New Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski says he doesn’t see the new offense clicking yet. Norv Turner the Browns new offensive coordinator is less than thrilled with all the Browns offensive inconsistencies.

These are the 2 guys who came into Cleveland this season and decided to give Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden every opportunity as they put it. Turner has been around in the NFL long enough to make an intelligent decision when it comes to his offensive unit.

Weeden has not. The guy doesn’t have the football intelligence to be able to understand the complexity of an NFL offense. Everyone who has a brain knows that. When Weeden played at Oklahoma State, they had to simplify the offense so he could grasp it.

Last season even with a moron like Pat Shurmur as a head coach the Browns had to simplify an already simple offense so that Weeden could understand it. We heard from Browns running back Trent Richardson about Weeden’s lack of being able to read defenses in the NFL over the off-season.

Yet the Cleveland Browns powers  still decided to give Weeden every opportunity. The Cleveland fans could be in for another disappointing season if things continue the way they are now.

Why risk another season of losing. Just make the change now and put the best players on the field that will give the best shot at winning some football games. Nobody in the Browns front office these days was sold on Weeden.

Why settle for him now. The Browns brought in Campbell and he has years of NFL experience. Sure he was a back up and some think that is all he is capable of. Those people are mistaking in their thinking.

Before Campbell went down when his Raiders were playing the Browns, he was off to a winning season. If I recall, he was 4-1 and then suffered a broken collar-bone. Weeden has never been 4-1 in the NFL. He lacks the football intelligence to understand NFL defenses.

Why not make the change before the Browns get off to an 0-4 start? Make the change now and give the fans something to cheer about this season. We deserve the very best the Browns can give us. Weeden doesn’t fall into that category

Don’t put the fans through another garbage season. If your not satisfied as the new coaches of the Cleveland Browns, make the change now.

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. muttklingon

    the front office of the browns chudzinski. need too stand there ground. when building a young team like browns. they to keep the path they are on.chudzinski need be the head coach and the leader the boss!!

  2. slick

    This whole website seems to be dedicated to hating weeden. Please dont tell me your one of those bitter colt mckoy fan boys……

    • Old goat

      The article is right on. The Browns should have sent weedhead packing after last season. He is not strating QB quality at best he is another minor league pitcher wannabe. Even then he could not cut it. he does have great arm strength, but that does not make a NFL QB. If the Browns go with weedhead as the starter they will be lucky by the midway point to win a single game. They should have held open competition. I was a McCoy fan, but that was because for all of his draw backs he still knew how to win. leadership, work ethic and heart are not things that you can measure by a yardstick, but every Brown QB of the past had them in spades. Give Jason Campbell the chance to start and get rid of weedhead.

    • jkk

      Colt was doomed when he embarassed H H and Shurmur during Colt’s conconsion debatacle. Colt is a better quarterback than Weeds will ever be. Colt is gone to a better team. Let’s see would you like backing dumb ole Weeden or Kap. Although Colt should have been running the Browns offense last year. Heckert got embarassed again it seems. LOL Hiccup.

  3. slick

    And are you not the same guy who attacked weeden on twitter before he even started a game for the browns last season? Didnt yo go after him like right after he was drafted? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

    • chris

      I don’t know what you are talking about…. But he must of had forsight, weeden needs to go.

  4. marty

    LG, By pulling Weedon, the Browns will show they made a bad choice. The way Weedon plays he’s bound to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, in any sport. He just won’t admit that his talents are subpar for the NFL.I’m disappointed with Trent Richardson, On paper and sight he looks tough. In reality he just might have pretzels for bones. I’m sure the Browns will try their best. The draft showed no QB’s. Free agents are not willing to come here,They probley will play Campbell at some point. Weedon is not a quarterback and never will be. Browns will be a respectable 6 and 10. With a little luck, maybe 7 and 9. Weedon will not be a main contributor. When you give a monkey a typewriter—sooner or later, the monkey will spell a word.When you give Weedon the ball to pass, sooner or later a defender will loose their footing.

    • LG

      So pull him let them say they made a bad choice. All the people that made the bad choice are no longer with the Browns anyways….

  5. luke49

    LG obviously never watched a single OK.State game, or we would know how wrong he is about Weeden. He is going have to eat a lot of crow before this season is over. Both backups have more NFL experience than Weeden , but are no more consistant than he is in practice. If They aren’t better already than he is then they won’t get better. They should have to be BETTER before they have a shot at the job, and they haven’t shown it so far.

