The head coach of the Cleveland Browns is considering making a long overdue change at the quarterback position. The problem is the team heads into Kansas City this Sunday to take on the undefeated Chiefs. The defense the Browns will be facing is one of the toughest defenses in the NFL.

Who ever the Browns start at quarterback will be facing a ton of pressure.  The team only has this week to prepare the starter. Either the team starts Campbell, or they hurry to find a replacement that can handle the team’s offense and that someone has to be able to handle the Chiefs defensive pressure.

Cleveland doesn’t have many choices, in typical Browns fashion Cleveland has done very little to fill the quarterback spot left open with the Brian Hoyer injury. This means there are two guys that will know enough about the Browns offense to start against the Chiefs.

It probably comes down to Brandon Weeden, or Jason Campbell. We all know Weeden is going to be killed if he faces this Chiefs defense. His lack of mobility will make him extremely suspect-able to the Kansas City pass rush.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen enough of Jason Campbell this season to know whether he can help the team move the ball. Campbell once was able to rush, and without him playing a single down this season in a regular season game, we don’t know how much of an improvement over Weeden, Campbell will be.

Either way the Browns have no easy task heading into Arrowhead Stadium to take on the undefeated Chiefs. This one could get ugly fast.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. RICK

    LG, The chiefs do have some D but they are only undefeated because they haven’t played anyone with a winning record. They could be a little over rated but we will see. I sure hope that the Browns give Campbell a shot this week. If he pulls off a win then the atmosphere will be great coming to Cleveland. He has to be better than Weeden at this point. Campbell might be able to move this stagnit offense we have had the last two weeks. If they can find someone to move the offense then they are in business. That’s all Hoyer did. If Campbell plays this week then I like our chances. I hope the Weeden experiment is over because he looks worse each week.

    • LG

      He certainly does look worse each week Rick.

  2. Jeff

    My greatest fear is that Campbell starts and gets hurt, season ending hurt. Then Weedon is it. On the other hand Weedon starts and….

  3. Big Duke

    Campbell needs to start. My dog, a chow chow breed, is also available & willing to work cheap for doggie treats, but he’s probably better suited to play on defense. He’s also trained to growl & bark at a$$h*les, so Weeden will get a lot of grief.

    On a side note, I see the Giants signed Peyton Hillis, who during Monday Night’s game was doing what he does best, running over people & catching passes. He might have been an easy signing for the Browns since he was coaching HS football. LG – any word if the Browns considered signing him? Thanks!

  4. RICK

    Big Duke, We had a runner that could get us 18 carries for 36 yrds. LOL Not much help probably. Besides he already showed us his true colors (green. You are correct I bevieve Campbell should get a shot. If he wins at K.C. the team will get it’s confidense back and who knows then what could happen. They could still salvage the season. All they need is someone that can move the ball.

    • LG

      Rick, it is going to be very tough in KC no matter who starts. If they do go with Campbell, I don’t think you can measure his success or failures off of this game. The KC defense is a sacking machine………..

      • RICK

        LG, They won by 1 point to a rookie so we will see.

        • LG

          Weeden benched


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