Gruden The Next Browns Coach There are no better fans in the NFL than the Cleveland Browns fans. They are some of the most emotional fans in the world. Now, with the Cleveland Browns looking for a new head coach that can lead the team into the play-offs and possibly further the fans are casting more votes for Jon Gruden over everyone else in the Cleveland Sports 360 poll.   The fans must have an emotional tie to Gruden from watching him as an NFL analyst for ESPN. They fail to realize that Jon Gruden is not the most successful football coach that ever walked on the face of the earth. The Cleveland Browns have one time to get this new hire right, should they waste a pick on Jon Gruden?

Looking back on Jon Gruden's head coaching career, one thing that sticks out that some fans may use as a reason to vote for him is the fact he won one Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2002. Don't forget people, the team sucked the following year and when Gruden took them to the Super Bowl and won, he just inherited the team from Tony Dungey who built the Tampa Bay Team.

Jon Gruden never took another team to the Super Bowl again. Tony Dungey took the Colts to the Super Bowl and won with them once. Dungey also had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the play offs 4 out of the 6 years he coached there. Dungey took the Colts to the play offs in each of the 7 years he coached in Indianapolis.  Jon Gruden never was able to produce the same kind of Tampa Bay team that Tony Dungey left him again. The Gruden led Buccaneers would never even win another play off game again under Jon Gruden's watch.

Greden was also the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1998-2001. While he was able to produce only 2 winning seasons in Oakland he never took the team to a Super Bowl. Gruden got his only Super Bowl win off the coat tails of Tony Dungey. He went to the big show once and never could reproduce the kind of season the Buccaneers had in 2002 again. You have to realize that Tony Dungy was a great NFL head coach and he is more responsible for Jon Gruden's only Super Bowl win than Jon Gruden is.

Gruden was fired from Tampa Bay and has been in the both since. Sure he talks a great game, he gets paid to do that. DO you really think he can come into a mess and straighten it out by himself?   If he could do that he would have been able to reproduce the great season the Buccaneers had in 2002. He could not and he was fired.

Take a coach like Tony Dungey, he is a guy that knows how to build a winner. He is a coach that made it to the post season more often than not. He is the guy that helped Jon Gruden win a super bowl.

Browns fans need to step back and look at the facts and realize that Jon Gruden may not be the great coach their emotions are telling them he is. A better fit and a better motivator of men would be Bill Cowher. Of course this is my humble opinion. SO be sure to cast your vote in the poll below. It means nothing to the Browns but it is fun to see who the fans think will be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns.....


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