Brandon Weeden Sucked against the RedskinsBrowns 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden showed the home town fans who attended the last home game of the regular season he still can’t win the tough games. Weeden did something most fans thought he outgrew, he threw a couple of interceptions in the game that helped the Washington Redskins in their cause to make the play-offs this season. The fans who wished to see Colt McCoy this season got the next best thing today. The fans were able to witness first hand the kind of play McCoy would have been capable of this season. Kirk Cousins another guy who has huge success in his college career was able to roll out of the pocket all day long to find his open receivers while doing his McCoy impersonation.

Weeden struggled again in the first half of the game. The Browns defense which has played great in the 2012 season help the Browns do something that Weeden failed to do, they got the Browns into the red zone to help Richardson score the first of his 2 touchdowns. Weeden continues to show he is incapable of making good decisions. He struggled against a defense that is not rated very highly this season in the NFL and Weeden continued failing to convert on 3rd down. The Browns were only 4-12 in 3rd down conversions.

Brandon Weeden fails to demonstrate the kind of consistency it takes to win in the N.F.L. Weeden who was drafted 22 overall in the first round of the 2012 N.F.L. draft was out played by a guy that wasn’t taken until the 4th round in the 2012 draft. In his first rookie start at quarterback, Kirk Cousins outplayed Brandon Weeden by leaps and bounds. Cousins out played Weeden who has started every game this season for Cleveland. This is a further example of why Tom Heckert didn’t want to take Brandon Weeden as the Browns other first round draft pick. Weeden got beat by a back up rookie quarterback that was starting his first game.

It was almost humorous to hear the television commentators talk about the Cleveland Browns being in the hunt for the play-offs. Obviously they haven’t see Mr. Weeden play in a game when he has tough competition.  Sure the Cleveland Browns won three games in a row, the competition level was no where near what it was today.

Brandon Weeden is a great athlete, he has already failed at a M.L.B. career and he continues to struggle with his N.F.L. career. He can’t compete against a well organized team that doesn’t make a ton of mistakes to hand the Browns the win. Weeden continues to miss wide open receivers and his accuracy that we heard about leave little to be desired. There is a reason Brandon Weeden couldn’t make it as a M.L.B. Pitcher and we continue to see that wildness with his throws in the N.F.L.

Yes Brandon Weeden is a rookie. He faced a rookie today that hasn’t even started a game until today. So wake up people and realize there was a reason Heckert didn’t want to take Weeden. We are seeing in every game when the going gets tough. Brandon Weeden only completed 21 of the 35 passes he threw for 244 yards. The guy is not the future of the Cleveland Browns offense.

He has 13 more starts than Cousins and he still couldn’t get his team a win when it mattered. His mistakes continue to coat the Cleveland Browns wins….To sum it all up Weeden made major mistakes today, those mistakes just cost the Browns a run at the play offs…..


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  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    well , i’ll be the first weeden supporter to show-up & admit he played poorly yesterday. but , shouldn’t your headline read “browns take a severe beating…” ?? while i would put weeden’s poor play at the top of the list , the defense , who played well in the 1st half , got torched for 420 yards & the redskins had the ball for over 36 minutes.

    • LG

      Weeden is the guy who can’t hit open receivers. Weeden is the guy throwing interceptions.HE sucks and has no future in football…..Gets beat by a rookie who was starting his first game in the NFL SMH

      • Bob

        Amen brother. Did you see all the open receivers?

        • LG

          Yes I did see them, the problem is Weeden still thinks he is looking in the strike zone and he doesn’t focus on anything else….

          • Bob

            Nothing moves in the strike zone until after the pitch. lol

  2. tigersbrowns2

    LG , please explain something to me …

    you keep saying heckert did not want weeden … heckert has “final say” authority written right into his contract … while there is collaborating going on he cannot be “trumped” by the owner , holmgren or shurmur or anybody for that matter.

    knowing he has final say & the buck stops with him , isn’t he ultimately responsible for the weeden pick ??

    • LG

      Holmgren pulled rank and forced Heckert to pick weeden at 22 it is a fact….

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … in regards to your last post directed at me :

    – colt mccoy will be the first to admit he played on a great team at texas & he DID play on a great team , nobody can do it by themself …
    i stand behind my statement.

