Is Joe Haden the number 1 corner-back in the NFL? He certainly thinks so. He called himself the number one CB in the NFL and he said there is no where else he would rather be, than playing for the Cleveland Browns. Haden is good and he plays a dependable game.

But number one in all of football? I think he has a ways to go before claiming that title. One play that comes to mind is last season, when the Browns lost the game to the Jags. Wasn’t it Joe Haden who was burnt near the end of the game that cost the Browns a win?

Haden has to make those plays. When the game is on the line, the number one corner in all of football,, has to step up and make the play. Haden didn’t do that. His short-term memory must not be working so well.

He forgot how many times he got burned when it really counts. I can recall a number of great plays Joe Haden makes. I can also recall a number of times Haden was burnt as well.

He always seems to get burnt when the Browns play the Bengals. AJ Green always manages to take advantage of his height to make a play over Joe Haden.

Haden is a great player. I love the guy and I especially love him in the orange and brown. But he has a ways to go before he can truly claim, the number one corner-back title in the NFL. He is a great player and maybe a top five. But number 1?

Come on Joe, go back and look at the films. You’ll see a number of questionable plays…..

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