The Cleveland Browns haven't been close to the End one often this year Pat Shurmur, what games are you watching?  When coach Shurmur says every game is going to be close it almost makes me laugh. Sure the Cleveland Browns only lost by 10 points yesterday is that close coach Shurmur? I remember the day when a team lost by one point or so and they would call that a close game. The Cleveland Browns were just plain out man handled yesterday by the Bay.

It is funny to hear Shurmur speak of games being close. The Cleveland Browns offense look totally confused when they had the ball in the first quarter yesterday. When Shurmur speaks of games being close.  I think it is wishful thinking on his part. What does he mean? McCoy is getting the ball closer to a receiver?  The Browns are coming closer to the end zone but still have failed to get points on the board for much of the game? Is this an example of Shurmur's close?

Come on coach wake up and come to reality already this team needs help offensively and they need it badly. There is nothing close about these games. Close doesn't count, close isn't going to get the Cleveland Browns into post season play. Close doesn't put points on the score board. Your team was beaten by two scores yesterday what in the heck is close about that? It would have been a lot worse if the Browns defense was not rated so high.

It is time to get mad coach.  Tell your team you are tired of being close.  Tell your team you have to get points on the board.   Pat Shurmur, close isn't cutting it!!!

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