When it comes to football in Cleveland, the Browns have some of the best fans in the NFL, those fans are sending mixed messages after the team laid an egg on the field in Indianapolis. Some fans back Brandon Weeden no matter how he performs, other fans see things the way they are when it comes to Weeden as the team's quarterback.

As you can see from the headline, some fans aren't too impressed with the way Weeden performed against the Colts. He missed wide open receivers and he failed to lead his Browns into the end-zone. People want to blame it all on the dropped passes the team had.

Sure there were some drops in the game, the problem is Weeden doesn't ever put a touch on the ball. He fires everything into the receivers like it is a fastball. Sometimes Weeden needs to take a little off the ball. Other quarterbacks that are successful in the NFL are able to do it.

A lot of fans see that Weeden has improved somewhat this season. The problem is when Weeden faces any pressure he folds. He is afraid to take the hits that go along with being an NFL quarterback. The minute he faces pressure the guy falls apart.

The fans that know football and have watch Weeden, think the Browns are going to be off to another losing season if the team continues to start Brandon Weeden at quarterback. One fan said "give a monkey a type writer and sooner or later even he will spell a word."

Sure Weeden has some ability to be a quarterback, but many don't see him being an NFL quarterback. The fact of the matter is the Browns are stuck with Brandon Weeden. The coaching staff wasn't happy with Weeden when they took over the team.

If there was a top quality quarterback in the 2013 NFL draft, you can bet the Browns would have taken him. This was a weak draft, that is why the team has placed some draft picks in the bank for the 2014 draft.

The powers to be knew the team was stuck with Weeden and they knew there wasn't much talent at the QB position in the 2013 draft. Another fans says, "the Browns will get to 1-4 on the season before they bench Weeden."

This may be true and if it is, you can bet Weeden won't be in Cleveland for the 2014 season. The team should have never named him the starter. They should have waited until after the Colts game. But they didn't and now we see the real Brandon Weeden.

He isn't a very accurate quarterback and the Browns new regime is going to see it as time goes on.


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