Colt McCoy is still suffering the after effects of the hit to his head and hasn’t been able to practice for the Cleveland Browns. McCoy has given his all this season for the Browns and why risk serous injury to the young quarterback. It is time to sit McCoy down for the remainder of the season. The Cleveland Browns have nothing to gain by playing McCoy, it is not like the Browns have a run at making the play-offs.

Colt McCoy should not have been the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns this season. The Browns made a serous mistake and could have ended McCoy’s career prematurely.

To be a great NFL quarterback guys need time to learn. When the Browns had Bernie Kosar they had a veteran in Gary Danielson who helped develop Kosar. That’s the last time Cleveland had a great young quarterback. McCoy doesn’t have anyone to teach him the ropes in the NFL. McCoy doesn’t even have the proper protection of his offensive line. Why put McCoy back in this season?

Shurmur and company seem to think playing McCoy this season was a chance to evaluate him to see if McCoy is the Browns quarterback of the future. DO they really think this was a fair test? McCoy has receiver that would drop a vial of nitro for God’s sake. McCoy didn’t even have the support of a running game this season. Hillis picked a fine time to dump.

There is absolutely no good reason to rush McCoy back for the Browns this year, none. The Browns have three games left, 2 games against the best in the AFC north Baltimore and Pittsburgh. McCoy would be a sitting duck especially when Harrison returns to play the Browns in Cleveland. Why risk damaging McCoy? There is nothing good that can come out of playing McCoy without a supporting staff.

There were times this season I wondered if Shurmur was trying to get McCoy killed. If Shurmur were to do one thing right this season it would be sitting McCoy down and give him a fair chance next year. Something tells me that won’t happen….

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  1. Daniel jones

    who will notice shurmer is overmatched as a coach,are they still putting stupid in the water in Cleveland?

    • Bill Maltby

      thats what i have been saying. Shurmur is a joke as head coach. and i’ll tell him to his face. this team has no passion, fight, desire or enthusiasm. the only time they show up is one play a game, good tackle or something. they act like they won the game. the coaching staff is a joke from top to bottom. watch the bench during the game, they are waiting for Colt to get killed so they can pick a new guy next year. with them saying Colt was ok after the hit by Harrison if a flat out lie. The Head Coach was standing there watching the play and saw hit get lit up. he knew exactly what happen, i’ll tell him to his face he is a liar. the worst part is they think its ok. and no matter how many people write to the bosses they could care less. money covers everything. my christmas wish is “I wish Holgrem & Shurmur would read this?” 95% of the fans feel this way but they could care less.. From Bill Maltby, a die-hard fan since age 7 in 1963. this is by far the worst team since then, shame on you all..


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