The Cleveland Browns took, wide receiver Josh Gordon in last season supplemental draft. By doing so, the team gave up the second pick in this years draft. That must not have set well with Joe Banner the teams current CEO.

In a press conference, Joe Banner stated that Gordon has this year to prove he was worth the pick. Is Banner kidding us? Gordon had a terrific rookie season. He caught 50 passes for  805 yards and 5 touchdowns. The guy came back into football after missing a year due to a drug suspension. He did a great job on a team that couldn't do much right offensively.

Banner must have a problem with players that have been associated with past drug use. The Browns had a chance to draft the Honey Badger in this years NFL draft and passed on him. Banner has to be losing his mind. Gordon was an exciting receiver for the Browns last season and he is putting him on the watch list this season.

Gordon quickly became one of the fan favorites in Cleveland. He almost had more touchdowns and receiving over 800 yards of passes is not too bad. What does Banner expect out of Gordon. It seems as though, Banner is using the fact the team didn't have a second round pick in this years draft against Gordon.

It isn't Gordon's fault the team picked him last season and gave up their second round pick this year. Banner has to be out of touch with what a good football player looks like. He should be reminded that Gordon is a good football player. Can he be better, sure he could. But then again the Browns entire offense could be better. They need to win more than 5 games in a season.

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