Bradon WeedenOne thing you have to notice this season is how much better the Browns offensive line is performing. As the headline of this article states, if Brandon Weeden would have played for the Cleveland Browns in the 2011 season with the line Cleveland had, it is doubtful he would have been able to complete the season.  Some of the reasons as to why, include Weeden holding onto the ball too long and not being able to find his open receiver. Weeden is an  immobile quarterback and if he didn’t have the time he is being provided by the much improved offensive line, he would have been in serious trouble this season.

Weeden had better give some great Christmas presents for his guys.  They have done an excellent job providing the protection  Weeden needs to be somewhat successful in the N.F.L.. Now Weeden has to work on improving the Browns statistics if the Browns want to be considered a play off threat.  The Browns offense is ranked 31st in the red-zone.  One of the reason’s for this is, Weeden doesn’t have the touch pass yet required by N.F.L. quarterbacks to find one of his guys in the corner of the end-zone.  The Browns struggle when they get to the red-zone and Weeden has to do a better job.

A big thanks to Autopilot for pointing out just how good the line is protecting Weeden this season. We shall see just how improved the Browns are in the next three games.

Browns Brandon Weeden, Throw him at the mercy of last year’s awful offensive line and he wouldn’t have lasted the season  Autopilot’s observations are, He holds the ball way too long, has difficulty finding the open receivers, has poor mobility in the pocket, stands flat-footed in the pocket most of the time (the cause of his errant passes). I doubt that he would have completed 50% of his passes last season and would have thrown a lot of interceptions from being pressured constantly.

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  1. marty

    I’m very impressed with the offense line.They show dominance that I haven’t seen in along time.I’m guessing and not stating a fact, I think they knew they were bad last year. The saw the results what it can do to a QB. It’s what they went thru last season, motivated them to do much better. I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade them for any other line in football.I don’t hate weedon. He would of never survive even a few games. Fans will say that being mobile isn’t that important. Being mobile last year was run or be crushed. I can’t just brush off what they did to McCoy by degrading him, by blaming him for all the problems.I can’t just move on and say “Oh Well”. You just don’t do what they did to another human being.Management degraded him, did not try to get someone in free agency to help. Shurmur just shoved all the blame on Colt. I hope that the new owner doesn’t fall for the results of the last three wins.They are wins, but are they wins that were tough, or because they were wins against teams that were depleted and had more problems than our Browns.Weedon is not mobile, and if that was the only reason I could live with that if he had other talents. He doesn’t. He doesn’t have heart. He is not fast reacting,Hangs onto the ball, still a SISSY, and seems to have too much ego to be a team leader.Many fans do not look at stats, fine. Look at the fact our receivers are night and day difference from last year. I felt none of our receivers last year would of been a starter on any other team. Little made many drops last year, he’s turning the corner and he shows he does have talent.If you have to bench someone in sports, then bench him. You still should bench him for the right reasons.Management blamed Colt for their own mistakes.Believe what you want to believe. I believe Colt can air it out the same as Weedon. How many fans can say that Weedon plays with more heart than McCoy.Having heart is not a stat, it can’t be measured. You can see it and can feel it when your andrenilin rises from watching someone who plays with heart.

    • Bob

      Excellent Comment Marty. Five Stars out of Five Stars. Plus, the fact you have pointed out the 1.9 seconds of protection that McCoy had last year in several of your other posts.

      With Weeden having the same amount games started in 2012 that Colt played last year with a worse team, no protection and really no training camp, I think management have a fair comparison of Weeden & McCoy by now. Both now have played 14 games under Shumur. One thing that does not hold well with me, is Weeden’s play on Sunday against KC, the worst NFL team. The dropped passes the receivers had in that game don’t matter because that’s what happened to McCoy big time last year.

      • Aqib

        You McCoy supporters are unreal. Get over it, he is never going to be a starter in the NFL again because he doesn’t have an NFL arm just like Charlie Frye. Sure the offense added other people (Schwartz, Gordon, Richardson – although he hasn’t been all that) but if you don’t notice a big difference between Weeden’s throws and McCoy’s than I don’t know what you are watching.

        • Bob

          What’s unreal are the Weeden supporters who are not only in denial, but also continue to put down McCoy when their hero is one of the worst NFL QB’s right now. Stop with the McCoy doesn’t have an arm BS. It’s old, not true and put out in the press to probably save front office jobs.

