When the Browns signed Desmond Bryant in the first day of free agency, there was a lot of talk about his mug shot photo. Lets face it, it didn’t do Bryant any justice, he looks like a giant dumb jock in the picture. His neck looks larger than his head. Bryant is no dummy, he could be the smartest guy on the Cleveland Browns football team. Before Bryant chose to attend Harvard over other colleges that were trying to recruit him, he had a 4.2 weighted grade point average and 1230 SAT score.

Bryant passed up playing college football at some great football schools to attend Harvard. He could have went to Duke, Florida A&M, or Towson State. He could have had an athletic scholarships from any of these other schools but he turned them all down. Bryant instead got an academic scholarship to attend Harvard. This guy went to an Ivy league school that doesn’t offer any athletic scholarships and majored in economics and played 32 games in four seasons.

Bryant may be one player that knows how to put some of his money away for after football. He may lack some common sense  to being arrested for criminal mischief, which means he was being a 6′ 5″ nuisance at a neighbors house but other than that, he is one smart guy. I guess this is a prime example of the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

(Special Thanks to Jeremy for the real reason Bryamt was arrested, we had the wrong reason listed earlier.)

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  1. ABrown

    Good article, LG. When I first heard about signing Bryant, it made me wonder. But he was apparently considered the best DT available and Pro Football Focus had him rated as the 4th best DT in 2012 in causing problems for QBs.

    There’s a saying about how you can’t coach speed, meaning you can’t do anything as a coach to create speed, but you can certainly find great ways to use it. Intelligence works the same way. It can’t be created, but it’s great to work with.

    The Browns may have quietly just put some pieces in place for a great defensive front.

    But I’m still praying for a talented new CB anyway we can get him.

    • LG

      We better get a great CB otherwise I think we are in some trouble. The front 3 better hurry and get to the other teams QB

  2. RICK

    LG, Thats what I was telling you.He doesn’t look smart but the grades say he his. LOL

    • LG

      Hey you think he is smart enough to help Weeden learn the play book?

  3. RICK

    ABrown, I agree if we can get a good corner to help Haden out we should be pretty solid on defense.

  4. Jeremy

    He actually is smart enough to not drink and drive, as he was arrested for criminal mischief, which means he was being a 6′ 5″ nuisance at a neighbors house. But no mention of driving while intoxicated… But I’m sure that is Weeden’s fault, too.

    • LG

      Come on Jeremy, how can that be Weeden’s fault too? He wasn’t even there was he?

    • LG

      Thanks for the facts Jeremy I updated the story and gave you the credit….

  5. Leon II

    So far I like what the Browns have done in free agency. We had three non-QB major holes going into free agency – front 7 especially pass rush, TE, and CB. In the first 48 we addressed one of those in a decisive manner without dramatically overspending – front seven increasing the pass rusher on the line and among linebackers. We also addressed another need by adding a solid player without over spending – TE and are by all reports in a bidding war for a starter. That we haven’t addressed CB indicates they are expecting to fill that position in the draft which is extremely deep at that position.

  6. dan dyer

    LG-can’t believe nobody has commented on this yet, but you can correct me if I’m wrong. Did you seriously refer to Duke, Florida A&M, and Towson State as great football schools? And BTW, Weeden and his wife will do just fine learning the new playbook!

    • LG

      Better than Harvard don’t you think? A&M has some good players in this years draft.

      • dan dyer

        Better than Havard is one thing, but to refer to those 3 schools as great football schools is laughable!

        • LG

          You don’t think A&M is a good football school? They have had some great players come to the NFL from A&M….

          • dan dyer

            Who LG, enlighten me. Unlike you I actually research information before I associate my name and reputation with my comments.

            Since 2000, Florida A&M has had exactly 2 players drafted. JuJuan Seider in 2000 and Curtis Holcomb in 2011. Neither is currently in the NFL.

            Currently there are 2 Florida A&M players on an NFL roster. Kevin Elliot an undrafted 3rd string WR for the Bills and Brian Tyms an undrafted 4th string WR for Miami.

            Is this what you consider “great”? I believe it is. Now I can finally see why you feel so strongly about Colt McCoy. You have absolutely no idea what “great” is!

            Once again you displayed your ignorance for the facts. It feels so good to prove you wrong over and over and over again.

          • LG

            They have some great talented guys in the 2013 draft. I would take at least the line-backer they have with the 6th pick

          • dan dyer

            Just keep back-tracking. Just admit you made a stupid comment. Thank god you are not in charge of our draft, nobody from any of those 3 schools is worth our 6th pick…probably not even a pick in the 1st 3 rounds!

          • LG

            I don’t think I made a stupid statement at all. the point was those other schools have had more players go to the NFL than Harvard. Check it out your self….


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