The Cleveland Browns took, wide receiver Josh Gordon in last season supplemental draft. By doing so, the team gave up the second pick in this years draft. That must not have set well with Joe Banner the teams current CEO.

In a press conference, Joe Banner stated that Gordon has this year to prove he was worth the pick. Is Banner kidding us? Gordon had a terrific rookie season. He caught 50 passes for  805 yards and 5 touchdowns. The guy came back into football after missing a year due to a drug suspension. He did a great job on a team that couldn’t do much right offensively.

Banner must have a problem with players that have been associated with past drug use. The Browns had a chance to draft the Honey Badger in this years NFL draft and passed on him. Banner has to be losing his mind. Gordon was an exciting receiver for the Browns last season and he is putting him on the watch list this season.

Gordon quickly became one of the fan favorites in Cleveland. He almost had more touchdowns and receiving over 800 yards of passes is not too bad. What does Banner expect out of Gordon. It seems as though, Banner is using the fact the team didn’t have a second round pick in this years draft against Gordon.

It isn’t Gordon’s fault the team picked him last season and gave up their second round pick this year. Banner has to be out of touch with what a good football player looks like. He should be reminded that Gordon is a good football player. Can he be better, sure he could. But then again the Browns entire offense could be better. They need to win more than 5 games in a season.

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  1. Big Duke

    I had dinner with a friend of Joe Banner’s last winter in Arizona. He told me then that we would come to despise Banner because Joe is money/numbers guy who THINKS he can evaluate talent. = Bingo!

    • LG

      At least he was a truthful friend Big Duke.

  2. Dan B.

    Banner is a bitter old man that is probably worried about his job with all the Hasslam/FBI crap going on. He also can’t seem to stand the fact that his boy Lom-dumbarse called out Gordon as a poor choice so let’s back up the idiot and ignore the fact that Gordon had a good rookie season and is better than any receiver in this years draft. Banner does not want to acknowldge ANYTHING that the previous admin did well. I have been and always will be a Browns fan, but Banner is definitely going to push that to the limit. He has to realise that Cleveland is not Philly and he doesn’t have to be an arse all the time.

  3. Chad

    Gordon was is well worth that 2 round pick. I have had littke confidence since Haslam took over. It seems he’s just another one of these rich guys who thinks just because all his other pals own a team he should too. I was pleased with the draft but M. Lombardi is a dingus and Banner sounds like a boob with this comment. Keep your head up Gordon, Cleveland has your back!

  4. bill

    hey Joe! why don’t you just cut him? who would want Gordon when the greatest evaluator of talent in the NFL has spoken? handsome to joey.

  5. Old Dawg

    This made me laugh. As a lifetime Browns fan, Josh Gordon has been one of the few picks in recent history about which I have been pleasantly surprised (note I say surprised; not that he’s the best draftee). Personally, I’d have understood the comment about Greg Little or Brandon Weeden. Sure, its fair to expect a lot out of a 2nd round pick, but anybody who has watched much of the Browns offense in recent years had to be excited about Gordon.

  6. MSGTF

    Gordon had a nice year, however if that was the peek of his talent well then there is somthing to Joe’s comments. it’s all about what have you done for me lately.

    • LG

      I think there is a lot more from where that came from.


    after this, who wouldn’t think that Banner is so incompetent he should be fired??? Wake up Pilot, please give cleve a chance w/o this idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Banner is an idiot and I’m disgusted that he’s in charge of our beloved browns..then again look at all the idiots Haslam hired at flying pilot J..hmm looks like a pattern to me…josh gordan had a good rookie year and instead of being a rookie this year he has 1 year of nfl experience under his belt…we wouldn’t have gotten him in the second round this year since he would’ve been off the board in the first round!! Banner needs to retire and do us a huge favor

  8. Suave bono

    Joe Banner is an idiot who should be immediately fired for his obvious ignorance before he hurts the team any further.