          Stats DO tell the story. How do you explain Weeden’s 35th out of 36 NFL QB ranking right now? How do you explain his poor judgement on the field? How do you explain him being so inaccurate? How do you explain Weeden curling up in a ball before getting hit by a linebacker? lol

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi BOB … how do you explain weeden is 5-3 in his last 8 starts ??
            i know , i know … the defense is winning all the games or it’s the offensive line or the chiefs suck … i’m sure none of it has to do with weeden’s play.

            yes, stats paint a fairly good picture of what is going on , but it’s not everything … what good does it do to have 400 yards passing ,
            3 td’s , 0 int’s & a good qb rating & still lose the game … to me , it’s about winning games. wins & losses is the most important stat.

            you can twist all the stats you want … qb rating , protection time given by the o-line & on & on … the bottom line is wins & lossses.

        • ABrown

          Aquib, I’ve heard this Charlie Frye comparison a lot, so I looked up Fry’s record — looks a lot more like Weeden than McCoy. Roughly the same bottom of the league passer rating at 72,8, same low Total QBR, same bottom of the league rank in 3rd down conversions, same league leading performance in throwing interceptions,same skill in throwing more INTs than TDs, almost no game winning drives like Weeden while McCoy was a league leader, tall guy like Weeden who passes the famous “eye test”, and longest pass play of 75 yards like Weeden’s at 71 yards.

          Weeden and Fry have a lot in common when you look at their performance.

  2. Bob

    Anyone really know if it was Holmgren or Shumur who wanted to throw McCoy under the bus and take Weeden? Or was it both? I thought it was both, but I read in some places it was Holmgren & then I heard it was Shurmur. Doesn’t seem clear. I did hear Heckert did not want him though.

    • LG

      I know Holmgren forced Heckert to take Weeden at number 22. You’re right Bob Heckert didn’t want to take him with the 22nd pick in the First Round……

  3. ABrown

    Marty, you’ve said a whole lot really, really well and reminded us of some of the most fundamental things that have gone wrong with the Browns the last couple of years, as well as some things that are a solid foundation.

    You and LG are right about the offensive line. They have been described as one of the very best pass blocking lines in all of football. I think that’s completely accurate.

    The new right tackle was an excellent find by Tom Heckert. It’s a shame that someone couldn’t find a better short term replacement last year and coach the line better when it was struggling.

    Where was the head coach in 2011?

    The replacement they brought in had come into the league in 2003 and had only started in 3 games before being picked up by the Browns where he started every game. A mobile QB hides some of the weakness in a line, and McCoy did that, but by the end of the season the lack of protection was obvious.

    Obvious, predictable play-calling, a running game that ranked at the bottom of the league, and receivers who often weren’t fast enough to get open or coached well enough to catch the ball when they did left McCoy a sitting duck. Even a mediocre coach could have helped.

    But where was the coaching in 2011?

    McCoy is a true leader and he knows it’s never all about him. He never complained and earned the respect and loyalty of his team.

    The linemen were interviewed in the summer and the subject of the draft came up. They said they felt like they’d been punched in the gut when they heard the 22nd pick. They knew what McCoy had done and what he had struggled with better than anyone. He was their quarterback and they respected him and admired him. This team is playing more for each other than for the coach who wasn’t there.

    Where was the coaching the Browns needed in 2011 and 2012?

  4. Tom Wynne

    didn’t even have to see who wrote this…kind of obvious LG. Since you can speculate back in time…can we put him on Otto Graham’s Browns too?

    • LG

      Tom did you see one of our Guest comments was the inspiration for this article?

    • ABrown

      Tom, I’ve read about Otto Graham and it sounds like he would have had a lot more in common with Colt McCoy.

  5. Tom Wynne

    also, did anybody see McShea’s mock draft today on ESPN? he has the browns picking about #10 and taking an OG. I think they need more help elsewhere.

    • LG

      I think they are in need of a serious Corner Back don’t ya think????

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … are you all ready for Christmas ??

    i have to tell you , when i read the headline i laughed so freakin’ hard i think i soiled myself.

    my good man , i think you underestimate mr. weeden’s toughness.

    • LG

      TB2, if you read the article you would have seen the headline came from one of our readers…..But I am glad it made you chuckle…..

  7. Joel

    LG your articles are tiring. Get a new topic. This is SUCH an interesting team and you can’t seem to muster one coherent article that doesn’t mention you sucking McCoy’s penis.

    I hate your writing and would actually love if you got fired.