    • LG

      You saying they didn’t simplify the OSU offense to make it work for Weeden. If that is what you’re saying then it is you my friend that has no idea.

      • Jeremy

        Doesn’t matter what the offense looked like at OSU, they have run the same system for years, with different OC’s and QB’s, and no one out produced Weedens stats, or wins. The guy can play football very well at times, and maked bad decisions at other times… but haters will hate, even when they have no solution based in reality… Maybe Campbell plays this year, maybe not, but the coaches know qbs, and don’t think he is the better option at this time… So screw your negativity, suck it up and stop whining

        • LG

          Why is it that any time some one writes the truth they are haters? I certainly don’t hate weeden…I don’t hate anyone….

          • Jeremy

            If the coaches said that Weeden hadn’t made a mistake, and they are thrilled with where he is at this point, learning his second pro offense in as many years, then I would call them liars, because there is always room for improvement. And did Norv actually say he is “Sick” of inconsistencies, or did he say that there have been more than he’d like? I would hope that our coaches have enough professionalism to assume perfection from each and every player. So yeah, twisting the words to sound more dramatic and focusing on one’s faults rather than looking for positives in a mind field of suckiness… makes you and others on this board, haters… Who is better for the team right now?

          • Jeremy

            However, that is just my opinion as a Browns fan who has been mired in mediocrity since ’85 when I was old enough to choose what team to root for…

      • Luke49

        They did not simplify the offense for Weeden at Okla. State.The offense has been the same for years. Ok. State has had good QB’s, receivers, and runningbacks for a long time, it makes it simple . Simple enough for poor ole ‘dumb’ Weeden to beat RGII, Luck,Tannehill,and a host of other talented QBs in the big 12. Hide and watch he will respond to
        turner and company and will help turn the Browns in the right direction. Jaws said they would be 10-6 I’ll buy that.

      • Nate

        Whether they simplified the offense or not means nothing when you look at the wins and losses! Who won the heisman that year? The same guy that lost to weedens offense. Who was drafted first overall in that draft? The same guy that lost to weedens offense, who was the third guy that went ahead of weeden in the draft to Miami? THE SAME GUY WHO LOST TO WEEDENS OFFENSE! Any quarterback transitioning to a new regime/play book/ and roster is going to struggle especially when it’s his second year. I’m so tired of hearing weeden wasn’t good last year, shurmer wasn’t good last year! He wouldn’t even let weeden call audibles, so even when he saw the play wouldn’t work he couldn’t do anything about it, this year he has a much better OC a more experienced line that was already doing well at pass blocking and better more experienced receivers, not to mention Trent Richardson didn’t just have his knee scoped and none of his ribs a broken… If you don’t think the browns will be leagues ahead of where they were last year than your just a bitter person and instead of wasting your time writing pointless articles you should watch some game tape and read some articles so you can be on th same page with the rest of us who KNOW weeden will take multiple steps forward this year!

        • LG

          Your sure giving this guy a lot of credit. There are lots of other guys that made the transition to the NFL last year playing at the QB position that had a hell of a lot less problems than your boy Weeden. But wait I know none of it is his inabilities to catch on……

          • Nate

            None of those players were heald back by a coach that was a horrible play caller, and to stubborn to let anyone else have an opinion…

          • LG


          • joe

            These other qbs last year had their coaches adjust to their strengths that’s why they looked good last year they had a college offense weeden didn’t have a coach like that it was his way or no way he wouldn’t budge he had to learn a pro offense I think weeden is ahead of these other qbs because of that just wait until these other qbs have to learn a pro offense they are gonna struggle

          • LG

            For those of you who have been on this site for a while, you may remember Anne Dunn. She had a lot to say last season and she really knew a lot about football…We lost her this past July. I wanted to just inform some of you that may have recalled some of her brilliant comments…

            Dr. Anne W. Dunn, PhD
            Date of Birth: October 21, 1949 | Date of Death: July 15, 2013

            passed away on July 15, 2013, R.I.P. Anne……We miss you already……

      • slick

        prove it LG…lets see a link…….and even if they did do that….so what? that offense was explosive

        • LG

          I’ll get you a link

        • joe

          10 for 13 112 yards 1 td I guess that’s from a dumb qb like weeden I hope you eat your words and hide in a corner because your not a cleveland fan

          • LG

            Thank God for turnovers right? How about that first Drive Weeden looked like he was still in the Shurmur Offense. He drives the ball down the Field with a lot of help from the Running backs and then does what Weeden does best. He settled for a field goal…..Give me a freaking break this is not the great white hope you people are presenting him to be you know it and I know it and so does every one else.

