Rookie head coach Rob Chudzinski still not ready to name Brandon Weeden as the Team’s starting quarterback. Weeden looked good in his first preseason game. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner did a good job scripting plays that would keep Weeden from making mistakes.

Obviously, that isn’t enough for Chud to name Weeden as the team’s starting QB. Weeden still stared down receivers and lets face it the Rams defense wasn’t that good. Weeden will face a greater test come Thursday night when the Browns take on the Detroit Lions in their 2nd preseason game of the 2013 season.

The Browns are probably going to script plays that should continue to build Weeden’s confidence and keep him from making mistakes. If he can lead the team into the end-zone a few times in the game, it could give him the advantage over the other 2 quarterbacks in camp.

Weeden still face some consistency problems in camp. Turner came out and talked about those inconsistencies a little over a week ago. While some think Weeden is the man, he still isn’t showing enough to the Browns coaching staff to be named the starter.

Could he be named the starter before the start of the regular season? Sure, but I think a lot is going to depend on his performance in the last 3 preseason games. If he can continue to do things well and not make mistakes he could be the starting quarterback heading into the 2013 season.

But make no mistake about it. Chudzinski would have no problem changing quarterbacks once the season starts if Weeden fails to perform well.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. RW

    No one other than Brandon Weeden has even taken a snap with the first team since practice started. Chud doesn’t want his team to stop competing in practice.

    A coach doesn’t script plays for his offense to fail.

    Weeden will be your starter week 1.

    Where do you come up with this stuff.

    • LG

      You’re right they script the plays so it won’t fail….Isn’t that what I said?

      • RW

        You did, so why is that a Quarterbacks fault? Why does that mean a quarterback cant perform? I would call that good coaching if you can script a series or two so they don’t fail and gain some confidence?

        • LG

          Looks to me that it is much better coaching than we are used too in Cleveland. Lets hope in continues….

  2. Old goat

    Instead of scripting plays to help him from making mistakes, run plays from the playbook that test his ability as a NFL QB. He was supposed to have great arm strength, lets see him demonstrate that. I still maintain that weedhead is a wannabe that will fold like a tent under the slightest pressure. He ran away and hid from the Steelers last year with some fake injury. let him prove himself to be capable then I will give him a break, otherwise send him down the road before he does any more damage to the browns.

  3. RICK

    Scripting plays is what makes a good coordinator so whats the problem with calling plays to the QB’s strengths to gain confidense. There are 3 games to see how the QB’s progress and then we will see.

    • LG

      Nothing wrong with it at all Rick. It has been so long since I’ve seen it done in Cleveland this way it is a bit shocking that”s all….

    • Old goat

      It sounds like they are scripting plays to make sure he does not throw int’s. Lets script some plays that demonstrates his strengths strong arm. the rap on weedhead from NFL Scouts was that he had difficult time reading defenses and did not understand complex plays. So lets push him to see if that is true. but at the same time I would run the same tests on all the QB’s to see which one comes out on top.

      • LG

        OLD Goat, they are scripting plays to make sure he doesn’t throw Ints…..

      • RICK

        Old goat,Duh!!! Lets script some plays to throw some interceptions like last year. Makes a lot of sense there.The coordinators script the plays to win, whatever it takes. Script the plays to the weaknesses of the opposing team. It changes every week.

  4. RICK

    I know, It is refreshing to see some good coaching going on. I think it will reflect on this coming season with the young guys.

    • LG

      I am sure hoping you are right Rick, wouldn’t it be nice to have a winning season?

  5. Ivan Hochstetler

    IWin the job for a change Weeden..Didn’t anyone else
    think it was absurd that he was handed the reins last year? Camp with no competition…good idea Shurmurrrr !!!


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