Head coach Rob Chudzinski is less than pleased with the interceptions his defense is generating in training camp.  Chud has good reason to be worried, he knows in the back of his mind that Brandon Weeden is a guy who makes bad decisions.

In Monday’s practice the Browns defense generated more interceptions. Chud said; When you are out here and you are asking the guys to learn plays and learn to understand what certain throws are, you want to see them push the envelope out here,” “This is a little bit different than a game would be. You still, at the same time, do not want to see interceptions, but you do want to see guys make throws and work on the throws that they are going to need to be able to complete within working in the system.”

Nonetheless, he doesn’t like to see the interceptions being thrown. He knows that if a guy is making mistakes in practice they could carry into game time situations. He is going to have to make some tough decisions this season.

The Browns are giving Weeden every chance to prove himself. If he keeps making mistakes in practice, those mistakes could cost the team a chance to win games. The Browns brought in Jason Campbell to help Weeden. Could Campbell end up being the starting quarterback for the Browns?

Sure he can. Chud wants wins. He doesn’t want to see mistakes being made that could cost the team wins. Turn-overs are never easy to overcome. Chud knows this and he has to give his Browns the best chance to win games.

That chance may or may not include Brandon Weeden starting for the Cleveland Browns. Even though it is camp, Chud made it known he doesn’t want to see interceptions. With Weeden he is going to see them. The guy has trouble reading the defense. He doesn’t have the football experience a guy like Campbell has.

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  1. marty

    Give Weedon a break. He’s facing a tough defense that praticed many times before with him.They know his moves. I would love to have a high paying job and not know what I’m doing.It may be a act to throw off the many spies in the NFL. It is only pratice, just wait till the regular season, then you’ll have really something to write about.

    • LG

      There are a lot of tough defenses in the NFL. How do you think he will do against them?

      • bigal

        LG, moron. Horrible article. Weeden threw 17 interceptions last year. Peyton Manning threw 28 his rookie season. Give Weeden a break.

      • marty

        LG, In reply I think the Browns will be respectable. A team is only as good as their weakest link.The Browns will probley be no better than 6 and 10. Games won’t be won by Weedon.The games will be won on defense. A player might make a strong run. A player might make a fantasic move.Weedon will have nothing to contribute. The Browns will have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. We all what a below average quarterback can do behind a great line.There will not be no threading of the needle. The consistent pass completions that can break down a defense will not be there. There will not be leadership at quarterback. It will be the same for Xmas. We will be watching other teams asdvance.The only other weakness the Browns will have, is there is no depth of talent in the secondary.

    • Old goat

      But they wanted weedhead, so now they got him and all of his ineptitude. Just wait to they paly the Steelers, I am sure he will cave and will fake another injury. he is a pretty boy with no work ethic let alone any kahunas.

    • Old goat

      Well you guys want weed head. You traded away McCoy without any head to head competition. What do y’all think all of sudden weed head was going to become a NFL QB. Guess again, it will only get worse, because weed head is not under full scrutiny nor all out pressure.

    • Old goat

      The problem is Weehead is not a real NFL QB. He has trouble reading a defense, folds under the pressure like a teacup, and worst of all makes bad choices. The Browns went with him and traded away any competition. Last year record was not a fluke, his stats show his capability. bad habitats in camp translate into bad habitats during real game situtations. get rid of him before its too late and the Browns end up with another losing season

  2. muttklingon


    • WoW

      I think I lost a few too many brain cells trying to translate this…

      • Paul

        Did you figure it out? Something about a choo choo train?

  3. bonzie

    LG please

  4. fatherelectron

    It is just practice, LG…not a game. Kosar always said he didn’t mind throwing interceptions in practice as he was testing what he could get away with.

    Let’s wait for some live action before pushing the panic button already.

  5. CJ

    Geez, is this actually supposed to qualify as analysis?
    The author’s clearly got an axe to grind here.


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