was just named the back up quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers….Harbaugh said McCoy is his guy……Imagine that he couldn’t play in Cleveland bit he can play for a super bowl contender in San Francisco……

      • RICK

        I heard they were looking to trade him because of his crappy preseason. Are you sure he’s the backup?

      • RICK

        LG, There’s a difference from playing and setting the bench. Looks like he will be sitting the bench again this year.

        • LG

          Yes, there is a huge difference. It is much more difficult to come into the game off the bench. There were a lot of people as you know that said he wouldn’t even make the team….

        • jackrabbit21


          I respect your comments, but 49ers already had their starter. Colt was never in the running to be starter for the 49ers. Going to the 49ers is probably the best move for McCoy, so he can finally get the proper training and encouragement from a team that wants to WIN. I read this was his last year on his contract, so probably getting coached under Harbaugh this year will help him next year or in the future to get the opportunity to be a starter again.

          For all we know, Colt may have wanted to be traded because of the Browns brain trust. Who knows.

          As far as not performing well the first 2 preseason games. Well, the first game he barely played because he injured his neck. The second game was kind of weird seeing him trade off with Tolzien. Maybe there was a good reason, but I would think that would be hard for a QB to get his momentum trading off possessions like that. Also, this is like his 3rd coach in 4 years, so once again, he has to learn a new offense and I hear the 49ers offense can be difficult to pick up. Kaep was back up for a full year and a half before he got his chance.

          Back to Weeden. First games he played well. It’s still preseason. I’ll give him a chance. I don’t think he is the answer, but I hope he proves me wrong. My advice to Weeden… Keep your mouth shut, you always put your foot in your mouth

      • dan dyer

        don’t forget to mention that he was named the back-up after he agreed to a 50% pay cut

        • LG

          Shows what a team player he is doesn’t it Dan?

          • jackrabbit21

            Okay, I’ll try again…

            Dan, you need to check your facts. McCoy restructed his contract. He will make $630, 000 plus $870, 000 in game bonuses, which brings him to where he was. In other words, he gets an additional $54, 375 per game.

            Nice try trying to put down McCoy in a suddle way after WEEDEN sucked and went back to his “creature of habit ways.” Lol. Same ol’ Weeden.

        • jackrabbit21

          Dan, you need to check your facts. McCoy restructed his contract. He will make $630, 000 plus

          • LG

            That is not a bad pay day at all if you ask me Jackrabbit21….. Hey should I know who you are? Bring On Back

          • jeff

            I dont understand you guys. You bad mouth weeden but colt was NO BETTER. That dude would stare down receivers as well. The pic he threw against the titans 2 years ago was terrible. Not to mention the one in the Miami game also. The only thing that colt could do better then weeden is scramble. THATS IT…..colt mckoy is basically what happens if you take the genes of charlie fry and brady quinn and put them together.


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