    • LG

      Thanks for taking the time to read them Joel…..Merry Christmas and Have a Blessed and Happy New Year too…..

    • ABrown

      Joel, you say you’ve read all of LGs articles and they all mention ONE THING. But I’ve read them all, too, and never once did LG mention what you think you saw.

      When someone reads or sees something that isn’t there, the problem is with the reader who is preoccupied with some issue and can’t get it off his mind.

  8. tigersbrowns2

    LG … i know some of above (last paragraph) was an exerpt from AUTOPILOT’S post in your last column. i enjoy reading his posts as well.
    but we all know that it is nothing more than speculation … don’t we ??
    we will never know.

    other weeden-bashers , not just you , underestimate mr. weeden’s toughness.

    • LG

      You think he is a tough guy? I think we going to see over the last three games how tough he really is….How many sacks did he take in college? I don’t think it was that many at all….

      • tigersbrowns2

        you said the same thing about the chiefs …

      • tigersbrowns2

        LG … i found that he was only sacked 4 times total in 8 big-12 conference games … not sure about the non-conference games. so, you are
        right , he didn’t get sacked much at all … then i would say he got his baptism this year.

        you can see why the browns liked him though … his stats last year were fairly eye-popping : 37 td’s 13 int’s 72.3 comp. % & a qb rating of
        159.78 … pretty good.

        • LG

          Yeah, he did well in an offense that was taylor made for him. He had some guys that really caught some balls where ever Weeden threw them, including Blackmon….

          • tigersbrowns2

            current browns wr josh cooper was on that team as well …

  9. KC

    LG forget about McCoy ever playing in Cleveland, let us just hope he is picked up by another team for next year. I would like to see how well he can play as I am not one who constantly believes Weeden is better. Weeden is the Brown’s QB for the next years to come. Many fans believe he is getting better because he is winning some games, however, those are games he should win. Those teams he beat are so bad Weeden would have had to be horrible to loose against those teams. Also, a coach would have had to intentionally call really bad plays to loose. This year was the year to win many games as there were so many weak teams across the board. The Browns with their defense could have been closer to the playoffs. We should have won the Eagle game, the Raven game, and Dallas game to name a few. Would Colt have given us those wins? We will never know, so we just have to let it pass. Let’s be pleased that we have a better team then last year and stop wishing for McCoy as all know he will never be given a chance here, Shurmur made sure of that with his blame game.

    • tigersbrowns2

      good post KC … don’t we all just wanna see the browns turn the corner ?
      for the first time in a long time , i truly think this current team has got great potential.

      • ABrown

        I agree TB2. We’ve got a really good defense and most of the pieces are in place on offense. We’d be all set if we were only starting a good quarterback.

        • tigersbrowns2

          let it go , girl … let it go !!!!
          set yourself free of this hatred & you’ll feel so much better … you
          can do it.

          • LG

            TB2 I don’t think it is hatred as much as it is none efficient quarterbacking….The Browns are ranked 31st inside the red-zone and we have yet to see your boy Weeden find that touch pass to the corner so many others have mastered…..

          • ABrown

            Nothing personal about Weeden. He’s just a frustrating obstacle in the way of building a truley competitive team in Cleveland.

    • marty

      KC,as much as what you said,you are probley right.The NFL put Colt in a situation that it may not get out of. If the new owner follows Shurmur ridiculous ideas, then for sure they will pick up a free agent QB.The facts do not show that weedon is more accurate.He has all the insurance in front of him to protect him. The times he did get sacked was because he hung onto the ball too long. Was in all the games this year, did he get sacked at the snap of the ball. NEVER. I seen him get pushed after the ball was released, but never hammered. Weedon deserves to be rated 33rd out of 34 QBs. The stats do not lie.Can one Weedon supporter explain why it is good to be rated near the bottom. Even when ESPN said the past draft was the year of QBs in the draft. Look how much was said about Weedon. There wasn’t.It’s great that the team is improving. None of it is because of Weedon. He is what he is. A Back-up at best.

      • ABrown

        Marty, I love this O-line. They are doing a great job, but one of the things that happens with a really good pass blocking line is that they HIDE the POOR PLAY of a mediocre quarterback.

        They allow him to take way too much time to make a decision, make bad decisions, and still not be able to look at all his receivers before he throws to the guy he was staring at from the beginning of the play.

        He has time to get set and throw accurately but he doesn’t do it. He has time to read defenses, but he doesn’t know how.