    – as far as disparaging remarks … almost all of my posts are spent on defending weeden , while yours are defending mccoy AND bashing weeden …
    who makes more disparaging comments ?

    – you can twist all the stats you want … mccoy’s 3rd down percentage,
    the offensive line play , the talent , the coaching , etc. … you can make all the excuses you want … you can lay all the blame you want … the bottom line is mccoy is 6-15 as a starting qb. this is not good enough … that’s what management thought & that’s what the majority of browns fans thought … no excuses , 6-15 is the bottom line.

    • Bob

      Hey TB2. I respect your comments though I disagree. My eyes see something different.

      Weeden is the worst rookie QB of 2012 & the ranked #36 out of #37 for 2012. The worst out of all starting QBs that played for 2012. Period. Don’t know how he can be defended anymore at this point in the season after yesterday’s game. Check it out – – These stats don’t lie. He had teams giving games away to him and he blew it. Not a leader, horrible accuracy and poor decision making. Browns fans got exactly what was written about Weeden prior to the draft and shown to us at preseason. Cousins play exposed Weeden. Heckert did not want him in the first round. Heckert came out and said that in April right after the draft because he did not want to be blamed for the Weeden pick. Now if you think about it, Heckert may have saved his job with that statement alone.

      Now for your above comment, if McCoy played on a great team for Texas, then how come when he was knocked out of the championship game, Texas fell apart? If the team was so great then why didn’t they win without him? McCoy carried and led that team because that’s what QBs are suppose to do. Now ABrown is not twisting stats. What if Little (most drops in the NFL I believe) caught McCoy’s throws and the O-Line was like this year compared to last year? How many times did we all hear during TV broadcasts of the games (yesterday included) that Weeden was holding the ball too long? Is not decisive or looks uncertain. Would any other NFL team put up with his play? Absolutely not.

      Weeden is a bust. Yes, I am calling him a bust now. Although, I did not care for his style of play, I kept holding out hope. It was evident to me with two games. Dallas and KC. I don’t understand how he did not get one TD in that KC game. Browns win 30 to 7 and Weeden does not throw one TD?

      Now I think Weeden is a good athlete (baseball, football & golf), but a master of none. Practically all of the QBs that are in the NFL have 3 to 4 times the experience and training that he had as QB and it shows.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi BOB … good post.
        what i’d like to find out is when LG says “heckert didn’t even want weeden” … does that mean heckert liked him but didn’t want to take in the 1st round OR if heckert didn’t want to take weeden at all in any round.

        you all may be right about weeden … i want to see these last 2 games play-out against top-notch competition. i have said all along i will make my evaluation at season’s end.

        • LG

          What I have been saying since this happened is Heckert was forced to take Weeden by Holmgren……Heckert would have never taken him at the 22nd pick. Everyone (scouts) all said weeden is 4th or 5th round material especially after his senior blow performance in which he sucked…..

          • tigersbrowns2

            thanks for the link LG … very interesting … especially since heckert has “final say” authority.

            saying “heckert never even wanted weeden” & “heckert never would’ve taken him at the 22nd pick” are two different things.

          • LG

            I do not think Heckert would have taken Weeden…I think he would have taken Cousins or Wilson over Weeden. HEckert was forced to take Brandon Weeden by a guy who no longer in Cleveland….

      • ABrown

        Thanks Bob, excellent post!

        TigersBrowns2, your defense of your claiming the reason McCoy won games at Texas was the team around him — your only defense is that McCoy praises his team instead of himself.

        That’s how quality football players talk to the press. I know we haven’t seen anything like that this year. Even after Sunday’s game, Weeden was making excuses and down playing Cousins’ play –

        “Coach Shanahan put (Cousins) in a great spot. … They tailored what he does well.” — Brandon Weeden

        But McCoy talks to the press like a true NFL quarterback and he’ll always take the blame and give the praise to his team mates and the other team. Your “evidence” is proof of how superior Colt McCoy is.

        The Weeden supporters have to make no end of excuses and always wind up inaccurately attacking or making fun of Colt McCoy. You’re going to get a rebuttal on the McCoy attacks.

        But look at the pro Weeden excuses — he’s a rookie and will make mistakes, he plays as badly as Peyton Manning did when Manning was at his worst, so he will eventually play as well as Manning, and he has elite arm strength even if he can’t do anything with it because he’s making all those “rookie mistakes”.

