Browns running back Trent Richardson only finished the 2012 season with 950 rushing yards. This has some fans concerned about the Browns first round pick from the 2012 NFL draft. It also has Browns senior editor Vic Carucci worried that Richardson will be labeled as a underachiever, if he doesn’t rush for over 1,000 yards in 2013.

To be fair to Trent, you have to remember he missed game 16 last season because of an ankle injury he suffered in-game 15 against the Broncos. Some are concerned because Richardson already is riding the injury train once again this season.

He missed the mini camps and it was because of a lower leg injury. Yes, the Browns drafted a guy at number 3 overall with leg problems. Yes, he missed the entire preseason last year and yes he only had 950 yards in 2012.

If T-Rich would have played in-game 16 in 2012, there is little doubt that he would have broken the 1,000 yard mark. In his story on the Browns website, Carucci uses Alfred Morris the guy who was taken in the 6th round of the 2012 draft as a comparison. Morrie rushed for 1,613 yards in 2012 and finished 2nd in the NFL in 2012.

Richardson finished 18th on the NFL rushing list and that has some people worried. What they should be worried about is Richardson’s ability to stay healthy. If he can do that and if he can play all 16 games he should break the 1,000 yard mark.

If he suffers another injury that keeps him from breaking the bench mark that great running backs are measured by, then yes, Carucci may have a valid point. Because of where Richardson was taken in the draft, he would be labeled as a underachiever.

Lets hope that is not the case. The Browns are going to need him to have a Banner year this season.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. muttklingon

    I MUTT KLINGON beleave in Trent Richarson will of cleveland browns will rushing for 1000. yard’s And BET!

  2. Thomas

    Of course he’ll break the 1000 yard mark. He is an elite stud running back when healthy. Why don’t the Browns sign the Pro Bowl Ravens free agent fullback to help pave the way?

  3. MPH

    I agree Trent needs to be more productive and more importantly stay healthy but to compare him to Morris is a joke. The Redskins running attack starts and ends with RG3 that’s who defenses game plan to stop. Mobile QB’s open up so much for the running backs. Vick in Atlanta is a prime example with Duckett and Dunn. Any RB will produce with Griffin as there QB. While Trent will continue to see 8 in the box.

    • Applebee McFridays

      Great comment MPH. Absolutely right. All I would add is that now that the NFC East has tape of the Redskins offense, Morris will not be as productive this year as he was last.
      Trent, on the other hand, will certainly benefit from a less predictable Browns offense and will unquestionably be better.


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