  9. Leon II

    Well look at the stats and you know he was serious. When we have had so little at WR for so long Gordon looked fabulous but before we get too optimistic we need to keep in mind what he really achieved in comparison to others. His stats are not significantly better, and in some cases worse, then the other 9 WRs taken in the 1st and 2nd round of 2012 (all of whom played lower in the depth chart for their teams then he did). His stats were significantly worse then the rookie stats of 2 of the 3 WRs taken in round 1 last year, and comparable to 3 of 5 taken in the 2nd of 2011 (including Little’s but without the drops). Does Gordon look like he has promise – yes he does and I hope he fulfills it. Does he still need to prove he is truly worthy of being the 1st WR on the depth chart – yes he does. Gordon hasn’t proven he is an A.J. Green or Julio Jones yet.

  10. MPH

    I get all the frustrations with the new regime in Cleveland but lets not forget what just left. An owner that loves football only not the kind so dear to us in the states. A president labelled a QB guru!!! Why cause he lucked into Brett Farve or was it his QB coaching in San Francisco. A team that the head scout and draft operations man was Michael Lombardi. Not to mention he ran Jim Brown straight out of Cleveland. Don’t forget Pat Pee Wee football coach Shurmur! Some of the worst game planing on planet earth. I’m really gonna miss 1st and Goal and throwing all 3 downs repeatedly. Pat we got Trent not RG3!!!!! Last but not least a Defense that played with a lets stand around and let it all come to us mentality. Yep gonna miss those guys.

  11. Mel

    I’ve been a Browns fan since Otto,Marion and Dub. I was excited when Haslam bought the team said all the right things than o god. He hires Banner who is a complete idiot hence his comments regarding Gordon and Lombardi who’s been fired from every job he’s ever had. Now the Pilot mess we are just destined to be mediocure!! Never believed in curses but remember Paul Brown . Once again the asylum is being run by the inmates. God help us all

    • bill


  12. Daniel Jones

    What Banner wanted 1 more pick to trade away?The management for this draft had no consideration of its fans,we waited forever for our 2nd pick(3rd round)and then see the 4th and 5th round picks traded so more waiting and watching our divison foes taking quality players at our need positions.Did most Browns fans suffer a draft hangover just from dealing with all the ugly from that farce?

  13. Sam

    Banner is exactly right. Why shouldn’t football players have to perform at a high level to prove their worth of making millions of dollars? Banner knows what he’s doing. The knock on Gordon coming out of college was his lack of motivation. Banner just wants to light a fire under him.

  14. trophyhill

    there is no doubt Gordon would have went over 1000 yards had Weeden not overthrown him so many fricken times. let’s get to the root of the real problem hear. Banner as smart as he thinks he is trades in the division and they draft a qb who will be kicking our asses when Ben’s done doing it. thanks alot Joe


    I BEEN A BROWNS FAN SINCE THE the 60″S during the JIM BROWNS, PAUL WARFIELD, and Leroy Kelly days, I been a Clevelamd Browns fan since then. I from Columbus, Ohio but I live in Palo Alto, CA. near Stanford University. There are a lot of BROWNS AND O.S.U. BUCKEYES FAN HERE in the S.F. 49′er / Oakland Raiders area that live in the S.F. BAY area today. MY home base is at the (OLD PRO SPORT BAR) IN PALO ALTO,CA. (LOOK IT UP ON THE WEB SITE) THE OWNERS AT THE OLD PRO SPORT BAR IS FROM COLUMBUS, OHIO ALSO LIKE ME. WE NEED THE BROWNS TO STEP IT UP, WE ALL WANT A SUPER BOWL APPEARANCE SOON. I love the Browns fans base, I alway wear my colors proudly in the land of 49′ers country.

    • LG

      I hear you and feel the pain too. I have been a fan as long as you have. A winning season would perk us all up too. Doesn’t have to be a super bowl just a winning season for a change…..


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