Shumur still not naming backupBrowns coach Pat Shurmur held a press conference after Sunday practice, he talked about cutting receiver Carlton Mitchell and how proud he was about how Colt McCoy is handling the Q.B. quarterback situation. He still refuses to name McCoy as the Browns back up. When Shurmur was asked if the Browns could continue to hold on to all 4 quarterbacks Shurmur refused to answer the questions. He went on to say, maybe I know what I am going to do maybe I’m just not telling you…..

McCoy has out shined every quarterback in camp, Shurmur knows that and Shurmur said McCoy could only be one ankle injury away from starting. He won’t name McCoy the backup but yet he says McCoy could only be one ankle injury away from starting and a guy in that position needs to be ready to play at any time. Shurmur said the Browns are going to take until the last-minute to name the back. What he is waiting for is anyone’s guess.

Shumur must be stuck in the middle of a bad situation, there is plenty of talk coming out about him wanting the best possible players on the field come day one, yet he isn’t really doing that at the quarterback position. Shurmur went on to say he didn’t know how much playing time the first string players would get Thursday night in the Browns last preseason game. He said we may see some one’s on the field with some guys missing.

When asked about Brandon Weeden not being able to hold onto the football when facing pressure, he said it is something Weeden knows he should do and they are working on it. Asked about the two fumbles Montario Hardesty had, Shurmur said he was impressed with the things Montario has been able to do this year but it is hard to play a running back that can’t hold onto the football. The Browns are working on ball security with Weeden, they may want to work on it with Hardesty too.

Shurmur went on to say he thinks Trent Richardson is making strides in his recovering from Knee Surgery and didn’t commit to him for the Browns Opener against the Eagles, he did say we would see him out there soon.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. sam

    mcoy should be given chance the bottom line to win

  2. mike

    Colt can keep a play alive, Weeden is a pocket passer can’t scramble. If they don’t improve the O-line it’s going to be another 4-5 win season.Can’t win football games kicking field goals.


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