Brandon Weeden turn overs The Browns Brandon Weeden will have to really keep his ego in check this Sunday when the San Diego Chargers come charging into The Cleveland Browns stadium to face the Browns. The best defense Weeden faced this season was from the Eagles, we all know what happened in that game. The Chargers will offer up the same short of challenge for Weeden that he saw with the Eagles. Weeden had the worst game of his life in the Browns 2012 season opener. The Eagles defense is ranked number 11 in the NFL in total defense, the San Diego Chargers aren’t that far behind ranked at number 13 in total defense.

Weeden has to be sure he doesn’t create turn-over opportunities for the Chargers. If he does the Browns will face a tough task trying to get their second win on the season. At 1-6 Weeden knows that how important it is to get a win. Weeden was on a local Cleveland Radio Station and he said when you lose you suck. That is how the Browns season has been going this year, they have sucked in 6 out of the seven games they have  played.

The Browns defense is going to have to step up to help the Browns stop the Chargers offense if Weeden expects to get his second win. The Chargers are ranked number 25 in the NFL in total offense so they aren’t unstoppable. The Cleveland Browns are facing a tougher defensive team in the Chargers and the Browns offensive line is going to have to protect Weeden to give him time to complete passes. If the pressure gets to Weeden which the Chargers like to bring, he could make mistakes. It is those mistakes that contribute to the Browns losses. Weeden has to guard against the turn-overs if the Browns are going to have a change over the Chargers.

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