When the Browns signed Desmond Bryant in the first day of free agency, there was a lot of talk about his mug shot photo. Lets face it, it didn't do Bryant any justice, he looks like a giant dumb jock in the picture. His neck looks larger than his head. Bryant is no dummy, he could be the smartest guy on the Cleveland Browns football team. Before Bryant chose to attend Harvard over other colleges that were trying to recruit him, he had a 4.2 weighted grade point average and 1230 SAT score.

Bryant passed up playing college football at some great football schools to attend Harvard. He could have went to Duke, Florida A&M, or Towson State. He could have had an athletic scholarships from any of these other schools but he turned them all down. Bryant instead got an academic scholarship to attend Harvard. This guy went to an Ivy league school that doesn't offer any athletic scholarships and majored in economics and played 32 games in four seasons.

Bryant may be one player that knows how to put some of his money away for after football. He may lack some common sense  to being arrested for criminal mischief, which means he was being a 6′ 5″ nuisance at a neighbors house but other than that, he is one smart guy. I guess this is a prime example of the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover."

(Special Thanks to Jeremy for the real reason Bryamt was arrested, we had the wrong reason listed earlier.)

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