Shurmur says he expects a challenge from the New York Giants and their quarterback Eli Manning. A Challenge? Really, is Shurmur for real? The New York Giants out class the Cleveland Browns by a mile or two. The Browns will do great to be able to hang with the Giants in this game. This isn’t going to be the worn out Ravens, this is the defending World Champion New York Giants with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL leading them. Not only are the Giants a good football team, they are a football team that just lost a close match and will play not to lose 2 games in a row. Someone should be sending Browns head coach Pat Shumur to take a drug test when he says he expects a challenge from the Giants.

Like the Browns have such a power house football team and it is up to the Giants to stop them. This coach has no business being a head coach in the NFL. We can only hope the new ownership sees that quickly and handles it swiftly. The first task that should be on Jimmy Haslam’s to do list should be the firing of the head coach that has lost 10 games in a row. The man who calls the plays for the Browns not to win needs to go. Shurmur’s inability to make good decisions is on of the reason the Cleveland Browns are now 0-4 and have a good chance of going to 0-5.

The Challenge will be for the Cleveland Browns secondary to try and find a way to defend against Eli Manning surgical attack on the Cleveland Browns. Another challenge will be for the Browns to protect Brandon Weeden. The New York Giants gave quarterback Cam Newton more than he could deal with a couple of weeks ago and he can move. Weeden could be a sitting duck in this game. The other challenge is going to be for the Browns to  put some guys on the field to catch the football. Injuries have sidelined some guys and this too hurts the Browns offense.

Listening to Pat Shumur each week as he makes his remarks just further demonstrates why the Cleveland Browns need a head coach that can win. Shurmur is not that guy….

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