Cleveland Browns corner-back Joe Haden took back to back pass interference calls in the game against the Detroit Lions. Those calls help the Lions score their first touchdown in the game. Haden known as a shut-down corner had a tough game against the Lions.

The Browns secondary has had their fair share of problems in the past. Haden doesn’t get tested as much as the corner back on the other side does. Haden’s reputation precedes him. NFL quarterbacks don’t seem to test him as much as they test the other players in the defensive secondary.

With two pass interference flags thrown against Haden, I would say he failed the test, the first flag was very questionable, the seconds one that took place in the end-zone was not. Haden grabbed the left arm of the intended receiver and he was caught. The flag helped the Lions score and just like that the Browns were losing the game.

Joe Haden made a lot out of covering Calvin Johnson, all week we hard Haden say he studied film and was going to be up for the task. It didn’t look like Haden had what it took to cover Johnson who was playing on a bad leg.

He tried and he couldn’t do it without grabbing and holding onto him. Haden was never the shut down corner people played him up to be. If you go back through the Cleveland Sports 360 articles and search for our Joe Haden articles, you would see we told you before Haden isn’t exactly what a shut down corner should be.

Maybe Haden is losing a step, who knows. But after the 2 back to back flags, I’ll bet he starts to get tested more often by the opposing team’s quarterbacks.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. ozymandais

    If teams want to test him let them Calvin Johnson is the Primier reciever in the NFL today. He is uncoverable. Considering the calls were both at least disputed and remember a tight end did most of the damage to us this game ive been saying it in many places but we don’t have the linebacker or large physical corner to match a strong tight end

  2. Luke49

    What are you telling us? Are you now saying that Weeden did not score all 34 points for the Lions like you said in your previous diatribe?He made a couple of bad plays, one was pretty dumb(the shovel PASS), but he was only sacked twice, and evidently the extra work getting the ball out faster worked to some extent. He still has plenty to work on as does the rest of the team. The Lions tight ends are virtually uncoverable unless the defender is 6’7″.We knew going in it would be tough. No excuses we have to get better all around. If you only look at the negatives it looks dismal , but if you look at the things the Browns did right it looks a little better.We need a better running attack. Weeden passed for more yards and completed more passes than the Lions QB, so some improvement with plenty of places to do better. Marty said to get the idiot out of Ohio. I’m afraid if we got rid of all the idiots in the stadium out of Ohio there might not be anyone left to turn out the lights. The seasons not over it might get better. Probably not in the next two or three weeks , but who knows?

    • LG

      We are telling you that He sucks and he will never be an NFL caliber QB. Period he stinks….You would have to work with him 5 years to get him up to speed…

      • Anonymous

        You may be right ,but right now he is playing better than Eli and some others in the NFL. Isn’t that a dismal picture.

      • 54CLEVELAND

        I agree! It’s time to end the “Bonehead” Weeden experiment. He’s closer to receiving social security than he is becoming a quality NFL quarterback.

  3. muttklingon

    who will be traded? on the browns team

  4. Anonymous

    This isn’t even a debate! every player has a bad game from time to time, Haden is (without a doubt!) a shut down corner PERIOD!!!

  5. Anonymous

    This article was very stupid… I’m not even going to dignify it with words…

  6. Anonymous

    So holding Calvin Johnson to 3 receptions and 25 yds…was a bad game for Haden just because of two flags? Boy, now I’ve read it all…

  7. Dee

    I don’t understand why you get to write this crap. Tell me one corner who has completely shutdown Calvin johnoson. Enough said

  8. Bert

    You suck. You are overpaid and cannot even shine Deion Sanders shoes.


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