Pat Shurmur not using cribbsWhy the Cleveland Browns didn’t make a change during the bye week by getting rid of head coach Pat Shumur is anyone’s guess.  After the teams last game when Shurmur showed the world he couldn’t even get the plays in on time, many people thought the bye week would give the teams new owner the opportunity to bring in a coach that can actually coach in the N.F.L. and produce a win by using the teams talent properly. That didn’t happen and now we hear from Josh Cribbs once again. Cribbs has only touched the football 8 times on offense this season, last year he was a key member of the Browns offense and when he caught the ball he made things happen.

The Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur certainly handicaps the football team with his inability to get things right. The Browns are already at a disadvantage just having a head coach like Pat Shurmur who obviously doesn’t understand what it takes to win in the NFL.  Shurmur is a huge reason why the Browns went 4-12 last season and his is the reason the team is only 2-7 this season. Each week when the Cleveland Browns take the field fans are all ready thinking about what Shumur is going to screw up next. His clock management sucks and he continues to waste the teams time outs in stupid situations leaving the Browns rookie quarterback without the time outs needed as the final seconds of the game or the half tic away.

Shurmur doesn’t evaluate the teams talent properly. If he did he would know what his players capabilities were and he would adjust his offense accordingly. It is his in-abilities to properly evaluate the people around him that add to the Browns losing football games. When you have a player such as Josh Cribbs who has more experience in the NFL than any other Cleveland Receiver and you don’t involve him in a game, you aren’t doing what ever it takes to win football games. Shumur is not a winning coach and he doesn’t have the mentality to compete as a head coach in the N.F.L.. Shurmur is an excuse maker, you don’t win many football games in the N.F.L. by making new excuses week after week in the N.F.L..

The Cleveland Browns fans deserve better than they are getting and they aren’t going to get it until the new  owner and team president make the change and get rid of their incapable head coach Pat Shurmur and the sooner they do it the better off the team will be. Until then Cleveland Browns replace their head coach get use to losing football games. That’s just the way it is…

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    JOSH CRIBBS IS ONE PLAYER /. it takes a team to wind!.


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