        The real problem for the Weeden supporters is that there aren’t really any performance measures that say he’s anything more than mediocre. Makes it hard to defend him.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi ABROWN … mccoy was a great QB at texas , kinda goes without saying , doesn’t it ??

          he also played on a great team … and you still disagree ??

          • LG

            Well TB2, the Browns just hired a guy right out of Texas to be the teams new president. Which Q.B. do you think he will like better?

          • ABrown

            I never downplay my alma mater. I’m just glad you’re finally willing to admit that Colt McCoy was a great QB at Texas.

  4. KC

    tigersbrownfans2: I know you favor Weeden over McCoy and state that McCoy’s record is 6-15 and you are right, however, we do not know how he woud have preformed this year with a much better offense. Let’s face it the Brown’s have made improvements in the offensive line and we have gotten a RB to help the QB. We will never know who would have been the better QB. That is why looking and comparing both QB’s in preseason is so vital but that did not take place either. Weeden looked bad and I get tired of his stupid excuses telling the fans he is working to make improvements. This is pretty much what he says every time he looses a game. WE can look at all the rookie QB’s and most are doing a lot better than Weeden. This weekend sports news talked about how great the Seahawks are doing with their rookie QB and they have the second youngest team. We all need to stop making excuses and get over it This is what the Brown’s have now. Is he better than McCoy probably not if we take a good look but he is who will lead this team for years to come. I believe he will be just an average QB and will not lead the Brown’s to any play offs. But you do not have to worry about MCCoy. Most everyone knows he will never lead this team. He is finished here in Cleveland unfortunately for him and his fans who still believe in him.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi KC … good post.

      i agree with many points … at least you say “we will never know” instead of “what if”.

    • ABrown

      KC, you keep saying Weeden will be the Browns’ QB for years to come. With a new coach, I don’t think there’s any good reason to believe that.

      You also say there is no way to know if McCoy could have done better. But we don’t really need that. There’s plenty of evidence that McCoy did as well as and often even better than Weeden has done with a much better team.

      You also say McCoy will never start again for the Browns. I’m assuming you believe there will never be a true QB competition with a new coach. It’s hard to say one way or the other.

      I do know that the “support Weeden. he’s outs” looks more and more doubtful.

      • ABrown

        Sorry about the type. I meant –

        the advice “Support Weeden. He’s ours.”
        is getting more and more doubtful.

    • Bob

      KS – Respect your comments, but I do disagree with “Most everyone knows he will never lead this team.” in regards to McCoy.

      We’ll don’t count me in the everyone category. I say McCoy will start next year. Haslam & Banner will use him the first year under their total control. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll move on. The subtle signs are there.

      • ABrown

        I think you’re right, Bob.

  5. marty

    tigerbrown2, How much do you really follow the browns. As the season goes by the browns as a team are better than last year. What you can’t admit is that weedon is exactly what LG,ABrown and I said. He is aloser and always will be. Watch ESPN, our offensive line provides the best protection. The receiving corp are much better. The running attack while has a ways to go. We still have a balance attack that is much more balanced than last year. I still feel, and I don’t have facts to back me up. Shurmur is demanding to protect the QB first at all costs, then make a opening for the running attack second. Weedon gets sacked all on his own stupidity. The line gave the protection. How much time do you think Weedon should have. 20 to 30 seconds a play. Didn’t you see how Washington protected their QB. He had half the time weedon had. Weedon cannot react to pressure. That every body tells you. The pro scouts said that about weedon before he was drafted. Yes, I’m disappointed in Richardson, and I think a quite a few fans are to. He needs not to hesitate, but that line needs to be addressed on the issue. You have a coach that demands ultimate protection. He isn’t NFL quality and ESPN realizes that and is seldom mentioned in their review of QBS. The great victories the browns had. Wow winning against teams that had more problems than the browns. I wish it can be proven. I have never seen the browns this healthy this late in the season. You once said it wasn’t important to have a mobile QB. Which team Sunday excited their fans more.

    • LG

      You tell him Marty it is time to play Colt McCoy…….

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi MARTY … i either watch or attend every game. weeden may very well be out of a job next year … maybe not.

      i know one thing that is a fact … weeden has a better winning percentage than mccoy does … true ??

      • ABrown

        There’s a fine line there, TB2.