        When I see Shurmur and the QB coach on the sidelines worrying about Weeden and holding his hand when he gets rattled, I think they can’t have imagined that he would need so much coddling. It serves them right that the chosen one still hasn’t learned the play book, complains if they don’t spoon feed him a simplified game plan each week in practice, and has so little interest in game film that he falls asleep whenever he tries to watch it — by his own admission.

        This is not the way an NFL quarterback does his job, but the lines so good and the coaching staff is so desperate that a lot of fans can’t see it.

        • ABrown

          Like the Browns’ new owner said as he watched Weeden’s debut in the NFL, “The Browns need a quarterback.”

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi MARTY … as a weeden supporter , no it is not good to be at the bottom of the league in qb rating … but , does it really tell the whole story ?? there is no doubt that weeden needs to improve in some areas.

        the stat you need to know & the reason weeden is still the starter …
        5-3 in the last 8 games.

        • ABrown

          That’s 5 and 8 against the weakest schedule the Browns have played in a long time — combined losing record of .479.

  10. tigersbrowns2

    this has been going on for a long time now , people. first , let me say i like mccoy … i like his his moxy & grit. yes, he won a lot of games at texas … why ??? , he played on a great TEAM & had an excellent head coach. would he have won nearly as many games at indiana or kentucky ??

    many of you mccoy supporters claim management/shurmur “threw mccoy under the bus” … you know what ?? maybe , just maybe, mccoy will never make it as a starter in the nfl. maybe , just maybe , management/shurmur made the right call. i don’t care how they handled it … this is nfl. there’s no crying in football.

    same thing goin’ on right now in san francisco with alex smith …
    25-1 in his last 26 starts … is harbaugh a freakin’ idiot now because of this ?? no … you do what’s best for your team to win now.

    like it or not , most , including management , think weeden is the best choice to win now.

    depending on who’s head coach next year , it may be weeden’s turn to be out of a job. if chip kelly comes in , for example , i’m sure he will spread-’em-out & want a mobile qb.

    • ricktenny

      Well if Kelly comes in and wants a mobile QB he won’t have to look far. One of the best has his ass glued to the bench.

      • ABrown


    • ABrown

      TB2, you mentioned McCoy’s college career and dismissed it as though you know what you are talking about. You said he won because he was on a great team with a great coach and wouldn’t have won anywhere else.

      You’ve never watched Texas football and know nothing it or about the teams McCoy was a part of.

      McCoy made those teams successful. Since he left, it has been painfully clear what a profound difference McCoy made each of the 4 years he was the undisputed quarterback and team leader at the University of Texas.

      And regardless of what happens in the NFL, McCoy’s record and honors have established him as one of the best college quarterbacks to ever play the game.

      • tigersbrowns2

        good morning ABROWN … i saw many of their games. mccoy played on a great team. look at how many players went to the nfl from those teams.
        especially from the defensive side of the ball.

        you are right , there is no doubt he raised the level his team’s play.
        you will not get an argument from me there … and yes , he would’ve made indiana or kentucky better , but wouldn’t have won nearly as many games because of the talent around him.

        • ABrown

          If you believe this, TB2, then why did you make the disparaging comment about McCoy in the first place???

          But what you are now saying is definitely true. With a decent team on offense and one talented wide receiver, McCoy won more games than anyone in NCAA history.

          So what a lot of people, including some of the players on this year’s Browns team, are saying is probably true. With a much improved team in 2012, McCoy as quarterback could have led the Browns to a lot more wins.

          Good point, TigersBrowns2. :)

          • tigersbrowns2

            ok ABROWN (Miss Contrary) … we both agree mccoy could raise the level of play of his teammates … why couldn’t he do it the last 2 years ??
            maybe the last 2 years he had talent like “indiana & kentucky” & this year the talent is getting closer to the “texas” talent he had to work with. you & i both know saying mccoy would’ve done better this year is pure speculation … nothing more.

            i have never made a disparaging remark against mccoy … i do respect him.

            and by the way , didn’t kellen moore break mccoy’s record for wins ??

            have a great holiday, sister !!

          • ABrown

            TB2, you say McCoy didn’t raise the level of play on the Browns teams in 2010 and 2011.

            Couldn’t be more wrong. How did one of the very worst teams in football rank near the top of the league in 3rd down conversions, most of which McCoy had a direct hand in? How did McCoy’s team rank 13th and 17th in the league in completing long passes when he had so few reliable, talented, or uninjured people to throw to or run the ball, an unreliable O-line, and Captain Dink and Dunk as a coach?

