Brandon Weeden turn overs The Browns Brandon Weeden will have to really keep his ego in check this Sunday when the San Diego Chargers come charging into The Cleveland Browns stadium to face the Browns. The best defense Weeden faced this season was from the Eagles, we all know what happened in that game. The Chargers will offer up the same short of challenge for Weeden that he saw with the Eagles. Weeden had the worst game of his life in the Browns 2012 season opener. The Eagles defense is ranked number 11 in the NFL in total defense, the San Diego Chargers aren’t that far behind ranked at number 13 in total defense.

Weeden has to be sure he doesn’t create turn-over opportunities for the Chargers. If he does the Browns will face a tough task trying to get their second win on the season. At 1-6 Weeden knows that how important it is to get a win. Weeden was on a local Cleveland Radio Station and he said when you lose you suck. That is how the Browns season has been going this year, they have sucked in 6 out of the seven games they have¬† played.

The Browns defense is going to have to step up to help the Browns stop the Chargers offense if Weeden expects to get his second win. The Chargers are ranked number 25 in the NFL in total offense so they aren’t unstoppable. The Cleveland Browns are facing a tougher defensive team in the Chargers and the Browns offensive line is going to have to protect Weeden to give him time to complete passes. If the pressure gets to Weeden which the Chargers like to bring, he could make mistakes. It is those mistakes that contribute to the Browns losses. Weeden has to guard against the turn-overs if the Browns are going to have a change over the Chargers.

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  1. ABrown

    The Chargers are coming back from a bye week when they had lots of time to remember being embarrassed by letting Peyton Manning and the Broncos come back from a 24 point deficit and beat them in front of a national audience.

    They are going to come in with a chip on their shoulders and no room for a loss in their division race. They will be a talented and riled up opponent with a secondary capable of a pick 6 in any game.

  2. RICK

    The Chargers have been giving up a lot of points the last few games and are only 25th against the pass. they are real tough against the run though I think like 2nd. I think we are going to have to pass to beat them but we’re talking about Shurmurball so I expect him to try the opposite LMAO.

  3. marty stys

    I am loyal to the browns hoping to see a win.i feel weedon will crack under pressure and cause more turnovers than points.Penalties are on the rise, lack of training disapline. Shurmur should keep his mouth shut and let the offensive cordinator do his job.I feel the offensive line will handle the rush. They will still be pushed back and not help the running attack. I understand the owner doesn’t wish to change anything till end of the season. He has to understand, when attitude starts getting affected, its like a cancer.Shurmur will continue to degrade the team. Make homgrin run the team, his anger would wake things up.

  4. muttklingon

    Q.B. Weeden will great if ? the restof browns show up ? on sunday againist the Chargers?

    • marty stys

      Muttklingon, the players are in place. Weedon has to win. He is the leader,if they don’t win it is all his fault.He has to execute the plays. The browns management relies on the qb to be successful, or did we forget last year.Weedon is the power of the team. Without him the team would be crushed every week. ABROWN you can read between the lines. I trust your opinion.

      • ABrown

        You’re right Marty. I think I remember that now.

        Last year we learned that if the receivers didn’t run good routes and get open or didn’t catch the ball, it was the quarterback’s fault.

        If the line couldn’t block, it was the quarterback’s fault. If we didn’t have a running game, it was still the quarterback’s fault.

        And most of all, if the coach called stupid passing plays like a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 10 or if he called plays so predictably the defense knew what was going to happen, it was still the quarterback’s fault.

        That quarterback sure was powerful. I guess it’s a good thing we have a mere mortal as quarterback now who needs to have all the players and coaches to do their jobs so the team can play well. And if the quarterback doesn’t play well, it’s everyone else’s fault. Got it.

        • ABrown

          On a more serious note, the Chargers haven’t been playing as well in their last 2 games because they got picked apart by Peyton Manning and Drew Brees on a mission.

          They can still be a dangerous team. Their rankings seem to vary with the source you consult, but I found them ranked 12th overall in defense, right behind the Giants and Eagles.

          And while their 2nd place rank against the run is impressive, their 19th place rank against the pass (considering the QBs they just faced) is not too shabby.

          We really will need a strong effort from the whole team, even from the coach (???), to have a chance to win.

  5. marty stys

    ABrown, You must sleep,eat and work football.You’re on the game.

  6. ABrown

    Thanks, Marty, and you are always completely on target with your football insight. The information is not that hard to find on line. Most of it comes from Pro Football Reference.

    In one site you can look up all the franchises, their history, any player from 1960 to the present, stats for each year and each team and each player, complete league leaders for each year, plus game logs for QBs. Then on the game log, you can click the date of a game and get even more detailed stats for both offense and defense, like where passes were thrown, if they were completed, who caught them, and for how many yards. Then, within the last 5 years or so, you can also get a play-by-play for every game.

    A click here and a click there and you get lots of info.

    I also love football and was lucky enough to watch Peyton Manning lead the comeback against San Diego 2 weeks ago. A lot of people think that may have been the most amazing comeback in his Hall of Fame career filled with great come backs. Just LOVE this game!


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