        But Weeden has beaten only ONE team with a winning record — Cincinnati at 8 and 6.

        McCoy beat two teams with winning records — New England at 14 and 2 along with New Orleans at 11 and 5.

        • ABrown

          The teams McCoy beat also had an over all higher winning percentage at .468 than Weeden’s hapless victims at .342.

        • LG

          Lets not forget when the Browns beat the Bengals the game was full of Bengals turnovers in the 4th 1/4….They had some help. In other words if the Bengals didn’t beat themselves, it is highly unlikely the Browns would have won…

        • Bob

          Wonder if Haslam & Banner said to Shurmur in so many words, “You wanted Weeden, use him all year. We want McCoy & we want him 100% healthy next year.” Kind of a you made your bed, now lay in it.

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like karma. I’ve thought about that as Shurmur has had to make far more adjustments for Weeden than he probably ever thought he would. And then he has Weeden ripping him in the press for not spoon feeding him in practice every detail of the offense he need for the next game.

            He probably didn’t expect a QB who wouldn’t learn the playbook and who says he falls asleep every time he tries to watch game film.

            I wonder what Shurmur thought as he watched Weeden make one mistake after another and the possibility of saving his job slipped away.

          • Abrown

            Sounds like karma. I’ve thought about that as Shurmur has had to make far more adjustments for Weeden than he probably ever thought he would. And then he has Weeden ripping him in the press for not spoon feeding him in practice every detail of the offense he need for the next game.

            He probably didn’t expect a QB who wouldn’t learn the playbook and who says he falls asleep every time he tries to watch game film.

            I wonder what Shurmur thought as he watched Weeden make one mistake after another and the possibility of saving his job slipped away.

  6. RB

    Weeden did not play well. That is a given. What is missing from LG’s article is that the defense did not play well. What is missing from LG’s article is that special teams did not play well. What is missing from LG’s article is that the Brown’s gameplan sucked. What is missing from LG’s article is that the Brown’s failed to make adjustments in the second half. What is missing from this article is we didn’t even have 15 yards rushing.

    Believe it or not LG, Cousins didn’t beat Weeden. The offense of the Redskins beat the Cleveland defense, and the Redkins defense beat the Browns offense. The Redksins coaching staff out-coached our coaching staff, and the Redskins special teams outplayed ours.

    Go ahead and place all the blame on Weeden if you must, but do me a favor. Compare your performance in this article to Weeden’s performance. Your article has more misses than Weeden incompletions. At least Weeden is man enough to say he didn’t play well. I’ve never seen you comment about some of your articles being subpar.

    • LG

      We had 58 yards rushing in the game. Weeden played like crap and he missed open receivers all game long. The defense intercepted a pass and took in deep into the Redskins territory and that led to a socre. Weeden failed to convert on key 3rd downs again and showed he can’t move the team consistently again. You can sugar coat it any way you want to RB the fact of tha matter is that Weeden was outperformed by Cousins.

    • tigersbrowns2

      … now this would be an accurate , honest assesment of the game.

      • LG

        Neither one of you guys think the quarterback plays the most important role out on the filed? SMH you weeden fans will go to extremes to cover up how much this guy sucks….

        • tigersbrowns2

          LG … there is no doubt weeden played poorly … but, he wasn’t the only one. that’s why RB’s post is right on target.

          nobody’s covering-up anything … weeden sucked … so did the defense in the 2nd half.

          • LG

            How long do you guys really expect the Browns defense to control the entire games for? Get their butts off the field and control the pace of play. That is what a good teams offense does. You can’t expect the defense to play that many minutes and not get tied. Too many 3 and outs on the offense….

    • ABrown

      RB, I could say you are describing every game with Shurmur as head coach. I just haven’t heard you make that explanation when you want to rip McCoy for the 2011 season.

      However, in the game this weekend, the Browns defense OUTPLAYED the Browns offense. And everyone else on the Browns offense OUTPLAYED the quarterback Brandon Weeden.

      Trying to describe it any other way would be like putting lipstick on a pig . . . It can’t change the reality underneath.

      • Bob

        Defending Weeden #35 out of #36 NFL QBs at this point = denial. You’re right ABrown when you wrote, ” I just haven’t heard you make that explanation when you want to rip McCoy for the 2011 season.”

  7. ABrown

    LG, you are completely right about the 3rd down conversions. We rank at the bottom of the league and we’re stuck there with Weeden as QB.

