Brandon Weeden the Cleveland Browns quarterback who was taken in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft, has a reasonable chance this season according to Browns CEO Joe Banner. That’s it folks, Weeden isn’t assured of the starting quarterback position.

Banner said in a recent interview, that Weeden has to develop under new head coach Chudzainski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner before the team sits down and makes the decision who the starting quarterback is going to be for the 2013 season.

If Weeden doesn’t have a better preseason than he had last year, I wouldn’t expect him to be the starting quarterback heading into the regular season. Banner said he thinks his 2 coaches are the best in the business in developing quarterbacks and acknowledged that  Weeden is working hard to be the best he can be.

But is Weeden’s best good enough to be the team’s starting quarterback in 2013? That is something that needs to be proved to Banner who isn’t completely sold on Weeden yet. If the team had better options in this years NFL draft it is highly unlikely that Weeden would have a reasonable chance this season, the Browns would have already replaced him.

Weeden won 5 games with the Browns in 2012 and he had trouble each time the team got into the red zone. He showed no touch in trying to find a receiver in the corner of the end-zone last season and his accuracy stunk at times.

If he doesn’t improve this preseason, you can bank on the fact that he will be standing on the side lines holding a clip board. As Banner said Weeden only has a reasonable chance coming into the 2013 season.


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  1. stiv marley

    LG your amazing! I think you just re-printed this article from the past. Oh, that’s right, not much else to say. As far as Joe Banner, I’m not sure he’s “the guy” either. He makes comments that makes him sound out of touch. I stick by what I said a couple a months ago. That is Brandon Weeden will be the starter. He’ll have a breakout year and will look good doing it too! Hey LG, I didn’t know you wrote for the Steelers too. Your article on Big Ben seemed like a secret bromance article, just saying . . . .

    • LG

      Hey I cover sports…..


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