          • Tom

            u Know what they say about opinions, did u look at game today? looks to be things are moving. true fan has to be thinking, GO BROWNS FOR LIFE!!

  6. DAVID

    Weeden Has`nt shown Browns fans anything last year….Put the best players on the field come Game `1 You have a great Coach in Norv Turner, If he cant see Weeden as The Browns QB …what the heck does that tell you. Weeden Is a lazy QB …Never caught on last year with the plays,Read his play book very little.
    Fans want to win and win now, So In my opinion…BEST Quaterback should start game 1…

  7. joe

    Hey lg why are you crying ?I’m a browns fan and I think they need to play weeden I guess you want them to continue to change a qb every year like they have been doing !get over it colts gone now and be a supportive fan or just find another team to root for I’m sick of fans like you!I think they are gonna be good this year and I’m gonna support what ever they do because I’m a real fan unlike you!go browns!

  8. Bobby D

    Really. Aren’t you exagerating a bit here. I don’t know maybe you have talked to Norv persoanlly and he expressed those concerns to you privately. From what my sources tell me, yes they think Weeden is not as far along in his developmment as they would like him to be. BUT NORV SEE A LOT OF UPSIDE IN WEEDEN. Additionally he is the best QB they have at this point, and there are not any others available that come close to Weeden. Not I am not a Weeden fan anymore, he is the best of what you got and what is available. Unless you think Vince Young would be better.

    Bottom line Weeden has this season to make us believers or we will get a new QB next year and there are plenty coming out next year that should excite you.

    And I don’t think you doubt my sources, maybe you do.

    • LG

      Sounds like we got problems is he is the best we have….

  9. johnnyV

    LG – please tell me that this isnt your full time gig.
    I dont see any quotes saying Norv Turner is sick of the inconsistencies as your headline shows. Further, there isnt a quote that specifically says Weeden. Norv may be frustrated with the entire offense. I stopped reading your rag for most of the summer mostly because its the same stuff over and over. and…indeed it is.

    • LG

      If he wasn’t sick of them, he wouldn’t have commented on them…..

  10. Anonymous

    Wow. Funny because Jaws from ESPN hated on Weeden all last season then did a film study of him in the off season. He said he was wrong on Weeden and thought he had the tools to be a solid starter in the league. And for the idiots who think they changed OSU’s offense for Weeden you are idiots. They changed the whole system because the other one sucked! And they havent gone back, so is it still because of Weeden? He had better neumber than Troy Aikman in his first year, but I guess a bunch of haters blogging from their mom’s basement know more about football than Ron Joaworski and Norv Turner.

    • LG

      They simplified the offense for Weeden at OSU. Anyone who ever heard Weedens old QB coach at OSU talk the guy that coached Geno Smith at WVa. would know that….

  11. Tom

    Been a browns fan since 1960 why is it people who write this stuff are always downing a team they say they are fans of? If you knew as much as u think u would be coaching them instead of bad mouthing them grow up and be the fan u say. Back them through HELL & HIGH Water! GO BROWNS FOR LIFE

    • LG

      Are you losing your mind Tom? we back them we buy game tickets and we have expectations of some winning. SO by God we are free to voice an opinion….

  12. david johnson

    With Cambell at 2ND string, Weeden has very little breathing room.Remember Chud was offensive coordinator in 2007 when they yanked Frye after only 2 quarters.Everything about this has to do with age-Turner is an old man who wants to win now,Weeden is too old for that “he’s young” B.S and im certain that Haslam will be vocal if Weeden begins to falter.Haslam needs wins to get the media’s focus on his team instead of his business(pilot)

  13. marty

    It seems most of the fans that write in to this site, never watched a game last year. Weedon is garbage. He has all the opposite qualities of a good quarterback. He is a sissy with no heart for the game. He is not fast reacting, not an accurite thrower. We had a bad coach last year, I agree 100%. The fact is Weedon would of been no better if we had the best coach in the NFL. I don’t hate the man, but he shows me nothing to build on.


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