            A new QB goes in in 2011 and the team sinks back to the bottom. A new QB plays with a much more talented team in 2012, and the anointed one can’t move the passing game to rank any higher or even as high as McCoy had it in the 2 preceding years.

            And then as a rookie QB, McCoy faced teams with a winning record of almost .700 and managed by some miracle to lead the Browns to back-to-back wins over the 14 and 2 Patriots and the reigning Super Bowl champion Saints — not back to back wins over the 2 worst teams in the league. McCoy always does more with less, even when less is a whole lot less.

            You crayfish and say that you have never disparaged McCoy. But you said, “he won a lot of games at texas … why ??? , he played on a great TEAM & had an excellent head coach.”

            Not because he was a great player, a 2 time All American, holder of just about every QB and passing award, and set multiple NCAA records? No. According to TB2, it was because of his team and coach. McCoy was just along for the ride. Try showing up at the UT athletic center and tell that to Mack Brown. At best you’d get a laugh. . .

            And of the QB who became the winningest QB in college history in his senior year, all you can say is — didn’t someone else break that record a couple of years later?

            TigersBrowns2, you simply cannot STAND to say or even let anyone else say ANYTHING good about Colt McCoy, even things that are obviously true.

            You say, “Oh I really like McCoy.” No, you don’t. You disrespect him every chance you get and then when someone calls you on it, you crayfish and say again, “Oh I like him, I like him.” Sure, we hear what you mean.

  11. tigersbrowns2

    also alot of comments about weeden not being mobile … he is averaging more yards per carry than mccoy did last year … does it really mean anything ?? … no.

    you don’t NEED to “mobile” in today’s nfl … look at marino , brady & p.manning , to name a few … they are not mobile. it’s all about subtle movements & footwork in the pocket.

    the one thing that really stands-out to me watching weeden this entire season is how many passes are batted-down by defensive linemen. this happens to all qb’s , but weeden can improve in this area by improving his movement/footwork in the pocket.

  12. autopilot

    LG and Tigers,

    I wasn’t referring to Weeden’s toughness when I posted he wouldn’t last the season. I meant that he would have lost his job due to poor play with last year’s anemic line.

    • LG

      I got you Autopilot. But I think he may have been injured as well. He is not used to taking sacks……

      • autopilot

        And by the way, thanks for the reference in your article. I don’t know if my opinions mean anything to anyone but me…

        And about Weeden’s footwork and mobility in the pocket which Tigers referred to earlier. Those really are the reasons for his erratic play this season. Anyone who has played the quarterback position knows, footwork is the most basic premise that is taught to become an accurate passer. It seems simple enough, but quarterbacks who come from a spread offense seem to lose that fundamental. I don’t know why except that you don’t have to rely on good footwork to get into a throwing position when running the spread formation. And so maybe that causes them to get lazy in their basic fundamentals. It’s probably why most NFL teams shy away from spread-offense quarterbacks coming out of college.

        Whatever the cause, it is the reason that Weeden has struggled with his accuracy this season. Can it be corrected? Absolutely. But only time will tell whether he and his coaches recognize that problem in his game and work to correct it in the future.

        • LG

          I think your opinions are great and they mean a lot to me. You know football and I am glad to stop by to leave your opinions….Thank You Autopilot…

          • ABrown

            I agree completely. Thanks, Autopilot.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi AUTOPILOT … good post.

          i was not referring to you questioning weeden’s toughness. the word “sissy” showed-up in one of LG’s articles , you’ll see it above in bold letters in MARTY’s post & it has been it many other posts , obviously from mccoy backers.

          have a good one …

  13. ABrown

    For all of the claims about Weeden’s strong arm and how well he throws the ball deep, guess where he ranks this year in that specific area. 27th, one place ahead of Blaine Gabbert.

    Pro Football Focus does a study of Quarterback Deep Passing in each NFL season. They introduce the results by saying, “The ability to successfully throw the deep ball is one that not all quarterbacks possess. The numbers here are all derived from passing attempts targeted 20 yards or more downfield.”

    In 2012, Weeden completed 13 long passes out of 52 attempts (comp percentage of 25%) but PFF has developed an Accuracy Percentage that gets rid of the negative effects of dropped passes. Weeden’s accuracy rating on long passes is 32.7% and he ranks 27th in the NFL.