    When the offense can’t sustain a drive, the defense has to stay on the field the whole time, and no defense can hold up to that burden.

    And let’s not forget the 2 quarterbacks. Cousins was starting his first game — a true rookie. He didn’t make too many mistakes. He went through his reads to find the open receiver, didn’t take extra time in the pocket, and managed to fool the DBs by looking off his targets. He made plays at crucial moments when his team needed a play. He didn’t let the defensive pressure get to him, and he played well enough to earn a passer rating of over 100.

    Weeden played like the true rookie on Sunday and made the same mistakes he’s been making all year — staring down receivers leading to INTs and tipped balls, not going through reads, taking too long in the pocket, making bad decisions, and looking generally overwhelmed. And his passer rating reflected the difference.

    • LG

      That seems to be what people don’t understand, they want to rush and blame the loss on the Brown defense. Defense isn’t suppose to stay on the field that much longer than the offense. If you looked at the time of procession in the Redskins game they had it for 36:17 and the Browns offense had it for 23:43. Now if you look at teams with winners, like lets say The Broncos they had procession in the Baltimore game for 38:34 and the Ravens only had the ball offensively for 21:26. It’s no wonder their defense was able to shut down the Ravens they were all well rested guys….

      • tigersbrowns2

        come on , you two … it is ALWAYS “the defense won the game” or “weeden lost the game” … there is no middle ground.

        i may be stupid , but i know it takes all 3 phases of the game to win & all 3 phases of the game to lose. i’m pretty sure football is a team game … the again , maybe i’m wrong.

        • LG

          TB2 you have to look at the time of possession our defense is on the filed way to long period they are going to get tired…

          • ABrown

            LG, I think the Weeden supporters are getting so desperate that they forget everything they ever knew about football.

            Time of possession almost always wins the game. And the defense is worn down more than the offense because they have to use more energy reacting the the plays the offense runs.

            Keep you offense on the field by converting on 3rd downs all the way down the field until you score. Then you defense is rested and ready to make the other team go 3 and out.

            The Browns are usually the 3 and outs this year, not the time of possession winners.

          • LG

            ABrown, after reading most of the Weeden supporters excuse after excuse about their by weeden, I’m beginning to wonder if they ever knew anything about football in the first place. One look at Weeden in the preseason was all it took for me to see he doesn’t have the heart to play as a successful NFL quarterback. He has no heart…..

  8. tigersbrowns2

    good morning LG … your last post is laughable at best.
    “one look” , huh ?? perhaps you should be the new gm.

    • LG


  9. tigersbrowns2

    good morning ABROWN … okay , why don’t we both admit right now that we both post whatever suits our cause.

    for example : you bring up mccoy beating the patriots & saints … these were great wins. but , this also tells me mccoy could not beat the teams he was SUPPOSED to beat … fair ?? go back & look at some the games against the jaguars , bills , jets etc.

    at least weeden beat the chiefs , raiders , the chargers at home & it always helps a browns QB’s cause when he can beat the steelers.

    • Abrown

      The Browns with McCoy didn’t play the Bills — we lost to them in 2012. Mccoy’s team did beat the Jaguars 14 to 10 and played tough against the Jetts in the year the Jetts were 11 and 5 in the regular season and made it to the AFC Championship game.

      That Jets game was interesting because we tied the Jetts and took the game into overtime. In the last 2 and a half minutes of regulation, McCoy completed pass after pass when our run game wasn’t working and drove the length of the field for a tying touchdown.

      Then in overtime the Browns and Jetts traded possessions 7 times until the Jetts were able to score in the last seconds of overtime.

      Six of the eight teams McCoy faced as a rookie went to the playoffs, and only one of the 8 had a losing record

  10. marty

    tigerbrown2, your defense of weedon is what we laugh at.Weedon had much improved players all around him this year.Mistakes he made against washington were all his. He had plenty of time of protection and still gets sacked.He locks onto one receiver and gets his passes blocked. Throws interceptions that were way off of target. You said it was a team loss. How could it be when weedon played for the other side. I have doubts that colt will ever play for the browns. There not for the reasons you said. Management blackballed him.The team believed and so did I,he was set for a breakout year.How anyone can play from game to game with much brusing is beyond me. I can only guess it was heart and determination.


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