    In 2011, McCoy completed 17 long passes for and accuracy percentage of 40.9. He ranked 17th in the NFl just behind Tom Brady and just ahead of Cam Newton.

    In 2010, McCoy completed 14 long passes for an accuracy percentage of 43.8. He was tied with Eli Manning for 13th in long passing in the NFL. They were just ahead of Flacco and Romo and behind Brady and Rodgers.

    Now we’ll hear some desperate McCoy basher talk about his personal “eye test”, but when it comes to a professional evaluation, Weeden’s deep passing ranks with Blaine Gabbert at the bottom of the league, while McCoy’s deep passing ranks beside Eli Manning and just behind Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

    No matter how much people may insist that McCoy isn’t an NFL QB, he performs like one. And no matter how much people may praise Weeden’s beautiful long passes, he again ranks at the bottom of the league. “Quarterback Deep Passing” in Signature Stats

    • ABrown

      I wonder how many long passes Weeden would have completed behind the 2011 offensive line.

      • Mike


        Brother , we all know you do not like Weeden. Every post you throw in a bad statistic for Weeden. You could find those kind of stats for every NFL QB in the league or almost every one. Thats easy. But for once ,try and look beyond stats. For example in the beginning of the season Weeden had Josh Gordon who didnt even train before the supp draft and was absolutely horrible and out of shape, they had Greg Little , Massaquoi was always injured and so was Trent. This is Weedens rookie season. He will be fine. Trust me , me being a former college QB i understand that he DEFIANTLY has some things to work on. But he has shown that he can make NFL throws. He has a rocket for an arm, and i only say that because he can easily see him throwing a 15-20 yard out on a rope. I like Weeden and MCcoy but i think Weeden will be just fine next year. Hell, hes going to break the Browns rookie passing yards this year. In the end though, GO BROWNS!!

        • ABrown

          Mike, I like Weeden fine, what I don’t like is having an over-hyped quarterback who consistently ranks at the bottom of the league in performance. And don’t even try to use Gordon as an excuse for Weeden’s not excelling in throwing the deep ball — Gordon’s the reason Weeden isn’t ranked lower.

          Statistics are not “bad” because you don’t agree with them or because they tell you your guy isn’t playing as well as you think. They are bad if they are based on bad data or bad analysis.

          If it’s so easy to find statistical rankings that prove what you want, then show us some that say Weeden ranks in the top half of the league beside Manning, Brady, and Rodgers for any kind of performance.

  14. dlotus

    Hey, isn’t “in mobile” a cell phone company? Anyway, it really must suck to be a “Browns fan” who cares more about defending a silly position than whether the team wins or not. These last few weeks have been really fun. I dont care if Shane Falco is quarterbacking my Brownies as long as we win.

    p.s. immobile, LG, immobile

    • LG

      Thanks man…..

  15. tigersbrowns2

    does QB rating tell the whole story ?? …

    drew brees ranked 13th in qb rating – his team is 5-8

    matt stafford ranked 14th in qb rating – his team is 4-9

    cam newton ranked 17th in qb rating – his team is 4-9

    • LG

      TB2 you are one of the most subtle Weeden fans there are. As far as those other teams q.b. you talk about ^^^^^^^ All those q.b.’s are far Superior to Weeden… Staford is having one hell of a year and his defense has all but left the building…Weeden couldn’t hold Stafford’s Jock…

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i would also agree that these 3 are superior to weeden. but is it about stafford having a hell of a year or the LIONS having a hell of a year ?? it’s not about the individual , but about the team , right ?

        i’m just saying saying having a good qb rating doesn’t necessarily translate into success.

        i watched p.manning throw 3 int’s in the 1st quarter against the falcons earlier in the year & watched brees 2 weeks ago throw 0 td’s 5 int’s , had a qb rating of 37.6 for the game & let the clock run-out in the 1st half inside the 5-yard line … even the very best qb’s in the league have awful days , miss wide-open receivers , throw terrible interceptions & make horibble decisions … it happens.

        • LG

          It sure does happen TB2

        • ABrown

          Any quarterback can have a bad game and a bad game rating, but the seasonal ratings iron out the the atypical games.

          In some cases, the QB outplays the team. In others, the team outplays the QB. In both cases you see more losing than winning, so you look at performance measures to see how well the QB is playing.

          I’d keep Brees, Stafford, and Newton, but replace Weeden and his coach.


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